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Yammer in 5 minutes


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Ignite style presentation on using Yammer

Published in: Self Improvement

Yammer in 5 minutes

  1. Yammer in 5 minutes Bryony Cole Digital Strategist, Department of Justice
  2. What is Yammer? Internal social network. Friends and family Work
  3. A private network for your employees only
  4. Q:“Does anyone know if DOJ have a survey monkey account?” Traditionally, A group email
  5. Yammer is great for crowd-sourcing ideas
  6. Yammer is building a community Send kudos Share news Start a discussion And breaking down silos.
  7. Insert text & click update 1/Keep it relevant 2/Keep it short 3/Ask questions
  9. Yammer Groups
  10. How do Groups work on Yammer?
  11. Project-based groups Modern & Capable Organisation Workshop Continue projects virtually on Yammer
  12. Private groupsIndicated by the lock icon
  13. Start posting to the group! Select who you are going to share your message with Post from the Group page Post from your Profile page
  14. Utilise the power of search
  15. You can stay connected by phone or email
  16. Getting started Enter your profile info Don’t forget your photo!
  17. 1. Join a group 2. Choose your settings 3. Say Hi! 3 easy steps to get started
  18. And remember DIVE IN! It’s not a book, you don’t have to read everything! Dip in & out of Yammer as you choose. INVITE: If you know someone you think would benefit…