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LinkedIn for Inbound Marketers


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Tips for LinkedIn for Inbound Marketers

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LinkedIn for Inbound Marketers

  1. 1. Share with your network! TWEETBRYNNE.COM     @BrynneTillman | @PeopleLinx | /in/BrynneTillman | | 215.499.0499 LinkedIn for Inbound Marketers with Brynne Tillman, Chief Learning Officer at PeopleLinx 1. Profile – From Resume to Resource a. Create a compelling headline that gets your visitor to read more b. Brand with your background banner and Professional headshot c. Add landing pages to contact info website links d. Value added summary i. Name the challenge ii. Offer vendor agnostic insights iii. Share how you work with your clients iv. Call to action e. Add case studies in the Projects section f. Include landing pages in the Publications section 2. Treat Who’s Viewed Your Profile as Caller ID 3. Create Your Welcome Messages a. Link to landing page b. Ask for call (use calendar link like 4. Text expander tools for templates a. Chrome store – auto-text expander b. Cell Phone – text replacement 5. Share 7x7 a. Rotate and reuse content and shedule weekly b. 3 original pieces of content c. 4 other people’s content (including Hubspot) 6. Leverage Pulse a. Publish content and add CTA to landing page within every post b. Search for Inbound/Lead Gen posts like and comment with links to relevant landing pages c. Reply to comments with relevant landing pages 7. LinkedIn Webinars on Demand: 8. Connect with me on LinkedIn: 9. Schedule a call – 10. Check out Brynne’s book on Amazon -