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Lanefab - Laneway Housing - Past, Present, Future


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March 2013
Presentation to the Emerging Green Builders forum on Laneway Housing.

Lanefab Design / Build

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Lanefab - Laneway Housing - Past, Present, Future

  1. 1. Emerging Green BuildersLaneway Housing: Past / Present / FutureMarch 2013
  2. 2. Laneway Housing – Past / Present / Future
  3. 3. SprinkledthroughoutVancouver arethe originallaneway houses.Dating from theearly 1900s, theseearly lane homestake on a widevariety of formsand sizes…
  4. 4. Vancouver‟s laneway house rules(and single family zoning policies)take their cue from an idea of thepastoral cottage.Granny flats, coach house, lanecottage…
  5. 5. There are, however, otherprecedents for laneway living…
  6. 6. There are also other precedents fordesign and massing…….some of which are moreindigenous to the west coast thanCraftsman, Queen Anne orVictorian
  7. 7. Laneway Housing – Past / Present / Future
  8. 8. This is “Pod 1” – A 360sf condorenovation that served as alaboratory for small living……and as a prototype forsubsequent Lanefab projects.A queen size bed, and space toseat 10 for dinner… with nogadgets or moving walls required.
  9. 9. photo: krista jahnkeThe Mendoza Lane House (710sf).The city‟s first lane home to be completed under the Laneway House bylaw (2010).
  10. 10. 19th & Slocan Laneway House (800sf including the garage)
  11. 11. photo: tordia images
  12. 12. 57th & Vivian Solar Laneway House (1020sf including the garage)
  13. 13. 57th & Vivian Solar Laneway House
  14. 14. 11th & Carnarvon Laneway House (1050sf including the garage)
  15. 15. 11th & Carnarvon Laneway House
  16. 16. E.7th Tree House – Designed around the existing large Magnolia
  17. 17. Laneway Housing – Past / Present / Future
  18. 18. Our sources of inspiration
  19. 19. Lanefab R40 Hybrid Wall : SIPs + Service Wall + 3x Glazed Windows >> 12.5” Thick
  20. 20. Structural Insulated PanelsFor the Mendoza Lane HouseInsulspan, Delta BC
  21. 21. Installing prefab panels. Mendoza Lane House
  22. 22. 500 Gal. In Ground Rainwater TankPurple pipe distribution to toilet and laundryThe purple pipe distinguishesrainwater from potable citywater inside the building.
  23. 23. ‘Whole House’ LED Lighting
  24. 24. Drainwater Heat RecoveryRecycles heat from the hot shower water going down the drain.
  25. 25. 12 Panel Solar PV system. We‟re currently working on our 4th solar lane house.
  26. 26. Laneway Housing – Past / Present / Future
  27. 27. The future… …may be different from the past.
  28. 28. Buildings are time capsules that we send into the future…… and the future probably won‟t have the same relationship to low cost fuel
  29. 29. Global populations are growing, shifting, and becoming more urban……perhaps the pastoral cottage shouldn‟t be the only starting point for thinking about homes
  30. 30. Row houses. Amsterdam docklands.
  31. 31. Urban “Passive House” (a home so efficient it doesn‟t need a furnace)
  32. 32. A moreadventurous takeon the idea of„home‟, fromJapan….…of course
  33. 33. The City of Vancouver recently adopted a mandate to densify along commercial corridors……behind all of these commercial corridors are lanes which abut single–family zoned properties.
  34. 34. These lanes are a bit grittier than the typical residential lane…… and represent a place where we could be more adventurous with our thinking
  35. 35. We could also start to explore ideas for lane housing that come from a more urban idea of living…
  36. 36. … and reimagine the spaces between.
  37. 37. www.lanefab.combryn@lanefab.com604.728.0606Laneway Housing – Past / Present / Future