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Book & package design
AntiWar Quote Book and The Rock Bible currently appear in the How magazine International Design Annual.

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  1. 1. Kitchen Garden Box package, seed envelopes, 52 instructional cards concept & format development, design & image research Instructions for how to save seeds from garden vegetables, how to grow from seed, recipes and uses for those vegetables. Envelopes included for saving seeds to grow the following season. Durable box with tab cards for easy organization. Designed to appeal to the grow- ing number of back yard and urban gardeners. Inspired by early 20th Century seed package design.
  2. 2. NOW IN HOW MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL DESIGN ANNUAL The Anti-War Quote Book greyboard cover & interior design A book of quotes from prominent philosophers, educa- tors, politicians, scientists, artists, clergy, and soldiers from antiquity to today. Left: Experimented with silkscreen on uncoated card- board to give this cover the look and tactile feel of a hand made poster. Below: Interior spreads. Quotes were sometimes illus- trated and sometimes paired with historical and con- temporary posters and images of protest.
  3. 3. NOW IN HOW MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL DESIGN ANNUAL The Rock Bible cover & interior design Written by Henry Owings of Chunklet magazine. Humorous guidelines for living an authentic rock ‘n roll lifestyle. Left: This faux leatherette flexibind cover is gold stamped and has a black ribbon place marker. The bible-like treat- ment is meant to appeal to an irreverent market; genera- tions of rock fans. Below: Interior chapter opener: “The Gospel According to the Drummer” & interior page. Interior illustrations by Jonathan Williams.
  4. 4. Quirk Notes: Owner’s Manual Series stationery folio with magnetic closure, cards and envelopes series logo, format development, cover & interior design Stationery line established to expand the popular Owner’s Manual series of books and journals. The Owner’s Manuals are a humorous and informative techy take on caring for your most prized possessions. The stationery follows this course and is cute, entertaining and informative. Illustrations by Headcase Design.
  5. 5. Signing Their Lives Away Hard cover book jacket & interior design A non-fiction chronicle of the lives of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence. It focuses on the lesser known facts surrounding their lives and in- volvement with signing. Left: This jacket unfolds into a poster sized fascimile of the Declaration of Independence on it’s back side for an added gift appeal. Below: Interior spread. One color on ivory stock.
  6. 6. Graceland: An Interactive Pop-Up Tour gold foil paper hardcover case, 8 pop-up spreads cover & interior design A pop-up tour of Elvis Presley’s home in Memphis. Each spread details the life of Elvis and history of his home with gatefolds that allow the viewer to peer into every corner. Everything from the pop-up ceramic wildlife and water- fall in the jungle room down to the king’s wallet. Appeared in the Print Regional Design Annual, 2007. Illustrations by Studio Liddell.
  7. 7. The Amazing Magical Wonderdeck package, booklet, card deck & box, trick cards & envelopes development & design of all elements A trick card deck with a fun and instructive illustrated booklet. Designed to appeal to adults and children interested in learning and performing a variety of card tricks and slights of hand. The design, illustration & typographic style were inspired by the posters and promotions created for early 20th century magicians and illusionists. Package illustration by Jeff Foster. Booklet interior illustrations by Kevin Sprouls.
  8. 8. Campfire Cuisine Paperback with grained texture & rounded corners cover & interior design A fun and practical cookbook filled with recipes and practical advice for campers who want to eat in style while enjoying the great outdoors. Left: This grain embossed cover with rounded corners was designed to have the look and feel of a contemporary camping handbook. Below: 2 color interior. The chapter opener and interior spread carry over the palette and feel- ing of the cover. Illustrations by Dushan Milic.
  9. 9. It’s Slinky! Hardcover book packaged with Slinky package, hardcover jacket & interior design A celebration of the classic walking spring; history, trivia, pop culture. The original 1940’s logo was incor- porated into a bright retro design for the jacket cover which functions economically as the main visual for the clear plastic package.
  10. 10. Magnetic Postcards 5 book series, 12 postcards in each series logo design, cover & interior design, image licensing A postcard book series produced with a thin magnet inside each card. Pop culture fun for your fridge. Images licensed from Weekly World News, The Norman Rockwell Family Trust, Desilu & Unforgettable, and the Bridgeman Art Library.