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  • over the next 15 mins or so I am going to talk about the changing mindset on LinkedIn bringing this statement to life, how
    this is in turn is driving the consumption of content on our platform, and provide examples of companies harnessing the opportunity that this provides them with to drive ROI today

  • Back in the 1960s, people could expect to have an average of two employers throughout the course of their working lives. Today, it’s 13.
    Which is leading to increased competition to succeed and stand out
    LinkedIn’s founder Reid Hoffman, wrote a very interesting book around the implications of this called The Start-up of You: it explores how this changing nature of work invites everyone to behave as a business owner or entrepreneur. It puts the onus on each individual to take charge of their professional direction.

    Linkedin was originally a catalyst for always on branding for professionals as they knew they were being looked at, but
    this has now shifted further, it used to be a signal that you were looking for work when you updated your profile, now people are looking to always improve themselves, get better at the job they are in today and increase their expertise.

    They look to their professional network to provide them with those insights, so people are now investing time here, and expect to receive information from the brands and companies they are either interested in working for or doing business with.

    and these insights are facilitated through CONTENT
  • And so people are updating ALL of this information ALL of the time- as the more accurate this information is the more relevant their professional experience is.

    Most influential and affluent audience

    And we use this data to fuel everyone’s content experience on LinkedIn
  • Slide build and addition of Influencer Narrative

    How LI is going “All In” with Content Marketing
    Our ‘members first’ focus is exactly why we’re going All-In. Our members want content that will help them be more productive and successful.
    The platform has really evolved in the last 3-5 years. LinkedIn Today is a perfect illustration of this.
    We’re aggregating content and individualizing it for our members, every day, with LinkedIn Today
    More and more of the content experienced on social media is being distributed, aggregated, targeted and discussed through LinkedIn.  

  • We also enable companies to humanize their brand via our influencer program.
    We have enabled hundreds of the worlds business luminaries to be able to publish long form content and for our members to be able to follow them without connecting as direct connections, this has exploded due to the trusted environment
    People are commenting on these threads with care and attention as it as all connected to their professional profile, and because they believe there is not only value in the act of the content they are posting but also in the actual act of posting it themselves

    It can start with your leadership team.

    This slide reflects some of the many business luminaries who are members of our Influencer program.

    This is truly content unlike anything you get on the web or in print. It’s a differentiated experience that’s caught on fire.
  • Here’s are examples from a financial services Influencers, sharing live and direct to our members. This is a unique opportunity for influential leaders to connect directly with the more than 277 million members on our platform.

    Here you have Walt Bettinger, CEO of Charles Schwab, talking about how vital trust is

    Then there’s Mohamed El-Erian, who we just saw on this stage, sharing his view on why extending unemployment benefits is good policy.

    And you have Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, talking about how financial services companies can have an impact saving lives.

    The richness of the discussion on these posts shows that they’re resonating with our members
  • [TRANSITION and Close on this section:]
    Key Message: Given this focus on content, the usage of our platform has dramatically shifted.

    [Tell your perspective – “when I joined LinkedIn, we were primarily considered a platform for hiring and jobs. Today, we are the definitive platform for professionals to gain and share content and insights.]

    We see 6x more engagement as defined by PV’s when looking at our content properties vs. the jobs specific section of our platform.

  • Mobile is driving content consumption. As you’d expect, our LinkedIn usage data reflects these same trends.

    Increasingly, we’re seeing our members access LinkedIn and professionally-relevant content away from the desktop.

    In Q4 2013, an average of 41 percent of unique visiting members came through mobile apps, versus just 21 percent midway through 2012.

    So mobile is at the very center of our content strategy.

    There’s more content consumption on mobile device vs. desktop. So we completely started from scratch with our mobile experience to take into the user experience first and foremost.

  • And when you look at the member usage data, you see unique patterns for desktop, mobile and tablet, and we tailor the experience accordingly.
    Mobile and Tablet together provide an early morning spike, during the ‘coffee’ part of the day. Mobile holds steady all day, as connected professionals stay glued to their phones. And then during the ‘couch’ phase in the evening, you see this dramatic spike in Tablet use.
    Sponsored Updates work seamlessly across all devices, so they ensure you’re going where your audience goes.
  • Content that’s Anticipating the Moment Trending Content

    Predictive analytics allows companies to make better decisions on what marketing content to run, where to run it, and who to target it to. 
    suggest products customers might like, figures out what devices to optimize your campaign for, and devises the most effective calls to action for driving sales.
    Predictive publishing helps shape your message and allows you to angle it onto the social net­work pond in such a way that you will get the most skips (reposts) of your effort.
    Example: TrendIn – Predicting where conversations are heading within LinkedIn based on insights around the data that is being consumed.
  • Marketers’ continue to struggle to measure the success of their content marketing efforts. LinkedIn is developing the Content Marketing Score to help marketers measure, refine and expand their content marketing efforts. The Content Marketing Score is a barometer of sorts that allows companies to understand how their content is performing within the LinkedIn platform.  By attributing a score to how your company’s content is performing, it quantifies the influence companies and brands  have on LinkedIn vs. their competitors and benchmarks it with peers.

    The Content Marketing score allows for detailed content measurement objectives including:
    Highlights what types of content audiences consume on LinkedIn
    Quantifies companies’ content presence and engagement on LinkedIn
    Provides specific recommendations to marketers on content strategy

    We recommend that brands conduct a competitive audit, creating a Distribution Map of other Company Pages in their industries. Look at:
    • Status updates + follower response (engagement through likes, comments, and shares)
    • Content in the Careers and Products & Services tabs
    • Overall page creative and messaging
    Also determine if these companies’ Pages are:
    • Utility-driven: Posts mostly comprised of Product announcements, job postings
    • Brand-driven: Posts comprised of company innovation, career positioning (e.g. “Life at Adobe”), thought leadership
    From here, brands should be able to create their competitive Distribution Map, to assess how they stack up against their competition on LinkedIn,
    and help determine the platform’s role in their digital communications ecosystem.

  • For you as a brand this all starts from your company’s presence – On Linkedin, this is the Company Page

    The company page is face of your company on LinkedIn. It’s where your employees connect themselves to when they list their employer, it’s where you market to potential clients, and it shows up in search both on network and off.

    It is also connect to brand Showcase pages – we have the capability to drive these both on and off

    Most importantly, it is where content originates in order to get distributed to your followers’ newsfeeds on all devices and then promoted at scale. It is the “gateway” to the newsfeed.
  • It starts with your company’s home on LinkedIn. You’re probably familiar with Company Pages. A few months ago, we introduced Showcase Pages, a new way to highlight your individual brands and campaigns with a dedicated page.
     Lines of business or brand
    Here, Prudential created a Showcase Page for their Bring Your Challenges campaign. This page highlights the financial planning challenges the company is working to address, and features advice and recommendations on how to overcome these challenges.

    [Sponsored Update appears]
    This page enables Prudential to share relevant content with all our members who fit their target. They way they do this is with Sponsored Updates, which appear directly in our members’ feeds.

    Prudential does a great job knowing their audience, and understanding that they’re going to make them more productive. Sponsored Updates allows you to take great content that you already have and get it in front of users.

    [Social Proof Included appears]
    Another powerful aspect to sharing relevant content to build trust is that the social proof is built in – when you execute on LI and social platforms.
    The new form of social proof is “like, comment and share.” People today are less interested in what celebrities care about, they care more about what their network of professionals are talking about.
    You gain endorsements naturally as part of the social experience – and this is further accelerated when you have GOOD content.
    The social component of LinkedIn drives more engagement. The comments become the content, and go back into the stream.

  • January launched watson group announcement on January 9th
    400,000 employees, socially enabled to amplify content

    IBM have over 1.6 million people following them, and decided to launch the new Watson business Unit on the platform as it is in the right context and target audience for them, they had product business experts ready to field the questions and comments that were initiated here

    and there were hundreds of comments and conversations and thousands of likes
    They were also able to drive incremental targeted audience to this conversation by including a link of the video into sponsored updates and pushing this to a broader audiences newsfeed via our native product Sponsored updates
  • Key messages:
    American Express rebooted their major portal for SMB’s – The Amex Open Forum – using LinkedIn as a central part of the experience.
    This resulted in a more personalized, more accessible, more community-feel.

    50% GDP in NAMER is through SMB
    50% fail in 1st 4 years
    Not great for family, economy or Amex
    2008 explosive growth
    AMEX OPEN has given content tools, connectivity, community and a social-graph powered conversation to each member, LinkedIn is making that more personalized to their professional identity. Powering the forums and dynamic experience based on the social connections in this environment
    Based on Reciprocal Altruism – give something away you get more back in return
    5x engagement , 5 x conversations and all data fueled and personalized by our data in their internal CRM.

    coming to open forum, not our customers, started to convert at 5X the rate than we had seen on the broader web”
    – Scott Roen, VP Digital Marketing & Innovation,
    American Express Open.

    Sidestepping –
    Everywhere in the world people are questioning authority and finding ways to ‘sidestep’ it
    People question trust, relevance, and even boycott corporations that don’t deliver – and find alternatives to them
    Look at Wikipedia sidestepping Encyclopedia Britannica to become the mainstream source of knowledge; TripAdvisor over travel guides like Michelin. Zipcar over Hertz, Avis, Enterprise rental car.
    Be the brand that people sidestep to.  AMEX OPEN is the place where business owners sidestep to discuss growing a business with a peer network graphed against the people they do business with, and LinkedIn is powering this forum now with single sign on (5x engagement)
    Being Time Creative –
    We used to live in a world of synchronous time – we watched TV together, did chores as a family, went to work and came home at the same time, and had family dinners nightly.
    Now we live in asynchronous times, partly because we are a Global society and partly because digital culture is allowing us to control the flow of brand communications and pursue a more on-demand consumptive lifestyle (TV when you want it, remote commuting, individual content and product consumption habits).
    Be time creative with people. Let people do things on their own terms, total convenience to create the experience they want. Don’t think so much about ‘customer relationship management’ (managing them) as you do about ‘brand relationship management’ (helping customers manage you). AMEX OPEN has given content tools, connectivity, community and a social-graph powered conversation to each member, LinkedIn is making that more personalized to their professional identity.
    No FInServ retail brand owns this space for the world’s retail banking audience on LinkedIn. It’s wide open.
  • TRANSITION to close:

    And the “Who” on LinkedIn are the world’s professionals.

    There are 600 million professionals in the global workforce broadly defined as knowledge workers,
    LinkedIn now reaches almost half of this number 277 million members worldwide, and still growing at a rate of 2 people per second.

    We are seeing these professionals mindsets shift to want to engage with insights, information and utility that enables them to become more productive and more succesful.

    Reaching, engaging and building relationships with these leaders, influencers, and decision-makers to help them achieve those goals via content, you will drive significant ROI for your organisations, and we look forward to partnering with all of you to enable that to happen.
    Thank you

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