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Wiki-editing markup


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Wikipedia markup cheat sheet

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Wiki-editing markup

  1. 1. WikiMarkup Basics: Articles WikiMarkup Reference –AAA 2014: Writing Women Anthropologists into Wikipedia Description Link to another page Change link’s text Link to a section of a page Link to a section of another page Add a reference Citation needed Link to a website Show an image You Type [[Feminist anthropology]] [[symbolic anthropology | interpretive approaches]] [[#Relationship with feminism | challenged essentialist feminist theories]] [[Archaeological_theory#Post- processual_archaeology | symbolic and hermeneutic archaeological theory]] Rape and harassment in archeology<ref> variation/2013/04/13/safe13-field-site-chilly- climate-and-abuse/</ref> Feminist anthropology is biased. {{cn}} [ Wikipedia] [[File:Wiki.png | thumb | caption]] You get Feminist Anthropology interpretive approaches challenged essentialist feminist theories symbolic and hermeneutic archeological theory Rape and harassment in archeology[1] (these will autonumber for you) Feminist anthropology is biased. [citation needed] Wikipedia