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Practicum Pres

  1. 1. Social Media in Collegiate Athletics What do coaches need to know?
  2. 2. Look at the Stats  Twitter: In one year Twitter’s growth rate passed 1000%  Facebook: The site has 250 million active users, and more than 120 million use it every day.  Youtube: If YouTube were a country it would the the 3rd most populated place on Earth.  Skype: 8% of all human-to-human voice communication is run through Skype. (July 2009)
  3. 3. Twitter  What?  Microblog  Updates: “What are you doing”  Where?  Upload from phone or computer  Receive updates via text  Why?  Recruiting Potential  Fan Engagement/Experience  Personal Branding
  4. 4. Twitter  How?  Create Account (Private or Public*)  Start Tweeting  Follow People, Gain Followers  @Reply  Direct Message
  5. 5. Lets Clarify  Don’t tweet about recruits!!!  You may only tweet about recruits if it is in response to an inquiry made by the media in order to confirm your recruitment of a prospect.  Don’t @Reply anything to recruits  Don’t DM recruits if you know they receive the message via text.
  6. 6. Facebook  Create an account  Add friends  Note that e-mails are automatically sent as part of requesting to add someone as a friend.  The Wall  Impermissible to post on a recruits wall  Use your inbox to message a recruit  Your Inbox  The correct and safe way to message recruits  Better if recruit accepts you as friend before you send them messages.
  7. 7. Facebook  Create a team policy  Set privacy to maximum, protect your student-athletes  Remember who and what we represent  Refrain from offensive photos and comments  Understand that even if you limit access to your site, anything you upload becomes property of the site(s)  Only add people you know as friends  Never share your phone number or address  Don’t let Facebook mishaps come back to haunt you  Texas football player kicked off team for making offensive comment on Facebook about Pres. Obama.  One team at an SEC school had players making offensive comments about their coaches, not realizing it was in public view
  8. 8. Youtube  Any video posted on Youtube MUST be geared towards the general public/fan based.  Nothing personalized for recruits!  Can’t send the video to recruits, only the link.  Stanford Youtube Channel  Example Video
  9. 9. Skype  Utilize Skype for international or tech savvy recruits  Videoconferencing falls under the category of a phone call (13.02.14)  Be aware of the time periods permissible to make such calls.
  10. 10. @Reply Function  Public tweet directed at another Twitter user.  BE CAREFUL WITH THESE!  The NCAA’s take on @Reply  Communication with a recruit in public view is a violation  Don’t @reply a recruit, EVER!
  11. 11. Direct Messages  The safe way to communicate  PRIVATE  Use this method to communicate with recruits  They must be a “follower” of yours.  They can’t have DM’s sent via text (to your knowledge)
  12. 12. Tweets WHAT CAN I TWEET ABOUT? General info not created for a recruiting purpose such as game scores, team updates, facility updates, or updates regarding the coaching staff and/or team.
  13. 13. Ex: @Reply
  14. 14. Ex. Direct Message
  15. 15. Followers
  16. 16. FB Profile
  17. 17. FB Inbox