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Give Your LinkedIn Profile the Ultimate Makeover


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We dive into the best practices of making a LinkedIn profile. Here's everything you need to make a killer LinkedIn profile.

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Give Your LinkedIn Profile the Ultimate Makeover

  1. Jim Dryburgh I‟m Jim. I am the Founder and President of The Balanced WorkLife Company. I‟ve coached over a thousand executives, managers, and professionals the last 15 years. Networking is a passion of mine and has enabled me to run a successful coaching business.
  2. Think back on the last 2, 3 years. How many of you could say…
  3. Burning Platform O My company did/will do a “restructuring” O My company was/will be acquired O My company acquired other companies O I had to change positions O I had to do a job search
  4. Burning Platform O Everyone needs a personal Brand ! O More than a resume or Bio O LinkedIn Profile O Optimize Your career change opportunity O Build a Network that Will Power Your Future O Build your personal web site to communicate your expertise
  5. What We‟ll Cover in This Webinar O Best practices for your LinkedIn profile. O Live examples of how to improve your LinkedIn profile O An in depth makeover of one lucky attendee‟s profile.
  6. Does this sound familiar? O I started making a LinkedIn profile…but never finished it. O I have a profile, but it doesn‟t really do anything for me. No calls, no emails, no messages. O I‟m kind of embarrassed by my profile. It doesn‟t represent me in the best light.
  7. But you know a good profile can… O Get you job offers even when you‟re not looking O Provide a positive first impression for people searching your name O Open up doors and opportunities you didn‟t even know were there O Help build a network to take you where you want to go
  8. So the question is… SO HOW DO YOU CONNECT THE DOTS…
  9. A little about Bryce Bryce leads marketing for The Balanced WorkLife Company. He had one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles last year. He is a great writer and his articles on LinkedIn have been featured on top social media sites including V3, Social Mouths, and Business Insider.
  10. A few examples of the types of messages his LinkedIn profile has attracted.
  11. How to Give Your LinkedIn Profile the Ultimate Makeover
  12. What is Your Biggest LinkedIn Challenge?
  13. Not getting contacted by new people for job leads - Karen
  14. Dedicating time to creating a great profile. Determining which items to list explicitly on the experience section. - George
  15. Figuring out how to use it successfully - Mike
  16. The Profile Pic Best Practices: O Professional O Represent you at your best O Don‟t worry about standing out... that‟s your profile‟s job.
  17. The Headline Best Practices: O 120 characters O First thing people see O Not just a job title and company name O Showcase your specialty, value proposition, and your “so what?”
  18. The Summary Best Practices: O First person O Include your keywords, skills, and experience. O Tells us “what differentiates you from others.”
  19. The Backlinks Best Practices: O Link to your “about me” page. O Link to your personal website O Link to your social media
  20. The Profile URL Best Practices: O Change your profile url to your name
  21. The Skills and Expertise Best Practices: O Add skills you‟re qualified for O Endorse others. O Don‟t whine… leverage the opportunity
  22. The Projects Best Practices: O Show off your best work O Make a pdf of your portfolio and link to it.
  23. The Experience Best Practices: O Easy to scan O Bulleted points O Summarize your accomplishments
  24. Your Turn… I‟ve pulled up some random profiles. Tell me what they are doing well and what they could do better. O O &trk=nmp_pymk_name O &trk=prof-sb-browse_map-name O O &trk=prof-sb-browse_map-name O hToken=0W6r&trk=new_pymk-profile
  25. How Do I Take My Profile Further? HOW DO I TAKE MY PROFILE
  26. LinkedIn DIY Makeover Kit • Detailed step-by-step guide to creating a professional LinkedIn profile • Over 17 examples of real profiles to learn from • 30 additional resources for specific guidelines, steps, and examples for each part of the LinkedIn profile Sells for $35
  27. What Other‟s Have Said “I‟ve always recognized the importance of LinkedIn, but never seemed to find the time to enhance my profile to get the results I wanted. My „LinkedIn Tune-up‟ workshops with Bryce helped me identify where to focus and actually make the appropriate changes so my LinkedIn profile would more effectively represent me as a professional.” Roger McConville, Vice President, SAP
  28. 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee