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Bolger Compliance


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Bolger Compliance

  1. 1. Contact: Julia Sullivan Marketing Director 651.642.2902 jsullivan@bolgerinc.comFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Bolger an Industry Leader in Data and Security ComplianceMinneapolis, MN, February 2012: A commitment to meeting customer needs and expectations,especially in the healthcare and financial service industries, has established Bolger Vision Beyond Printas an industry leader in creating secure practices for managing sensitive data and adhering tocompliance objectives dictated by our customers and both federal and regional governing bodies. Bolger has addressed all security provisions required to work with healthcare related andfinancial customers including: security compliance, certifications, confidentiality, training, informationtransfer and disposal and identity verification processes. “Healthcare and financial customers inparticular are requiring their vendors to be compliant with expectations from CMS (Centers forMedicare and Medicaid) in handling sensitive information,” said CEO dik Bolger. “Respondingto these needs assures all of our customers that compliancy is of great importance to Bolgerin providing products and services to all of our customers.” For example, all Bolger personnel and any temporary employees who have access to protectedhealth information (PHI), carry a color coded security badge indicating they have been drug tested,HIPAA and FWA trained, undergone all exclusionary checks and have signed Code of Conduct and
  2. 2. Conflict of Interest policies. The Bolger Kasota facility is equipped with locked entrances, surveillancecameras, badge entry system, locked cages, security walls and computer lockdowns. Data securitycompliance includes a secure data workflow, traceability, work station security, remote access andmonitoring and auditing, all a part of the Bolger commitment to our customers. Bolger participates and cooperates with annual audits by many of our healthcare and financialcustomers and is currently in process of the SSAE16 Audit (Statements on Standards for AttestationEngagements No. 16.) ###Bolger Vision Beyond Print has met the needs of Minneapolis-St. Paul clients, as well as our nationalclients, for over 78 years. Bolger was a pioneer in integrating communication services into a seamlessprocess and continues to work closely with clients to provide imaginative solutions to theircommunication needs, utilizing the latest technology available.