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Importance of PTA

School council or parent teacher association plays a crucial role in the education system in United State and other countries.

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Importance of PTA

  1. 1. Importance of PTA USA is believed to have led the campaign for the formation of the first Parent Teacher Association in the world. This was later followed by other nations too to garner parent- teacher support in order to facilitate proper functioning of schools for the welfare of students. Indian schools also have PTA associations which have advanced in leaps and bounds due to the general awareness of parents, teachers and the school management. Why do we need a Parent Teacher Association? It is actually a two-way process. Just as the parents would wish to know whether the school management and teachers are doing a good job, the teachers themselves would like to know more about the interests, aptitudes and social backgrounds of the students. This helps them to understand their students better and cater to their needs efficiently. The Parent Teacher Association not only helps create an amiable atmosphere for education, it in the long run endeavors to churn out children who are mentally and physically adept in their respective fields. Many parents tend to think that their responsibility stops with the admission of their children in school and expect the rest to be followed up by the school authorities. With a PTA the parents realize what goes into the working of a school, the problems faced by it and how they can be overcome with a little co-operation and participation by parents. The Parent Teacher Association indirectly or directly helps improve the life of students not only in school but also at home. The end result would be a united effort to bring forth into society well educated and socially responsible students. There are other responsibilities that a PTA can effectively carry out. One such venture is opening book banks to provide books on loans for needy students. Experts/scholars in various subjects from outside can be invited to the schools to give lectures to students. The parents and teachers can help by making use of their contacts to help students. In the same manner, artists and musicians can be invited to stage performances for the students. Many such similar events can be organized that can encourage the students, teachers and the parents. This way, the students benefit from both academic and creative activities with the aid of the PTA. The PTA should also encourage dedicated teachers by appreciating their efforts. This way both the students and teachers will strive to do better. Unfortunately, not all schools in India religiously conduct PTA meetings. Most of the meetings in fact, are just a farce, thereby harming not just the regular functioning of the school but also the future of the students. This year, the Directorate of Education (DoE) had also passed a resolution to all schools to compulsory conduct PTA meetings. Now that a ruling governing body has realized the importance of PTA, there is hope for reform. School council or parent teacher association plays a crucial role in the education system in United State and other countries. Even international schools in Bangalore and in various other cities of the world seem to adopting it.