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iQ Editorial ID v3

  1. 1. iQ Editorial Identityv3.0A GUIDE TO HELP YOU CREATE iQ CONTENT
  2. 2. Founded in 2012, iQ is a publishing platformcreated for a new global media landscape.Our aim is to connect youthful Millennials andearly adopters to the technological trendsand discussions moving our planet forward.At its core, iQ serves as an intelligent systemfor creating and curating content by leadingthinkers, engineers, and scientists at Intel.But iQ also shares stories well beyond ourwalls, highlighting the developments anddiscussions from the wider social web.Our mission at iQ is to celebrate intelligence,to show the positive powers of innovation,and to provide insight into the belief thattechnology unleashes humanity’s potentialto create a better future.iQ EDITORIAL IDENTITY2WHAT IS iQ?
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONThe IntersectioniQ AudienceEDITORIAL VISIONEditorial CriteriaEditorial FiltersEDITORIAL VOICEToneGuidanceWriting StyleVISUAL IDENTITY: ASSETSInteliQCONTENTSiQ EDITORIAL IDENTITYVISUAL IDENTITY: IMAGERYVisual StyleVISUAL IDENTITY: VIDEOVisual GuidanceBEATSMusic & EntertainmentSportsStyle & FashionGamingTech TrendsEnvironmentAPPENDIXSummaryContributor FAQsiQ Activation3
  4. 4. INTRODUCTIONThe Intersection (Brand + Audience)iQ Audience
  5. 5. “Increasingly, what people wantto know is how do we usetechnology to really enhance thehuman experience? What’scoming is a generation ofdevices that will understand usand be constantly ahead of us,thinking about what’s next.”JUSTIN RATTNER, CHIEF TECHNOLOGYOFFICER, INTEL5BRANDTechnology is dynamic; it isalways innovating, adapting,improving, and progressing.Technology is always fresh.AUDIENCEOur audience is curious, aware,witty, passionate, optimistic.They are forward-thinking andforward-moving, always askingquestions, finding answers,and seeking experiences andtools to stay fresh.EDITORIAL VISIONTHE INTERSECTIONiQ IS ALL ABOUT...“The only thing more amazingthan our technology is whatpeople will do with it.”For more on the Intel brand, see TomSeaman’s “Intel: What We Stand For,” CMGBrand Strategy Management, July 2011
  6. 6. iQ Audience6The 2013 focus is acombination of 18-34 year-old Millennials and EarlyAdopters -- Mobile Achievers,Trendy Mobiles, andSelectives.This youthful Millennial target isless familiar with Intel heritage andbrand, but increasingly interested inthe technology we make and thestories we tell.MOBILITYMedium to very high degree towhich mobile devices are usedaround and outside the homeSTYLEVery high degree ofimportance on stylish devicesENGAGEMENTHigh to very high degree ofadoption and overall affinityfor technologyEXPECTATIONS• Instant and constant access toinformation and answers• Brands that complement theirpersonal, individual brand• Transparency -- don’t hide anythingATTRIBUTES & DEVELOPMENTWILLINGNESS TO SPENDHigh to very high degree ofinvestment in the newesttechnology and devicesUSAGEThe most frequent technologytasks and behaviors:• Productivity• Entertainment• CommunicationEDITORIAL VISION
  7. 7. EDITORIAL VISIONEditorial CriteriaEditorial Filters
  9. 9. EDITORIAL FILTERS9For an example of how to use this chart, watch this.
  10. 10. EDITORIAL VOICEToneGuidanceStyle
  11. 11. TONEiQ is always passionate,provocative, and friendly,conversing with rather thanpreaching at the audience.True to Intel brand personality,our tone is optimistic, witty,approachable, and inspiring, ourmanner is intelligent,empowering, and confident. iQspeaks with the audience inmind, offering human storiesthat entertain and enlighten.This ideal should come throughnaturally in our languagewithout being stated explicitly.WORD CLOUDEditorial voice is how iQ comes through in words, writtenand spoken. These words are tailored to our audiencewhile also reflecting our brand.11EDITORIAL VOICE
  12. 12. GUIDANCEIn conveying Intel’s brandpersonality, iQ’s voice shouldalways be accessible, neverstilted or loaded with jargon.We should reflect the humanity,warmth, and optimism that areessential ingredients of who weare. Whenever possible, we usehuman stories to breakdown barriers.WRITE HUMAN STORIES about technology enriching life,not robotic manuals or summaries of current events.BE APPROACHABLE, ENTERTAINING, and CONVERSATIONAL,not academic and preachy.INSPIRE THE AUDIENCE to take positive action,not by belittling their points of view.BE PERSONABLE and SENSITIVE,not callous or technical.DO’S AND DONT’S12EDITORIAL VOICE
  13. 13. WRITING STYLE1. USE SHORT SENTENCES: Whether writing a short blog post or afeature-length article, always be mindful of what words arenecessary and what words are dispensable.2. USE SHORT FIRST PARAGRAPHS: What goes for words appliesto paragraphs, too. This idea becomes even truer for online text.3. USE VIGOROUS ENGLISH: Our audience is an intelligent,discriminating group, and we must always speak with them in mind.They want to hear and be given an active, substantive voice ofpassion. We can be clever without being convoluted, conversationalwithout dumbing down.4. BE POSITIVE, NOT NEGATIVE: Even at our most critical, weshould always strive to find the positive, productive, inspirational,and constructive approach to sharing our message.“FOR SALE: BABY SHOES,NEVER WORN.”ERNEST HEMINGWAY’S 6-WORD STORYiQ’s content should always beconcise, clever, and witty. Shortsentences, short first paragraphs,vigorous English, and positive,human, conversational languageare the must-have ingredients inevery piece in iQ.RULES FOR WRITING13EDITORIAL VOICE
  14. 14. WRITING STYLECOMMAS (,) Use commas before conjunctions in a simple series: “This kind of comma is known asthe Oxford comma, the Harvard comma, and the serial comma.”CONJUNCTIONS (and, but, if, or), CONTRACTIONS (don’t, won’t, can’t, it’s, etc.), EXCLAMATIONPOINTS (!) In keeping with the conversational tone, we can begin sentences with conjunctions anduse contractions and exclamation points. But do this sparingly.FIRST PERSON iQ is generally written from a first-person perspective and point of view.iQ We refer to ourselves with a lowercase i and uppercase Q and no periods. This rule applies evenwhen iQ is the first word in a sentence. When referring to “intelligence quotient,” we will use IQ (alluppercase, no periods).PASSIVE VOICE Use the passive voice sparingly. More often than not, we can rearrange the subject-verb-object to make the voice active.QUOTATION MARKS (“)-Should only be used to indicate a quotation, and certain titles; should not be used for emphasis.-Put all periods and commas inside quotation marks.-Put all colons and semicolons outside quotation marks.-Put question marks and exclamation points inside quotation marks only when they are part of theactual material being quoted. Otherwise, they stay outside.TENSE Logic will always prevail, but default to past tense (especially when quoting someone).TITLES Use quotation marks, not italics. Magazines, newspapers, websites, apps, and games do notuse any special visual markers, such as italics or quotation marks.WORD COUNTS iQ articles generally range from 300 to 500 words. Shorter pieces, blog posts, andvideo introductions range from 100 to 250 words.iQ uses an adapted versionof the Reuters Style Guidewith additional directionfrom the Yahoo! StyleGuide. These guidelinescan be found through thefollowing links:Reuters Style Guidehttp://handbook.reuters.comYahoo! Style Guide NITTY-GRITTYEDITORIAL VOICE14
  15. 15. VISUAL IDENTITYIntel AssetsiQ AssetsImages: Visual StyleVideo: Visual Guidance
  16. 16. INTEL ASSETSDie’namic embodies Intel’sbrand promise and providesa consistent brand identity.Intel’s Die’namic style wasdesigned to prove the beauty inprecision technology anddemonstrate how Intel’sengineering creates a moreconnected, intelligent, future-facing world -- a lifestyleenhanced through technology.For more on the Die’namic style, see “Die’namicQuick Start Guide,” Intel Brand Identity, Phase 1,Q1, 2011.Used together, the promise and visual style create consistent,ownable communications for the Intel brand worldwide.LOGO INTEL BLUE TYPEFACEINTEL BONG BRANDVOICEBADGES SIG IDSCOLORDIESHAPESIMAGERYNEO SANSINTELPASSIONATEPROVOCATIVEEXPERIMENTALQUIRKYWITTY16VISUAL IDENTITY
  17. 17. iQ ASSETSiQ, Intel’s publishing platform,reflects the brand identity inboth design and purpose.Intel’s iQ was designed for sharingauthentic stories that showcasethe amazing things people do withtechnology. Clever, thoughtful,curious, and passionate, iQ tells thestories of “a better tomorrowthrough technology,” embodyingIntel’s brand positioning as theSponsors of Tomorrow.GUI LOGO17VISUAL IDENTITYVIDEO OPENING GRAPHICTYPEFACESNEO SANS INTELHelveticaLOWER-THIRD GRAPHICVIDEO TITLE GRAPHIC
  18. 18. iQ IMAGE STYLEWe want to show howmuch people can do withtechnology throughimagery that is precise,bold, bright, future-facing,and optimistic.Imagery is stronger when it tellsa story and conveys emotions.Imagery should be relevant andserve a purpose: informative,editorial, human, and accessible.Additionally, we must alwaysknow we own the rights to animage before considering its use.INFORMATIVELike headlines, images should providethe reader with an informative andaccurate snapshot of the story quickly.ACCESSIBLEImages should be realistic and tangible, areflection of real life, not oversaturated,overworked, and inaccessible.EDITORIALImages should genuinely depict thecontent of the story; they should notseem like advertisements for products.HUMANEmphasis should be placed on theemotion and experience, sharing thebenefit of technology in human lives.INCORRECTINCORRECTINCORRECTINCORRECTCORRECTCORRECTCORRECTCORRECT18VISUAL IDENTITY
  19. 19. iQ VIDEO GUIDANCELike our images, videosshould bring our stories tolife in an appropriate tone,manner, and aesthetic.Video content should be shotand edited in a manner thatshowcases human, editorialstories with an appropriate levelof finish that supports thecause without overshadowingor competing with it.DOCU-STYLE FINISHAppropriate for Intel brand with anemphasis on editorial storytellingover slick production.HUMAN STORYTELLINGEmphasis on faces and voices withreal, approachable b-roll to support.THE STORY IS THE STARA balance of subtle cameramovement and graphics to support,not overpower, the pieces.WE’RE THE ENABLER, NOT THE FOCUSResist temptations to turn thesepieces into overt brand videos. Ourpresence should be felt as a trustedresource and enabler.SHOOTINGEDITINGCORRECTINCORRECTCORRECTINCORRECT19VISUAL IDENTITY
  20. 20. BEATSMusic & EntertainmentSportsStyle & FashionGamingTech TrendsEnvironment
  21. 21. BEATS21MUSIC + ENTERTAINMENTConcerts 2.0: Bjork Jolts the Concert Experience Bond Gadgets That Predicted the Future Tech: Turntablism Transforms With the Push of a Button Tech: Powering Innovation on the Big Screen Shows: TV Becomes a Social Media Experience STORIES
  22. 22. !Iceland’s most famous and flighty swan is launching theconcert medium to greater heights. Björk has partnered withthe Creators Project for a February residency in New York. Thislive multimedia experience is just the latest component to herambitious “Biophilia” project, which explores the intersections ofmusic, nature, and technology. For the “app album,” the artistworked with designers to invent custom instruments (includinga beat-boxing Tesla coil) and to develop apps, games, andvisuals to accompany the music.With the apps, tablet users can remix songs and even takeinstrumental snippets and vocal lines to create entirely newcompositions and visuals -- some of which will be used duringthe live shows. During the residency, Bjork will also conductdaytime workshops with local schoolchildren, who will use theapps and instruments to explore "the scientific concepts at thecore of Biophilia’s songs.”Concerts 2.0: Bjork Jolts the Concert ExperienceFORMAT: Article with photos + videos(existing assets)INTEL THEME: Vice/Creators ProjectMUSIC + ENTERTAINMENT22EXAMPLE
  23. 23. 23SPORTSBEATSSocial Media a Slam Dunk for NBA Race for Innovation in Track & FieldfieldHow Technology Could End Controversial Calls in the NFLflEngineering Greater Athletes Through Hi-Tech Clothing Smartphones Are Changing the Baseball Experience STORIES
  24. 24. With record ratings and a competitive series between two of thehottest teams in the league, the NBA is literally at the top of itsgame.But the surging popularity can’t just be attributed to havingstars like Miami’s LeBron James and Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durantsquaring off against one another.The NBA was one of the first professional sports organizationsto truly embrace social media on all platforms and the dividendsare paying off tremendously.During Sunday night’s Game 3 of the Finals, ESPN analyst JeffVan Gundy compared Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook toSteve Francis, a former player who has been out of the leaguefor four seasons. Within seconds, Francis was the No. 7 trendingtopic in the U.S. on Twitter, a prime example of just how involvedNBA fans are in the action on and off the court.Social Media a Slam Dunk for NBAFORMAT: Article with photos (existingassets)INTEL THEME: PC, UB, Multi-deviceSPORTS24EXAMPLE
  25. 25. STYLE & FASHION25BEATSChanging Rooms: Digital Dressing Rooms Fashion a Fitting Futurefitting-futureSartorial Sounds: High Fashion Meets High Fidelity With NewHeadphonesfidelity-with-new-headphones-1What Does Your Biometric Shirt Say to You? Fashion Curation Transitions into Commerce Blind Dating in the Digital Age STORIES
  26. 26. STYLE & FASHION26Those frustratingly long lines, the endless search for the rightstyle and shape, the compromising curtains -- all gone with just asweep of the hand. The virtual dressing room has arrived.Already in a number of shopping malls are Me-Ality Size MatchingStations. Step into this body-scanning booth -- not unlike the oneexperienced in airport security -- and have every inch of your bodymeasured exactly in less than 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Styku, theSmart Fitting Room, uses Microsoft Kinect’s motion-sensing abilityto scan the user’s body. Similar to Me-Ality, Styku then analyzesbody type and provides recommendations. Furthermore, users canvirtually try on items and assess their fit and drape.Putting these elements together is the Magic Mirror. Developed byIntel Labs, Magic Mirror uses parametric technology to createavatars of users. These avatars employ scans of the users tosimulate body types as well as facial features.Changing Rooms: Digital Dressing RoomsFashion a Fitting FutureEXAMPLEFORMAT: Article with photos + videos(existing assets)INTEL THEME: Intel Labs
  27. 27. GAMING27BEATSKill Screen’s Jamin Warren Talks the Future of Video Gamesfication Breaks Rules in the Classroomfication-breaks-the-rules-of-the-classroom-1Battling Zombies Burns Calories For Tomorrow: Moving Beyond the Console STORIES
  28. 28. Gamers know better than anyone that the changing landscapeof technology directly affects the social aspect of video games.And though they were long considered an outsider community,gamers have begun to intellectualize the medium, treating videogames like any other art form, or at the very least a barometer oftechnologys influence on entertainment and daily life.Nearly two years ago, Jamin Warren, an entertainment and artsreporter for the Wall Street Journal, realized there was a hole inthe market of journalism: a serious discussion of video games.And so, he founded Kill Screen, a quarterly magazine andwebsite that publishes critical writing about gaming culture withan emphasis on its intersection with art and design.We spoke to Warren about Kill Screen, the future of videogames, and Soundplay, his recent collaboration with musicwebsite Pitchfork and Intel.EXAMPLEKill Screen’s Jamin Warren Talks the Futureof Video GamesFORMAT: Article with photos + videos(existing assets)INTEL THEME: Pitchfork PartnershipGAMING28
  29. 29. BEATS29TECH TRENDSTalking Plants Tweets for Water and Other #DIYHacks Rovers on Mars From 100 Million Miles Away Food: Promoting the Food Cart Turn Your Ideas Into Objects Academy’s Virtual Classes Enter the Building STORIES
  30. 30. Too many of us have experienced the painful loss of a belovedhouseplant. Usually we can only blame ourselves, and our busylives, for neglecting our flora friends. Because of this, I hadpreviously adopted a strict “No Plants Allowed” policy in myhouse. Without a nagging “meow” or sad whimpering by thefood bowl, I had no chance of remembering to care for myvegetation. All of my adopted plants were doomed to a dry,thirsty death.But what if our plants could talk to us? Botanicalls, an alumnusof Maker Faire, recognized that sometimes we need a gentlereminder to attend to our plants and developed the firsttweeting plant, Pothos. Botanicalls attached a chip to Pothosthat posts to Twitter whenever the plant needs to be watered.With Botanicalls’s kits, anyone can arrange for plants to tweet,text, or call whenever they are thirsty.EXAMPLETalking Plants Tweets for Water andOther #DIYHacksFORMAT: Article with photos + videos(existing assets)INTEL THEME: PC, UB, Multi-device, App UpTECH TRENDS30
  31. 31. ENVIRONMENTBEATSComputer-Controlled Farms Change the Game in Urban Agriculture Racecars and Roadways Power Up High-Speed Cameras Change Our Lens on Wildlife in Africa Shine in Schools Powered by the Sun and Venus Flytraps Inspire New Breed of Robotsflytraps-inspire-new-breed-of-robots-1EXAMPLE STORIES31
  32. 32. EXAMPLE32FORMAT: Article with photos (existingassets)INTEL THEME: PC, Intel LabsComputer-Controlled Farms Change the Gamein Urban AgricultureAlong a desolate stretch of a Brooklyn waterfront that was onceone of the nation’s great industrial centers, a military warehousefrom around 1916 has sat unoccupied for years. By next spring,the crown of the building will begin a second life as the world’slargest rooftop farm -- a 100,000-square-foot, computer-controlled greenhouse that will grow up to 1 million pounds ofproduce each year.With global food demand expected to double over the next fourdecades and consumers increasingly concerned with the carbonmiles used to transport produce, innovators around the globe arefashioning new methods for growing large amounts of food inpopulation-dense urban centers.“Farming is the most common economic activity on the face ofthe earth. It’s incredibly important,” said Intel Labs researcherRichard Beckwith. “Over half of all economically active people areinvolved in agriculture.”ENVIRONMENT
  33. 33. APPENDIXSummaryContributor FAQsiQ Activation
  34. 34. SUMMARYiQ EDITORIAL IDENTITYiQiQ is Intel’s publishing platform: creating, curating, and publishing content, particularly foryouthful Millennials and early adopters, about the powerful ways that technology enrichesour global culture.AUDIENCEPassionate about the world, our audience is curious, determined, and hungry for inspiration andempowerment through technology.VISIONiQ focuses on human stories that showcase the ways technology enhances human potential, buildsa better future, and creates great experiences.VOICEEmbodying the Intel brand, iQ’s tone is passionate, provocative, witty, quirky, experimental, andintelligent; iQ content is always friendly and conversational, never stilted or loaded with jargon.VISUAL IDENTITYConcise, vigorous, and positive language are key to any great iQ piece; thus, imagery should berelevant and serve similar purposes: informative, accessible, bold, editorial, and human.BEATSiQ will produce sharable, interactive content with a focus on the following topics: Music &Entertainment, Sports, Style & Fashion, Gaming, Tech Trends, Environment.34
  35. 35. 35WHAT CONTRIBUTORS NEED TO KNOWFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSWhat makes a story right for iQ?The story speaks to the way that computing technology will enhance and empower people’sday-to-day experience of the global culture around them.Is there a set length for these stories?No, but please try to keep it to less than 500 words, and consider how content may appear onother channels across the global media landscape.Who is iQ’s typical audience?The iQ audience is youthful, curious, aware, passionate, quirky, clever, and optimistic earlyadopters -- ordinary human beings who look to technology to make their lives better. Beyondthat, we hope iQ will reach across disciplines, perspectives, contexts, borders, and time zones.What separates good content from great content?Great content should add value to the audience -- it should be socially shareable, communitybuilding, and applicable across a variety of formats (i.e., video, infographics, interviews, etc.).Are there any examples of iQ-worthy headlines? What’s appropriate?Online headlines must quickly capture readers’ attentions while conveying a clear and accuratesnapshot of stories. They should use sharp, active, positive, present-tense language and rangefrom 50-70 characters. Some recent iQ headlines include:‘Concerts 2.0: Bjork Jolts the Concert Experience’‘Social Media a Slam Dunk for NBA’‘Computer-Controlled Farms Change the Game in Urban Agriculture’What if I have content from the past? Can I use it for iQ?If it meets the above criteria, sure. For more details on making existing content appropriate for iQ,please contact Luke Kintigh at EDITORIAL IDENTITYWhat is iQ?iQ is Intel’s publishing platform:creating, curating, and publishingcontent, particularly for youthfulMillennials and early adoptersabout the powerful ways thattechnology enriches human livesand the world they live in.Contact with QuestionsBryan Rhoads, Editor-in-Chiefbryan.g.rhoads@intel.comLuke Kintigh, Managing
  37. 37. 37TEMPLATE SAMPLEMobile Food: An iQ Original Video SeriesToday’s food carts seem more likelaboratories than itinerant eateries. Ifyou’re looking for a prime space to testnew media and mobile payment platforms,look no further than the food cart.Gone are the days of getting greasyreceipts with your greasy meats from theback of a van. Instead, we find kitchens inAirstream trailers and retrofitted deliverytrucks serving up goat-cheese moussewaffles and BBQ brisket tacos -- all whiletracking their transactions with the latestdevices and pushing promotions online.iQ ACTIVATION WORKSHEET
  38. 38. thank youplease join us at