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Pagina de tecnologia en ingles


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Information about the hotel

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Pagina de tecnologia en ingles

  1. 1. Hotel Mysccumbum ""Come and let muisca impact the challenge"
  2. 2. It is a beautiful country house hotel located on the outskirts of the hill in the town of valvanera (Chia, Cundinamarca) in lane m Fonqueta exactly as in the field of Indian reservation.
  3. 3. Our hotel is divided in 6 villages, each has 5 cabins, cozy with excellent heating, private bathroom as needed by the client, the cottages are of various sizes that can be used both for couples and for groups or families. It has large green areas due to the diversity and variety of wildlife in this region.
  4. 4. The entire structure is made of bamboo and thatch, wood floors and inside is covered with adobe obviously decorated Columbian paintings, cozy hammocks made macrame, our furniture is also made of bamboo as already mentioned above all our Themed in pre-Columbian designs. The lingerie has small touches of macrame fabrics and hand embroidery.
  5. 5. Additionally we have an area of events that has an excellent restaurant with a variety of typical regional food and exotic dishes on request. A spacious bar and of course spectacular dance track that will make you feel at the best club in your city.
  6. 6. A large playground whose main attraction is a beautiful heated pool and deck in the center of our beautiful hotel, with a cute and fun slide and a small additional pool especially for children
  7. 7. Another of our attractions is the service hot tub and sauna, steam room, and a beautiful spa, there is also a small place for horseback riding and games typical of the region as: -The frog -The yew -Tennis Football -Gym -A Small farm And also a craft shop where we supply beautiful products made by artisans of the region.