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Eye fortravel traveldistirbutionsummit-bryan-lip-2014-nyc


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Source the right inventory, manage your distribution channels, prove your marketing works and grow your upsell revenues

Travel companies are always striving for growth whilst driving down their costs. Find out about revenue-generating tactics you can immediately employ to sell more to your digitally evolving consumer in a cost-effective, highly scalable, and fast way.

Analyze how your customer profile is evolving – know where they are spending their time, understand their respective purchasing patterns, and learn to adapt your product offering accordingly
Get a handle on what lucrative new product offerings exist in the new, always-connected consumer journey
Optimize your purchase funnel: Explore ways of differentiating your product online in order to ensure that you are still optimally turning ‘lookers’ into ‘bookers’
Learn how to tally real-time hotel inventory and pricing with marketing campaigns to satisfy consumer demand for up-to-the-minute information, and capitalize on rapidly evolving market conditions
Explore the increasing value of the North American business traveller and tap into current lingo and labels, including the ‘staycation’ and ‘bus-cation’

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Eye fortravel traveldistirbutionsummit-bryan-lip-2014-nyc

  1. 1. Online Distribution: How to Sell More to the Evolving Traveller Bryan Lip, Senior Director Partnerships & Global Head of Search, Expedia EAN
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Consumers & Attitudes are evolving… Social Experiential Access
  4. 4. Evolving Consumers
  5. 5. Multi Pronged Demand Generation Strategy
  6. 6. Diversified Demand Generation Option A Lodging Partner Services Expedia Technology Group
  7. 7. Evolving in different ways around the world Domestic, Global, Methods of Payments, where and how they buy
  8. 8. Growth, Costs, Evolving Consumer
  9. 9. Growth, Costs & Consumers Moving to new demand generation channels, lifetime value, loyalty Assisting partners move into new demand generation channels, Expedia EAN as consultants How to react to the increasing cost of acquisition? Adwords costs up 30% YoY, falling average position, SEO is tough, evolve or die Changing face of the consumer varies globally Meta Search, Re-targeting, Analytics & abandons, Price elasticity, Offline
  10. 10. Quality Content In the local language of the consumer…
  11. 11. What’s more engaging? Highly pixelated, out of date (Competitor) High Resolution (Expedia EAN)
  12. 12. Driving incrementality Sometimes the simple things can work…
  13. 13. Sort Algorithm 11% Relevant hotels Right consumer Right time
  14. 14. Every Device Every Where
  15. 15. Being everywhere? HotelTonight, HotelQuickly An example of a re-engagement strategy, vouchers and ‘inspiration’ Expedia, & EAN hedge strategy – being everything? Only 26 apps, how many of those are travel? Acquisition into lower cost repeat channels Consumer Purchasing Trends In destination, for example 50% of Las Vegas is in destination, mobile.
  16. 16. Contact Information: Bryan Lip, Senior Director Partnerships & Global Head of Search email: web: / phone: 508.654.7290