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What’s Next For E-mail, Mobile and Social Media (2011)


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How to complement your internet marketing strategy by looking at what’s next in e-mail, mobile and social media. Looks at the current state of these channels and how future trends could effect your approach.

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What’s Next For E-mail, Mobile and Social Media (2011)

  1. 1. What’s Next For E-mail, Mobileand Social Media Columbus AMA Interactive SIG Bryan Huber Associate Director Of Web Strategy at Thirty-One
  2. 2. Reassurance:‣ Designed and built my firstcorporate website in 1996‣ Founded an interactive firmin 2003‣ Associate Director of WebStrategy at Thirty-One
  3. 3. The State of Marketing
  4. 4. Marketing Then1991 • Direct Mail • Telephone • TV • Radio • Print • Display
  5. 5. Marketing Now• Email 2011• Mobile Email• SMS+MMS • Print • Display • Website • Online Video • Affiliate Marketing • Webinars • Behavioral • Retargeting • Daily Deals• IM • Search (SEO) • Blogs • Location based• Direct Mail • Paid Search • RSS • Widgets• Telephone • Online Display • Podcasts • QR Codes• TV • Landing Pages • Wikis • Augmented• Radio • Microsites • Social Marketing Reality — From Jeff Rohrs, Exact Target
  6. 6. Quick ‘10Recap
  7. 7. + +
  10. 10. Email‣ Email is still one of the primary activities users perform on a daily basis‣ Users receive social networking updates via email‣ Mobile re-energized email
  11. 11. 92%of U.S. adults send or receive email Source: Pew Research, August 2011
  12. 12. Mobile‣ 500,000 Android phones activated daily‣ 82% of online U.S. users, 15 years old+, own a cell phone‣ Interaction with social channels growing dramatically
  13. 13. 85% of the world’s populationis covered by a commercial wireless signal Source: GSM Association, United Nations
  14. 14. Social‣ Facebook is the No. 1 visited website in the world with 800+ million users‣ 35 hours of video uploaded to YouTube per minute‣ Many are checking social networks before traditional media
  15. 15. 53%of adults follow a brand Source: Nielsen
  16. 16. Playing WellTogether
  17. 17. Email Marketing ‣ Gateway to website ‣ Permission-based ‣ Highly measurable ‣ View on a mobile device ‣ Integrate social networking into your send
  18. 18. Mobile‣ 30%+ of users are accessing social networking sites through mobile devices‣ At least 34% are checking email on a daily basis‣ Users consider text messages high priority
  19. 19. Social Networking ‣ Users are joining in record numbers, over a BILLION registered users of the big four ‣ 75% of social web users say email is the best way to communicate with them ‣ Mobile interaction is growing exponentially
  20. 20. ThreeIt’s The Magic Number
  21. 21. Email1.Open Rate ‣ Influenced by the content of the email, and expectations set in the subject line2.Personalization ‣ Easy way to increase opens
  22. 22. Mobile1.Mobile website ‣ Create a mobile of your website for main devices2.Email ‣ Optimizeemail or newsletters for mobile devices
  23. 23. Mobile3.Social networking ‣ Big four are integrated into mobile OS4.Text messages ‣ Collect mobile numbers to market through texts
  24. 24. Social1. Integrate Into website ‣ Create opportunities while users on your website2. Drive email registrations ‣ Tweet,Update and include ways for users to signup
  25. 25. What’s NEXT?
  26. 26. We Are In TheSplinternet
  27. 27. FiveThings You Can Do
  28. 28. 1. Integrate ‣ Emailand social connections are easy to implement into channels2. Test Everything ‣ Confirm that your website and emails are displaying properly on mobile devices
  29. 29. 3. Going Mobile ‣ Theworld is getting up from behind the desktop4. Integrate Text Messages ‣ UseSMS to make it easy for users to sign up for emails at events, in-store or online
  30. 30. 5.Design To Engage ‣ Your website should provide multiple opportunities to signup to receive emails ‣ Integrate and connect through social networking ‣ Mobile and tablet optimization
  31. 31. Spooky VS.Creepy
  32. 32. From Jay Baer,
  33. 33. Q&
  34. 34. Connect With Mein/bryanhuber @bryanhuber