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Institutions of every size and in every industry face a range of challenges in their daily work. By delivering innovative solutions that solve real problems, Zipadi has grown to become a recognized software and solution provider. Zipadi software and services help industry leaders create, manage, distribute and monetize digital assets. Our solutions easily integrate with enterprise infrastructure, meet IT requirements, and scale cost effectively. By enabling individuals and organizations to create, rich engaging experiences online, Zipadi is setting new standards for digital content and asset management.

Inside learn how Zipadi makes digital publishing easy.

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Zipadi Getting Started

  1. 1.
  2. 2. GETTING STARTED WITH ZIPADI<br />Welcome to the world’s most powerful digital publishing platform!<br />To begin using the Zipadi platform, simply follow this step-by-step guide. Inside you will learn how to:<br />Create your first interactive publication with Zipadi.<br />Enhance your publication by adding interactive page elements.<br />Embed rich media such as a flash video or streaming audio clip.<br />Create a Web site widget that will make your publication accessible online.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Inside you will learn how to create, enhance and manage highly interactive digital editions of your printed publications.<br />
  3. 3. STEP ONE: LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT<br />Log-in to your account.<br />To access the log-in screen visit and click log-in.<br />TAKE THIS<br />You can log-in to your account at<br />
  4. 4. STEP TWO: PUBLICATION MANAGER DASHBOARD<br />Publication Manager<br />Click the publication manager button at the top of the page.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Publication Dashboard<br />
  5. 5. STEP TWO: LOAD YOUR PUBLICATION<br />New Publication<br />Click the new publication button at the top right of the screen.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Publication Dashboard<br />
  6. 6. STEP TWO: LOAD YOUR PUBLICATION<br />Browse<br />Click the browse button and locate your publication. Be sure to save your publication as a hi-res .PDF file. When exporting your .PDF from your design software be sure to EXCLUDE crop and printer marks. <br />TAKE THIS<br />New Publication<br />
  7. 7. STEP THREE: ENHANCE YOUR PUBLICATION<br />The Editor<br />Once your publication is loaded, Zipadi will automatically open your publication in the Zipadi Editor. Inside the Editor you can begin enhancing the pages by adding interactive page elements.<br />TAKE THIS<br />The Editor<br />
  8. 8. TOUR: EXPLORE THE ZIPADI TOOLBOX<br />The Stage<br />The stage is the area where you will enhance each page of your publication by adding interactive page elements using the drag-n-place tool box.<br />TAKE THIS<br />The Stage<br />
  9. 9. TOUR: EXPLORE THE ZIPADI TOOLBOX<br />Page Layout<br />The page layout menu shows you thumbnails of all the pages in your publication. To load a page to the stage, simply click on that page in the page layout menu.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Page Layout<br />
  10. 10. TOUR: EXPLORE THE ZIPADI TOOLBOX<br />Tools<br />The tools menu displays the drag-n-place page elements you can use to enhance your publication. There are three different types of tools.<br /><ul><li> The Button Tool
  11. 11. The Text Tool
  12. 12. The Hot Spot Tool</li></ul>TAKE THIS<br />Tools<br />
  13. 13. TOUR: EXPLORE THE ZIPADI TOOLBOX<br />Page Elements<br />The page element menu shows you a list of each element you have added to the page.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Page Elements<br />
  14. 14. TOUR: EXPLORE THE ZIPADI TOOLBOX<br />Page Elements<br />You will see a list of each page element you add. You can delete elements using the page elements menu. To delete an element, select the element and click the trash can in the page elements menu.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Deleting Page Elements<br />
  15. 15. TOUR: EXPLORE THE ZIPADI TOOLBOX<br />Properties<br />Once you have added page elements you are ready to assign interactivity to the elements. To add a function select the properties menu. You can use the properties menu to define the look-and-feel of the element. Once the element looks the way you want, you can assign an action.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Properties<br />
  16. 16. TOUR: EXPLORE THE ZIPADI TOOLBOX<br />Properties<br />Each element you add using the Zipadi Editor can be customized using the Properties Menu. Once an element looks the way you want – you can then assign an action to create interactivity.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Look-and-feel<br />
  17. 17. TOUR: EXPLORE THE ZIPADI TOOLBOX<br />Actions<br />To assign an action, first select the element you wish to assign the action to. While selected click the EDIT button in the actions menu.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Assign Interactive Actions<br />
  18. 18. TOUR: EXPLORE THE ZIPADI TOOLBOX<br />Assign Action<br />Zipadi gives you five options for actions.<br /><ul><li> Turn to Page
  19. 19. Link to Website
  20. 20. Show an Image
  21. 21. Play a Video
  22. 22. Add to Shopping Cart*</li></ul>NOTE: To play video or audio clip you will first need to load your media file to the Asset Manager.<br />* FEATURE ONLY AVAILABLE IN ZIPADI MERCHANT<br />TAKE THIS<br />Assign actions<br />
  23. 23. TOUR: SAVE AND PUBLISH<br />Save Your Pub<br />Once you are ready to publish your new interactive publication, click save in the upper right of the editor screen.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Save + Publish<br />
  24. 24. TOUR: SAVE AND PUBLISH<br />Publish<br />Once you are ready to publish, save your work and click CLOSE. This will return you to the Publication Dashboard. To publish, highlight your publication in the dashboard. While highlighted, select the properties menu at the bottom of the screen.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Save + Publish<br />
  25. 25. TOUR: SAVE AND PUBLISH<br />Assign URL<br />Inside the publication properties, assign a public URL using the following format:<br /><br />When you have assigned a public URL<br />Click SAVE<br />TAKE THIS<br />Assign a URL<br />
  26. 26. TOUR: SAVE AND PUBLISH<br />Publish<br />Now that you have assigned a public URL, simply publish. Your interactive publication will now be accessible from any Web browser.<br />View your pub by visiting the URL you created.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Publish<br />
  27. 27.
  28. 28. WHAT IS DIGITAL PUBLISHING<br />Zipadi takes publications and documents, originally designed for print, and turns them into a highly interactive Web site.<br />Zipadi helps you get more out of your investments in printed materials by letting you repurpose these investments on the Web. <br />THIS<br />TAKE THIS AND TURN IT INTO<br />TAKE THIS<br />Digital publishing is “print-to-Web” technology.<br />
  29. 29. EXAMPLE Publications<br />Retail catalogs<br />Wholesale catalogs<br />Magazines<br />Trade Publications<br />Newspapers<br />Books<br />Text Books<br />Training Materials<br />User Manuals<br />Newsletters<br />Annual Reports<br />Product Brochures<br />Technical Drawings<br />Specifications<br />Directories<br />TAKE THIS<br />Digital publishing is “print-to-Web” technology.<br />
  30. 30. EXAMPLE USERS<br />Zipadi technology is designed for any organization that relies on printed materials to do business.<br />Virtually every enterprise relies on some form of printed material to do business. Zipadi helps you get more out of your existing investments by letting you create a digital, online edition of your printed materials. <br />Publishers:<br /><ul><li> MAGAZINES
  31. 31. BOOKS
  32. 32. NEWSPAPERS
  33. 33. USER GUIDES
  34. 34. TRAINING MATERIALS</li></ul>Retail:<br /><ul><li> CATALOGS
  37. 37. USER MANUALS
  38. 38. FLYERS + COUPONS</li></ul>Wholesale:<br /><ul><li> CATALOGS
  39. 39. BROCHURES
  40. 40. DATA SHEETS
  41. 41. USER MANUALS
  42. 42. FLYERS</li></ul>Other:<br /><ul><li> TEXT BOOKS
  46. 46. MORE</li></ul>TAKE THIS<br />Virtually every enterprise can benefit from the powerful publishing tools inside Zipadi.<br />
  47. 47. HOW DOES IT WORK<br />Zipadi is easy-to-use. Non-technical people can use the software. The rich media tools are drag-n-place.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Easy three step process to digital publishing. Add functionality using drag-n-place tools.<br />
  48. 48. HOW DOES IT WORK<br />TAKE THIS<br />Easy-to-use. No programming skills needed.<br />
  50. 50. Turn-to-Page
  51. 51. Zoom
  52. 52. Print
  53. 53. Download
  54. 54. Share This
  55. 55. Contents
  56. 56. My Account
  57. 57. Checkout
  58. 58. Search</li></ul>Users can customize the look-and-feel of the publication browser. <br />Customize the background with color, gradient or an themed image.<br />Add their logo to the top of the page.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Users can customize the look and feel of their publication.<br />
  59. 59. SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVIVE<br />Zipadi is a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform. That means you pay only for the features you use. <br />We currently offer two product suites:<br />Zipadi Publisher is for customers that want all the powerful tools inside Zipadi without E-Commerce.<br />Zipadi Merchant is for customers that want all the powerful tools inside Zipadi with the ability to add E-Commerce.<br />TAKE THIS<br />Zipadi currently offers two product suites.<br />
  60. 60. Q + A<br />Any Questions<br />TAKE THIS<br />Zipadi software is a digital publishing platform that lets you publish + enhance printed documents on the Web.<br />