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Pwned in high ed


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The web life is a great life, until you get hacked! Do yourself a favor and sit in on this presentation for a web security health check, just for higher education web professionals. See for yourself, the risks associated with the hottest web tools that we all love to use.

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Pwned in high ed

  1. 1. PWNEDInHigher Ed Bryan Fendley University of Arkansas at Monticello Blog:
  2. 2. We are the most compromised industry
  3. 3. Frequently Stolen Information Alumni Data Student / Faculty Identification Credit Card Information Educational Content
  4. 4. Enablers Cloud Services Insecure Systems Social Media
  5. 5. Stats Malicious attacks in the U.S. are on the rise. They climbed 7% in 2010 85% of all U.S. companies have experienced one or more attacks
  6. 6. Simple Example Trinity College Dublin discovered a file containing student and information was available to anyone on the college network.
  7. 7. Whose Been Hacked Lately in Higher Ed?
  8. 8. When Evil Visits Your Website!
  9. 9. Why Would Anyone Even Want to Hack Our Website?
  10. 10. It’s the Clouds Fault
  11. 11. Dependence on Plugins
  12. 12. URL Shortners
  13. 13. Social Networks
  14. 14. Multiple AuthorsWarning there are images on this website that you may find offensive:
  15. 15. But I was Only Exposed for a Short Time
  16. 16. Arkansas Standards forCyber Security as it Relates to Web
  17. 17. Where to Find the Slides or Ask Questions Blog: Twitter: @bfend Don’t Pretend It Can’t Happen to You!