The power of one and the magic of compound building


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Team Building and Recruiting

Power of One & One More
Recruiters Mindset….Building Your Business
Tap Rooting
Marketing vs Sales
How to get more increase your business 80X
Million Dollar Idea!

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The power of one and the magic of compound building

  1. 1. The Magic of Compound Building Bryan Daly, Founder
  2. 2. Agenda • Power of One & One More • Recruiters Mindset….Building Your Business • TapRooting • Marketing vs Sales • How to get more increase your business 80X • Million Dollar Idea!
  3. 3. The Power of One & The Power of One More
  4. 4. The Magic of Compound Building A Recruiter’s Mentality Recruiting is an all-the-time thing. It is a “state of mind.” Look for quantity, get quality. Remember, every person is a recruit until proven differently.
  5. 5. The Magic of Compound Building The Tendency of Most Weaker Builders is to: 1. Recruit them. 2. Train them. The Builder’s Mindset Says: 1. Recruit them. 2. Help them build their teams.
  6. 6. A Builder’s Mindset You are in the people building business. You must see yourself as a Leader of thousands, running a system with two main objectives: Build a large network of outlets Build to Max-out Profits 1. “Wide” 2. “Deep” 3. “Wide” and “Deep”
  7. 7. Build It Three Times 1. Build it in your mind. 2. Build it on paper. 3. Build it!
  8. 8. The Magic of Taprooting The 3 Laws of Recruiting 1. A recruit isn’t a recruit until he/she has a recruit. 2. A leg is not a leg until it is at least four deep. 3. A team will have a life of its own once you develop at least two levels of Leaders.
  9. 9. The Power of One
  10. 10. The Power of One By always helping a new person get just “one” new person at every level, you always position yourself for at least four more sales. And you have the potential for a Fireball Leader to pop up.
  11. 11. Recruit in Bunches When building, how can you tell who will make it in this business? You can’t. The people who are serious about winning and those who just give it lip service all look alike. That’s why you should look for a BUNCH of people. There is just no way to accurately judge a person. No test has ever been devised that can measure the heart of a person.
  12. 12. Sir Winston Churchill
  13. 13. Recruit them ALL & Let God Sort them Out
  14. 14. The Law of Averages The only way to overcome the negatives of the Law of Averages is to harness the power of the Law of High Numbers.
  15. 15. Ordinary People Extraordinary Wealth You don’t have to personally sponsor many to have teams in the thousands!!! Do have to build a mindset Do have to find a few that will do the same Do have to get folks “plugged in”
  16. 16. Who is Serious? Where do you spend your time? • Eager to Learn • Ask for Help • Excited about Business • Commitment and Show up • Own Products & Believe • Goals • List • Fun to be with • Positive
  17. 17. Three Things to Move Through 1.Expose 2.Involve 3.Upgrade
  18. 18. Power of One More TWO • 2x2 4 • 4x2 8 • 8x2 16 • 16x2 32 60 Three • 3x3 9 • 3x9 27 • 3x27 81 • 3x81 243 360
  19. 19. Marketing Vs Sales Sales Team Hire 10 people to sell 10= 100 sales Marketing Team Hire 100 to sell 1 = 100 sales Build Outlets and Distributions
  20. 20. Marketing Vs Sales “Share Vs Sell” Internal Consumption Part of the training process
  21. 21. NEVER QUIT!!!!! The Only LOSERS are the Quitters! Quitters NEVER Win! and Winners Never Quit!
  22. 22. GoForNo! 92% of all salespeople give up without hearing a fifth NO from a customer… but research shows that 90% of all customers say “no” four times before finally saying YES! Day
  23. 23. GoForNo! Appointment Calls • “I’ll Make a Note of that” • Get at least three No’s
  24. 24. GoFoNo! Make Three Promises 1) I am not going to try to sell you anything 2) I will only stay 20 minutes not one minute more 3) If you don’t think this is as Life Changing as I do I will never bring it up again
  25. 25. Target Markets
  26. 26. The War on Poverty