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How to create a tagline for your verbal business card

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Memory Hooks

  1. 1. 7 Second MarketingWriting Strong Business SlogansMemory Hooks, Tag Lines, and Marketing in Seven SecondsMay 13, 2008 Terence P WardA powerful slogan, witty memory hook, or captivating tagline on a business card or inconversation can make your business memorable and marketable in just a few seconds.Business slogans, tag lines, or memory hooks are the pinnacle of instant marketing. Ivan Misner,founder of BNI, coined the colorful term "memory hook" because a good business tag line willstick in someones head for a long, long time. Slogans for businesses of any size can be powerfulmemory hooks if they are short, catchy, and communicate the business message.Memory Hooks Must Be CatchyMemorable new tag lines stand head and shoulders above other business slogans because they donot require a multimillion dollar ad campaign to support them. The best tag line is viral in nature,spreading by word of mouth. Catchy elements may include: • Rhyming: "HolVets the best bet for your pets." • Word Play: "Granite Inspection Group, inspecting the unexpected." • Lyrical: "Bodymind Massage Therapy, shifting your body and mind from tired to inspired." • Puns: "The company you can account on!"Tag Lines Must Be ShortA clever writer may craft a limerick to describe his business, but if it cant be stated within theduration of a handshake or fit on a business card, it is too long. Consider the typical chamber ofcommerce networking event: there are a number of people in the room with which to do businessand a limited amount of time to speak to each of them. A short, powerful slogan coupled with awell-designed business card act in tandem to make following up after the event a warm callinstead of a cold one.Does the Slogan Communicate the Business Message?Quizzing friends, family, and even strangers on the street is legitimate market research in thisregard. In fact, presenting the new tag line to people that have no knowledge of the business willprove to be most telling. If a random assortment of listeners can accurately identify a product,service, or target customer from the slogan alone, then it is clearly a winner.
  2. 2. This does not mean that the memory hook can carry the business all by itself. Marketing wisdomholds that a message must be in front of its audience at least seven times to make an impression.The power of the best tag lines is that they are short and memorable, making those sevenrepetitions much less intrusive.Making Memory Hooks WorkThe best-written business slogans will garner no business if they are not used consistently. Forentrepreneurs this usually means attending business networking events. Tag lines should beincluded in every conversation, since they are shorter than the "elevator pitch" and designed tobe memorable. The best slogans will stand alone, but accompanying them with good eye contact,a firm handshake, and an exchange of business cards will generate many more word of mouthreferrals.By Ivan Misner April 15, 2003Every business needs an edge in order to succeed today. When introducing yourself to a largegroup of business professionals, memory hooks can be a business persons "edge." You may notknow it, but you are already very well-versed in the use of memory hooks! Youve been hearingand using them since you were in elementary school. Mere fragments of phrases, jokes, songsand rhymes remind us of people, places and events we have not seen or experienced in years --and they stay with us for many more years! For example, what do you think of when you hear"you got the right one, baby"? As a representative for any business, you can make sure yourbusiness leaves a lasting impression on potential customers by leveraging the power of memoryhooks.What makes a good memory hook? The key is the word "memory." In order for a memory hookto be effective, it must be very memorable! Whenever your potential customer needs yourproduct of service, your name will pop into their head as well as your hook. It has to be easy toremember. The best way is to make it vivid and short.Short isnt hard to figure out; one snappy phrase or short sentence is all thats needed. Anythingmore is not only wasted, it can get in the way. Saying "what you see is what you get" versus "theitems available for purchase during our special sale are the ones that are on display beneath thissign" is an example of this point.See It, Hear It, Feel ItA good memory hook often appeals to the basic senses -- sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.When meeting people in person or presenting your product or service using marketing materials,
  3. 3. you should invoke the senses as strongly as possible -- in a pleasurable way, of course. Here aresome examples to show you what I mean:Heres a memory hook, used by a travel agent, that conjures up the memory of a popular song:"Come fly away with me." Most people of a certain age will be reminded of Sinatras hit ofseveral decades back. With the exception of smells, nothing cranks up a pleasure trip intonostalgia like the fond memory of an old song.How do you conjure up the sensation of touch in a slogan? Heres one way: "If you want to getrubbed the right way, see Jim." This is how one inventive massage technician attracts business.And any Dallasite who hears "Sweats my name, air conditionings my game" will probably feel ashiver of dread thinking of that hot August day last year when the fan stopped working, and callair conditioning specialist Tim Sweat.Make Em Laugh, Make Em CryAnother "sense" that is often invoked in the best memory hooks may be the most important oneof all: the sense of humor. When you want to catch and hold someones attention, tickling hisfunny bone is perhaps the surest way of being remembered. In fact, one thing that most of thememory hooks in this book have in common is that they are funny. Making people laugh is oneof the fastest ways of breaking down the barriers between strangers and of winning the prospectsgood will.Two of the examples that youve just read are puns, a form of humor that everyone groans at buttries to remember to pass along. The power of the pun comes from the element of surprise; yourlistener (or reader) thinks youre saying one thing but suddenly discovers that youre sayingsomething else because youve either distorted the word or defined it another way. Here are someother examples of memory hooks that use puns or word play:"We check your shorts," an electrician offers."Were dyeing to save you money," says a company that can change the color of your carpet.On the other hand, a memory hook doesnt have to be funny to be memorable. Sometimes youjust need to reach out and pluck someones heartstrings. Heres a good example that I once heardfrom a real estate salesperson whose name sadly I cannot remember: "I help people find a home.Not a house, but a home; not a place where they just live, but a place where they love to live."Verse -- Or WorseUsing verse is a sure way to catch someones interest. Before most people could read, storytellerspassed down tribal legends in verse form to make them easier to remember. The tradition lingers.Most people can recite from memory poetry or doggerel or humorous verse, whether sonnets orlimericks, and anyone who can read is instinctively attracted to words that rhyme. If you can useyour name as part of the rhyme, so much the better. Hear are some examples:"When things go blurry, dont stop to ponda; stumble to 17th Street and see Dr. Honda" (anoptometrist).
  4. 4. If you find yourself in trouble with the authorities, perhaps the following poem, penned by alawyer in Portland, Maine, will spring to mind: "When the cops are in the foyer, call Marchese,your friendly lawyer."Piracy or Parody?Many memory hooks work because they take a familiar saying and rephrase it, usually withhumor -- that is, they parody a song or a phrase the reader or listener will recognize. But youhave to be careful; some authors, especially songwriters, are quite militant about copyrightinfringement."When youre in a commotion, whore you gonna call? Law in motion!" proclaims a paralegalLong Beach, California. Its a good bet shes seen Ghostbusters.A banker in White Plains, New York, offers this though, perhaps borrowed from a farewellspeech by a famous WWII general: "Old bankers never die -- they just lose interest!"And heres one that the borrower, a Glendale, California, dentist, can never be sued for: "Ibelieve in the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth, so help me God."The Old Double ReverseOne of the most powerful language devices is a statement in which the second part eitherrephrases or reverses the first. The original meaning may be reinforced, slightly altered, or turnedaround entirely, leading to intriguing mental juxtapositions. For instance:"A business without a sign is a sign of no business" (a sign company in Canyon Springs,California)."If your hair is not becoming to you, then you should be coming to me" (a hair stylist in Covina,California).These approaches should give you an idea of some of the tools and resources you can use toconstruction your own memory hook. Notice that many memory hooks use a combination ofthese techniques. Almost anything you do in the line of word play will come out funny -- andthats the way it should be, unless youd rather appeal to the heart. Song lyrics usually rhyme, soif you parody a song, it should rhyme as well. And any of these techniques can be more effectiveif your memory hook is short and snappy and appeals to the senses.When And How To Use A Memory HookThe best memory hook is one that you can use in many contexts. It should work in a pure word-of-mouth setting, as when you are attending a meeting of a networking group. It should work onyour business card, on your letterhead, your calendars, your giveaway pens (another reason tokeep it short), even your print ads. Of course, networking opportunities are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. The problem is, that most people dont know how to stand out inthe crowd at these of events. This is why business professionals who understand networkingtechniques such as memory hooks have a distinct edge over their competition. Whether its massadvertising or face-to-face, you want people to think of you, and you alone, when they see orhear something about the product or service you have to offer.
  5. 5. So, the next time youre doing a brief introduction at a networking group, remember - its not net-sit or net-eat its called net-work! If you want to build youre business through word-of-mouth,you have to learn to "work" the networking groups you go to. Memory hooks are one excellenttechnique to use in order to work your groups more effectively.Category Memory hookAccountant The Company you can Account on!!!Accountant Top Notch Services for Bottom Line ResultsAccountant Count on us to account for you!Accountant Nauen Mobile Accounting, We come to you.Accountant Your Total Accounting SolutionAccountant.CPA A good CPA can count!Accountant.CPA "The IRS" spells Yours, Not Theirs.Accountant.CPA Bean Counter with a difference. If your lifes a mess and you get that call from the IRS, dont wasteAccountant.CPA another day, call me, the CPAAccountant.CPA Its our money not TheIRS.Accountant.CPA Let us "Crunch" your numbers!Accountant.CPA We make life less taxing.Accountant.CPA Your Small Business PartnerAccountant.Services Excellent Services for Excellent ClientsAccountant/CPA Going beyond what MUST be what CAN be done.Accountant/CPA Got Taxes Get TimAccountant/CPA Growing Profits, Reducing taxesAccountant/CPA Helping business conduct business since 1918.Accountant/CPA I am the taxmanAccountant/CPA Maintaining our clients financial healthAccountant/CPA Not your ordinary bean-counter!Accountant/CPA Our INSIGHT.........Your VALUEAccountant/CPA Sit back, relax and leave the number crunching to us.Accountant/CPA Taking the taxing out of your tax & accounting workAccountant/CPA The Thinking Persons CPA for Individuals and EntrepreneursAccountant/CPA We make taxes less taxing.Accountant/CPA We teach you the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance.Accountant/CPA Were big enough to specialize, and small enough to personalize.Accountant/CPA When you need help with your numbers, were the number to call.
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  17. 17. Employment Agency We find the best in people and put it to work.Employment.Human Resources Workplace Strategies and Solutions in Labor and Employee Relations. For employees a cut above the rest, call us and we will send the veryEmployment.Placement, Staffing best.Employment.Placement, Staffing For The Temporary Relief of Your Labor Pains!Employment.Placement, Staffing Matching Top Companies with Talented People!!Entertainment Convention, Trade show, and Hospitality Suite Magic Air Purification systems for home and office. We provide specialized services to residential and commercial clients to drastically reduce mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, as well as gasses, odors andEnvironmental Air particulates. By decreasing your indoor air pollutants we can enhance your health, increase your workforce’s productivity and protect your company from liability.Environmental Air Is your home as clean as you think it is?Environmental Air/Water Breathing air is not an option, Breathing clean air is. Culligan offers purified water and air for your home or business. We specialize in bottled, filtered and reverse osmosis water andEnvironmental Air/Water CulliganAir Whole House Purification Systems, installed into your duct work, covers up to 3000 sq. ft. Culligan, the name you can trust!!!Environmental Air/Water EcoQuest...helping people live better.Environmental Air/Water I have the solution to your indoor air pollution! The "healthy living technologies" company including air & waterEnvironmental Air/Water purification. We are raising the standard of quality living indoors.Environmental Products, Services My mission is to share air purification technology with people in need.Environmental Products, Services WE LOVE TO GET LOADEDEnvironmental Water Either be a FILTER or get a FILTEREnvironmental Water The source of the best water on earth may be your faucet.Equipment Leasing, Rental Rent today, go to Maui! (last name is Mau, friends call me Maui)Event Planner If your time is us to plan your next event! Let us handle the details of your events, so you can focus on yourEvent Planner core business!Exercise Facility Workout on your schedule...not ours!Fences, Decks, Patio Good fences make good neighbors. For achieving a goal, solving a problem, or making a change - FengFeng Shui Shui .Financial Planning 401 Rollovers Made EasyFinancial Planning Asking "What is your dream...what is your goal?"Financial Planning Before I invest your money, I invest in you!Financial Planning Doctors save lives, I save lifestylesFinancial Planning Financial planning & implementation.Financial Planning Giving you peace of mind amidst the chaos of life!
  18. 18. Financial Planning Growing and Protecting your Wealth.Financial Planning Growing Wealth Predictably!Financial Planning Guides For the JourneyFinancial Planning Helping clients make financial dreams a reality.Financial Planning Helping people grow & protect their wealthFinancial Planning Helping solve Americas financial challenges, one family at a time! Helping you grow, preserve and distribute your assets in a tax-efficientFinancial Planning manner.Financial Planning I help my clients become wealthy, predictably.Financial Planning I never forget that its your family! If you dont want to retire thats your business, if you do - thats myFinancial Planning business! Im the Corvette of financial planning - plans custom built to get youFinancial Planning there fastFinancial Planning Individual Solutions for Individual NeedsFinancial Planning Invest with Vision.Financial Planning Investing. With a Plan.Financial Planning Investment Advice you can "Bank" on!Financial Planning Its time for a Quiet Conversation.Financial Planning Laying the Foundation For Your Retirement! Licensed/registered to do business with US residents only in MN, WIFinancial Planning and OH.Financial Planning Making Sense of InvestingFinancial Planning Planning Today for a Secure Tomorrow!Financial Planning Planning today will pay dividends tomorrow! Remember, life doesnt come with directions. Primerica helps youFinancial Planning write your own.Financial Planning Serving Individual Investors Since 1871Financial Planning Taking the weeds out of your financial needs.Financial Planning The Right Place For Your MoneyFinancial Planning Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.Financial Planning We invest our time, before we invest your money!Financial Planning We look at your Financial Life in TotalFinancial Planning We work with millionaires and millionaires in training.Financial Planning Wealth ManagementFinancial Planning You cant predict the future; But you CAN plan for it!Financial Planning You dont plan to fail to plan.Financial Planning You shouldnt have to be a millionaire to be treated like one!
  19. 19. Financial Planning Your Financial Architect, building your dreams into reality.Financial Planning Your Financial Guide to Higher Ground Your financial journey is important. Thats why it demands one of lifesFinancial Planning most serious choices - the guide that will lead you.Financial.Advisor Failing to plan is the same as planning to fail. 2x3x5x365x20=219,000. Two people eating 3 meals at $5 a meal, 365Financial.Investment Advisor days a year for 20 years of retirement, equals $219,000 just to eat. I can help.Financial.Planner Financial Planning in Harmony with Your GoalsFinancial.Planner Forget the lotto, Invest with DamatoFinancial.Planner If Dave Ramsey will trust us with his referrals, you can too.Financial.Planner If you dont want to become the poorest, please call Beth ForrestFinancial.Planner If you dont want to retire, thats your business. If you dont want to retire, thats your business. If you DO want toFinancial.Planner retire, thats my business.Financial.Planner Making Sense of Investing The Best Estate Plans Last Forever .... Will Yours? You should lookFinancial.Planner me up before they let you down.Financial.Planner We bring Wall Street to Main Street We help people manage the risks of everyday living, not just insureFinancial.Planner them.Financial.Planner We Invest In Your DreamsFinancial.Planner Your investments are too important to go it alone.Financial.Trusts Serve. Honor. Trust.Fitness.Center At Curves your dreams become our goalsFitness.Trainer Your Private Fitness StudioFloor & Window Coverings We Bring The Showroom To YouFlooring Best darn little carpet store in MinnesotaFlooring Id like to floor you!Flooring SERVICE AND SUPPORT BEYOND THE SALEFlooring Some Decisions Are Better Made At Home The Traveling Floor and Window Store - "Some Decisions are BetterFlooring Made at Home"Flooring We bring the showroom to you.Flooring We will floor you with our service.Flooring Weve got you Covered!!Florist Helping you express your feelings in flowers for over 60 years.Florist We help your dreams blossom into reality!Florist Alive with Possibilities.
  20. 20. Florist Blossom with Jonathan Floral!Florist Fresh and Silk Floral, Home and Garden AccessoriesFlorist Need breathtaking flowers? It can be arranged.Florist SAY IT WITH FLOWERSFlorist We express emotions with flowers and have since 1905.Florist Were the freshest flower store with gifts and more!Florist When words escape, flowers speakFlorist When you send flowers, send ours!Food Products Small indulgences for busy lives!Food Products The food you love, the time you deserve.Food Services EVERYONE DESERVES TO EAT WELLFood.Caterer Point Click Eat!Food.Caterer Put a little Joy in your next eventFood.Products, Services When we cater an event, the only thing we overlook is the cityFramer Picture, Art Art Gallery and Custom Framing Nourish the children. Getting nutritious food to starving childrenFundraiser around the globe through a non-profit organization. Where one will find all the Benefits and Peace of Mind that PreFuneral Services Planning brings to a Family.Funeral Services Creating Meaning Events That Celebrate LifeFurniture Brand name quality at no name prices! Happy Home at Hennen Furniture- Were the Store that gives youFurniture More! High quality spas and billiards at affordable prices. By buying directFurniture from manufacturers, coupled with volume orders, we are able to provide both quality and reasonable prices.Furniture Inspirational and integrated design for all your spaces.Gift Baskets Affordable, Beautiful, Convenient Gifts and Gift Baskets!Gift Baskets Because We Care, Gift Baskets With FLAIR!Gift Baskets Gratitude comes in all do our gift baskets.Gift Baskets ITS A GREAT DAY FOR A CHOCOLATE AFFAIRGift Baskets Make Someones Day! Send a Candy Bouquet!Gift Baskets Say it with a BasketGift Baskets Your Wish Is Our CommandGift Lines-Corporate/Catalog Birthday gifts for those who need a little teasing.Gift Lines-Corporate/Catalog Let them choose so you dont have to.Gift Lines-Corporate/Catalog We take the guesswork out of giving!Gifts.Incentives achievement deserves recognition
  21. 21. Glass Products, Services We add a touch of glass!Golf Organization Linking women to golf.Golf Organization When its time for a break from the ordinary...Graphic Designer Capture the Power of TV with the Simplicity of an Email!Graphic Designer Get online with Horton Group design!Graphic Designer Hollywood creative on a Bluegrass budget.Graphic Designer It is our job to keep your company looking goodGraphic Designer With advertising and PR, ProMoter will take you far. With All The EGOs In The Creative World Today, This One Is WorthGraphic Designer Looking Into.Graphic Designer Be direct. Be creative. Be effective.Graphic Designer Building your business, is our business.Graphic Designer Contemporary ideas for effective communication.Graphic Designer Design That Soars, Design That Sells!Graphic Designer Design-Inspired Marketing CommunicationsGraphic Designer Graphic design for print and web, concept to completion.Graphic Designer Graphics commemorating the uniqueness and dignityGraphic Designer Ideas to power your marketingGraphic Designer Super without the ficial.Graphic Designer Where good design is clearly illustrated.Hairstylist experience the differenceHairstylist February Special - Take 40% off any hair color service. I Create Your Hair to The MAX @ LOLAMAX. Sign up for myHairstylist Business Tip of the Month at Your Salon CoachHandyman First Aid for Your Home!Handyman Fixing your homes oweees.Handyman For all your home repairs, you "GOTTA GUY!"Handyman Handy Randy Fixes StuffHandyman Helpin ya get things doneHandyman Life is worth fixingHandyman Make a List......and Call Dave!Handyman Many jobs are too big but no job is too small.Handyman My Husband is AMAZING! He builds & fixes almost anything.Handyman QUALITY INTEGRITY VALUEHandyman The Original Home Improvement Specialists Who can handle small jobs, remodeling, too...Mr. Handyman Can.Handyman Were your best Home Value!
  22. 22. Yeah I Can Do That! Repair / Remodel No Job Too Small. Let Yeah IHandyman Can The Handiman Do Your Homework For You.Handyman Your House Need Fixin & You Dont Want To Pursue.Health - Medical Your health is your most valuable asset If you want to feel bad, that is your business; if you want to feel good itHealth & Wellness.Products, Services is mine.Health & Wellness.Products, Services Preventing chronic disease and curing illnesses through wellness. We are the "Fowlkes" who help other "folks" CREATE HEALTHIERHealth & Wellness.Products, Services LIVESHealth Care.Eyes If you want to see like a hawk and look like a movie star, see me.Health Care.Hearing Better Hearing Begins Here!Health-Alternative Feeling is BelievingHealth-Alternative Heathcare are you sick of itHealth-Alternative Release your LIMITATIONS!Health-Nutrition “It’s easier to prevent than it is to cure.Health-Nutrition “Your health, your choice!”Health-Nutrition Are you getting it 9 to 13 times per day?Health-Nutrition dane4health Do you eat 5-9 fresh fruits and vegetables each day? If not, JuiceHealth-Nutrition PLUS+ can help! Enhancing your most Radiant Self with the "Philosophy ofHealth-Nutrition Regeneration"Health-Nutrition Feel Better! Look Better! Nitro FX!Health-Nutrition Get up to Snuff with Shaklee Stuff! If you cant or wont eat your 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetablesHealth-Nutrition daily, we can help.Health-Nutrition If you dont take care of your body, where are you going to live?Health-Nutrition If you ignore your health, it will go away.Health-Nutrition Its easier to stay well then get wellHealth-Nutrition Life Improves... with Shaklee!!Health-Nutrition Live now, Age later!Health-Nutrition Look Better, Feel Better, Perform Better!Health-Nutrition Making the World Healthier, One Person at a TimeHealth-Nutrition Nutraceuticals not pharmaceuticalsHealth-Nutrition Optimize your life from Health to WealthHealth-Nutrition Our mission is nutritionHealth-Nutrition RESHAPE NOW, ASK ME HOW!Health-Nutrition Supporting your health, naturally.
  23. 23. Health-Nutrition The Measurable Difference-(BioPhotonic Scanner) USANA HEALTH SCIENCES INDEPENDENTHealth-Nutrition ASSOCIATE: Advancing Health - Redefining Freedom - Visionary LeadershipHealth-Nutrition We are Living too short and Dying too long.Health-Nutrition We want you to live better, longer!!Health-Nutrition Wealth without health is worthless Were taking wellness to the world. Join us and FEEL BETTERHealth-Nutrition FASTER!Health-Nutrition What is your health worth? Why use a drug when you could obtain the same or better results fromHealth-Nutrition a natural food?Health-Nutrition Your health is my business.Health-Oils Aromatherapy. It makes good sense!Health-Spa Delight your Senses ~ at Faces & More SpaHeating & Air Conditioning Adding value to your home and comfort to your lives.Heating & Air Conditioning GENESIS FIRST IN HEATING AND AIRHeating & Air Conditioning We make your home and business feel comfortable. We will heat you up, cool you down, get you cooking, and keep youHeating & Air Conditioning flowinHeating & Air Conditioning Where a flush always beats a full house! Betty McNeill with McNeill Enterprises, "A Wee Bit of Irish Each andHome Accesories Every day".Home Accesories Lighting Homes & Dreams Princess House is "Cooking With Confidence", "Entertaining WithHome Accesories Ease", and "Dining With Distinction"Home Accesories Turn your house into your HOME with The Workroom! Golden Rule--who we are: we are an owner operated exterior company that has earned over 90% of our business through customer referrals! Our 8 year history as a stable, dependable full serviceHome Improvement exterior contractor in the residential and commercial industry guarantees a project done right, the first time--exactly the way we would want a contractor to work on our own homes. We Stand By Our Name!Home Improvement We Bring the Showroom to You.Home Improvement Well cover your ASS-ETS!Home Improvement Your Home Improvement SpecialistHome Inspections Experience and integrity working for youHome Inspections Help me come up with one !!!Home Inspections Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism
  24. 24. If you think you are buying perfection why not order a homeHome Inspections inspection.Home Inspections My accuracy is your peace of mindHome Inspections What you own is your business...Home Theater Your Superior Audio & Video Solution!Homeopathy Gentle medicine that packs a wallop!Homeopathy I will remedy what ails you!Homeopathy Make it a point to live a healthy life.Household Products Decorate your home Celebrate your life Illuminate your spiritHousehold Products Pampering the Chef in you!Household Products Where the Plastic is FantasticIn-Home Care, Non Medical Services Nurses will get you in the endInsurance 20/20 Vision for all your insurance needs.Insurance All your protection under one roofInsurance.Group Your one source for employee benefits.Insurance.Health The Pathway to Affordable Health InsuranceInsurance.Life AFLAC with out it no insurance is complete Nows The Right Time For Life.....Theres No Guarantees ForInsurance.Life Tomorrow When it comes to protecting the ones you love most. Think of me, DanInsurance.Life Curtis, Your Agent For Life.Insurance.Life Youre in Good Hands with Dave!Insurance.Life & Health Above the rest!Insurance.Life & Health & Disability If you dont know Insurance, know you agent.Insurance.Life & Health & Disability If your Financial Goal has a Hole, be sure to call Cole!Insurance.Property & Casualty For a Checkup for Free call Bob Klee For all your commercial insurance needs, call Kelsie Harmon atInsurance.Property & Casualty Roeding Group Companies For personal service unsurpassed- Bob Taylor Nationwide InsuranceInsurance.Property & Casualty Agency is "On Your Side!" For Quality Insurance at a Great Rate, Go to Parker-Watts & talk toInsurance.Property & Casualty NATEInsurance.Property & Casualty If you live in it or drive it we want to insure it. PROVIDING INSURANCE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR PEACE OFInsurance.Property & Casualty MINDInsurance.Property & Casualty, Our goal is to be your agent for life, and where P&C stands forCommercial personal commitment!Insurance.Supplemental Discover the advantage of having the best benefits available.Insurance.Supplemental The benefits you need today to protect your tomorrow...Now Matters.
  25. 25. At Your Service, At Your Side! Providing the Human Touch toInsurance-Health Insurance.Insurance-Health Helping You Duck The Rising Cost of Health Care!Insurance-Health LET US TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH We provide "peace of mind" solutions for individuals and businessesInsurance-Health risk management needsInsurance-Health We wont duck you call.Insurance-Health Your life & health are my business!Insurance-Life Helping you protect those you love.Insurance-Life The company you keep.Insurance-Life We provide life after death.Insurance-Life Youre Life Is My BusinessInsurance-Long Term Care Disability Income, Life, Long Term Care, Medical.Insurance-Long Term Care Giving people peace of mind for the long termInsurance-Long Term Care Long Term Care Insurance Is All We Do...Insurance-Property & Casualty All Your Protection Under One RoofInsurance-Property & Casualty Auto - Home - Commercial InsuranceInsurance-Property & Casualty Be assured youre insured with Zignego AgencyInsurance-Property & Casualty Driving home you insurance needs.Insurance-Property & Casualty Farmers Gets you back to where you belong!Insurance-Property & Casualty Farmers gets you back where you belong!Insurance-Property & Casualty Farmers. Gets You Back Where You Belong.Insurance-Property & Casualty From Bloomers to Thongs, I have what it takes to cover any assets!Insurance-Property & Casualty From bloomers to thongs, we have what it takes to cover your assets.Insurance-Property & Casualty Get proper coverage NOW so you dont pay later.Insurance-Property & Casualty Getting the "Right" Insurance is No AccidentInsurance-Property & Casualty Giving value to your insurance dollarInsurance-Property & Casualty If you can see it and touch it - Ive got you covered!Insurance-Property & Casualty If you dont know insurance, you should know THIS agent.Insurance-Property & Casualty If you dont know insurance, you should know your insurance agent.Insurance-Property & Casualty If you dont know insurance, youd better know your agent!Insurance-Property & Casualty If you need an insurance guy you can trust, Jeff Bakers a must ! If you own a home, auto, pick-up truck or van, call Jeff... TheInsurance-Property & Casualty Insurance Man.Insurance-Property & Casualty Its my job to help protect those that depend on you!Insurance-Property & Casualty Like A Good Neighbor State Farm is ThereInsurance-Property & Casualty Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is there.
  26. 26. Insurance-Property & Casualty Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.Insurance-Property & Casualty Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.Insurance-Property & Casualty One Call For All of Your Insurance NeedsInsurance-Property & Casualty Our best salespeople are our customersInsurance-Property & Casualty Real People. Real Answers. Real Quick.Insurance-Property & Casualty SEE ME TODAY TO INSURE YOUR TOMORROW!Insurance-Property & Casualty State Farm is big on small businessInsurance-Property & Casualty The Company of Choice To Be The Best Provider Of Financial Security In AmericaInsurance-Property & Casualty -Specializing in Protecting You and Your Family’s Dreams and Assets-Insurance-Property & Casualty We cover your assets.Insurance-Property & Casualty We get you back where you belongInsurance-Property & Casualty We INSURE that youre covered!Insurance-Property & Casualty We pay cash for your crash.Insurance-Property & Casualty WE TAKE THE RASH OUT OF CRASHInsurance-Property & Casualty We treat you like a person, not like a policy.Insurance-Property & Casualty WERE THE INSURANCE GUYS!Insurance-Property & Casualty Your Agent for Life and More!!Insurance-Property & Casualty Your Insurance Agency of Choice, for Choice!Insurance-Property & Casualty Your key to protection.Insurance-Property & Casualty Youre in good hands with Loraine and AllstateInsurance-Property & Casualty YOURS FOR LIFE!Insurance-Supplemental All benefits are Paid in Cash to Policyholders.Insurance-Supplemental The Company That Pays You Money Which Is As Good As Cash!Insurance-Supplemental We Pay, You DecideInterior Design If you care what it looks like in the end, call us in the beginning.Interior Design Dream with me for awhileInterior Design From floor to ceiling Ive got you covered!Interior Design Honesty and Integrity are the foundation upon which we build.Interior Design Interior design, re-design and facility planning.Interior Design INTERIOR REDESIGN/HOMESTAGING minimal cost decoratingInterior Design Let my designs welcome you home!Interior Design Love the space you live in!Interior Design Making your decorating dreams come true, one room at a time!Interior Design Turning your work spaces into spaces that work.Interiors.Design Commercial, Residential, Nautical, Aviation, Event Decor etc... Hourly consultation, space planning, furniture layout, room staging and much
  27. 27. more.......Interiors.Design Designing with your needs in mind.Interiors.Design Making Life Beautiful, One Space at a Time!Interiors.Design Making your house a beautiful place to call home. Specializing in residential and professional office interior design.Interiors.Design Products and services for the total environment tailored for each clients style preferences. Turn-key service if desired.Interiors.Design We dont follow the trends...We set them.Interiors.Kitchen Kitchen Tune-Up ... We are the cabinet store that comes to your door!Interiors.Products, Services You never get a second chance to make a FIRST impression!Jeweler Jewelry Beyond BeautyLandscaper.Tree Service The only Certified Arborists in the Upper Cumberland.Landscaping GREEN with ENVY DESIGN, INC., Landscaping that grows with you!Landscaping Making America more beautiful, one yard at a time.Landscaping Premier Water features making your vision a reality!Landscaping Together we build and maintain a beautiful propertyLandscaping Together We Can Build And Maintain a Beautiful Property!Landscaping.Products,Services Creating Outdoor Leisure Space.Landscaping.Products,Services We Design & Install Outdoor ProjectsLandscaping.Products,Services We were raised to play in the dirt!Lawn Care & Grounds Maintenance A Gem of an Idea! Americas largest lawn and landscape property maintenanceLawn Care & Grounds Maintenance specialists.Lawn Care & Grounds Maintenance We make a difference because we do what you dont want to!Lawn Care & Grounds Maintenance We really dig being in your yardLawn Care & Grounds Maintenance We water your WorldLawn Care & Grounds Maintenance Were Into Trees! Before you are treated unfair, call Dan Boisclair with Pre-Paid LegalLegal Service Plans Services, Inc. Making “Equal Justice under Law” a reality. In today’s legal system,Legal Service Plans you can get only as much justice as you can afford.Legal Service Plans Providing protection and peace of mind for over 30 years.Legal Service Plans We help people protect their family and their assets.Legal Service Plans Dont Be a Statistic, Be Realistic; Work with Kirk for Your Legal Perks.Legal Service Plans If you dont know your rights, you dont have any.Legal Service Plans We Make Business Planning Simple!Limousine Service Make Your Event Your First Priority-Lodging Facilities Let Sunny Shine Through All Of Your Real Estate Needs
  28. 28. Management Consultant We help YOU build a better businessManagement Consultant When I tell people where to go they want to stay there. Marketing Communications that get noticed & raise your responseMarketing Consultant rate. Advertising, Direct Mail, Brochures, and more.Marketing Consultant MarketingHelp! - Our name says what we do!Marketing Consultant Providing profitable solutions for your success.Marketing Consultant Truth Produces TrustMarketing Consultant UCIT will help you say "I Sold It"Marketing.Consultant Our Goal is Helping you Exceed YoursMarketing.Consultant Tap into the flow of your business.Martial Arts More than just kicking and punching, we help you grow.Massage Therapist Turn your aches into aaahhs!!Massage Therapist Allow yourself to heal from withinMassage Therapist Everybody Needs To Be Kneaded!Massage Therapist Feel the DifferenceMassage Therapist Helping put back what life has taken outMassage Therapist Helping you build a healthy foundation.Massage Therapist I love what I do and you will too!Massage Therapist Integrating Wellness into your Life!Massage Therapist Live and Laugh as if your life depends on itMassage Therapist Massage Therapy - Preventative Health CareMassage Therapist Massage Therapy - Relaxation & Rehabilitation No Knots too big, No Knots too can count on No Knots toMassage Therapist get them all!Massage Therapist Nutrition+Massage+Fitness = A Healthier You!Massage Therapist promoting the body to heal itselfMassage Therapist Relieving Pain & Restoring FunctionMassage Therapist Stay young, stay healthy and make balance in your body. Supporting your innate ability to heal. (offering: shiatsu, cranio-sacralMassage Therapist therapy, therapeutic massage, hot stone therapy)Massage Therapist Taking care of yourself isnt self-indulgence, its self-preservation.Massage Therapist Therapeutic Essentials for injury recovery or just to feel yummy.Massage Therapist Therapeutic massage for lifestyle enhancement.Massage Therapist We dont rub you or stretch you the wrong way. Where if everyone could have a massage once a month, we wouldMassage Therapist have a peaceful planet.Massage Therapist Yos Knows your Woes!Medical Billing Faster cash at low cost, billing is my business.
  29. 29. Medical Products & Services A Comfy Tush is our Push!!Medical Products & Services Let us Help you deal with the issues in your tissues.Mortgage Call Quin Bernhardt, your Loan Arranger.Mortgage Come join Americas Team in Mortgage LendingMortgage Every good deed deserves a mortgage.Mortgage For the Maxim in Mortgage...Mortgage Helping you finance your American Dream.Mortgage If you are needing a loan to buy your home, If you plan to buy, refinance, build (our one-time construction loan is the BEST in the market), I have a full range of products and programsMortgage to help meet your needs, not to mention great rates and service thats second to none. Call, e-mail, or complete an on-line credit worksheet today to get things started ...."Ill have you home in no time".Mortgage Mortgage loans with your best INTEREST in mind!Mortgage My Prime Interest is You.Mortgage Our Prime Interest is YouMortgage The Mortgage Banker with the Can-Do Attitude!Mortgage We have the right loan for you to refinance or buy your new home.Mortgage When it comes time to buy or refi, get on the Wells Fargo WagonMortgage Where you live is your business.....Mortgage Your Interest is in our best interestMortgage Lender, Commercial FOR QUALITY SERVICE YOU CAN BANK ON!Mortgage Lender, Commercial Where Dreams Become a realityMortgage Lender, Residential Because your "interest Rates" at the top of my list.Mortgage Lender, Residential Empowering you to realize your financial dreams!Mortgage Lender, Residential Every new mortgage needs a "New-Man".Mortgage Lender, Residential Financing your dreams without the nightmares!Mortgage Lender, Residential Financing your home, or home away from home. Fitting your mortgage needs into your families long-term goals andMortgage Lender, Residential objectives.Mortgage Lender, Residential For a PAINLESS home loan, Call "Marty Mortgage"!Mortgage Lender, Residential Go Ahead and Use Me, Everyone Else Does!Mortgage Lender, Residential Helping You Realize Your DreamsMortgage Lender, Residential Home of the 5 Star Customer Service GuaranteeMortgage Lender, Residential Homeownership, The next Stage!Mortgage Lender, Residential I have a GREAT interest in your futureMortgage Lender, Residential I have your best interest in mind.
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  31. 31. Mortgage Lender, Residential Youve heard of Loan Officers,Mortgage.Commercial Your Subprime Lending HeadquartersMortgage.Residential If its a mortgage you need to get,Mortgage.Residential Not for profit, Not for charity, but for service. Where you buy your home is your business...How you finance it isMortgage.Residential mine! Work with a trusted advisor focused on the advice business, not justMortgage.Residential the price business. Josh Morita at American Lending! Helping senior homeowners enjoy a more comfortable retirement inMortgages, Contract for Deed their own homes by moving forward in reverse.Mortgages, Contract for Deed We Buy HousesMotel/Hotel We have everything under one roof ! If you are looking to do a move, call Katie with United and I will make itMoving & Storage smooth.Non-Profit Organization Helping kids focus on what they can do, not what they cant doNutritional Products, Services If your sick and tired or being sick and tired call usNutritional Products, Services Just call Ramona Hall for nutrition that does it all!!!!!!Nutritional Products, Services Making the world a healthier place one life at a time. There are types of people. Some who look better, feel better andNutritional Products, Services perform better. It might be weight loss, energy or improved athletic performance- Then there are people who dont use Advocare.Office Equipment, Sales & Service At TBS its not just a copy, its YOUR image. Hardware/Software for the production and management of hard andOffice Equipment, Sales & Service soft documents. Small companies to Fortune 1000. If you dont have time to do it right the first time, when will you haveOffice Equipment, Sales & Service time to do it right?Office Equipment, Sales & Service The Future of Information TechnologyOffice Furniture We have it all, Home, Office and Patio furnitureOffice Furniture We make your space SUITE! Copy paper, ink and toner cartridges with good pricing and betterOffice Supplies serviceOffice.Equipment,Furniture PRICED TO COMPETE WITH SERVICE THAT CANT BE BEAT.Organizer Clearing clutter can transform your life!Organizer Creating harmony through sensible solutions.Organizer FACE it, if you were going to do it yourself, it would be done by now.Organizer For the Journey from Busy to EffectiveOrganizer its a place To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose underOrganizer the heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die. (KJV Ecclesiates 3)Organizer Well manage the projects you dont have time to do or you dont want
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