How to peak interest & curiosity


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Sound Bites for PEAKING Interest and Curiosity

Most People:
1) Don’t save. They Live from Paycheck to Paycheck
2) Don’t pay themselves first
3) Pay Too much Interest
4) Pay Too Much in Taxes
5) Earn low rates of return
6) Don’t understand how money really works

How to peak interest & curiosity

  1. 1. How to Peak Interest & Curiosity Sound Bites for PEAKING interest and curiosity
  2. 2. WELCOME Your Host: Bryan Daly A 20 year veteran and experienced leader In financial services
  3. 3. Get Your Notebook The greatest book you will ever read are the notes you take from meetings like this. “What Flows through you Sticks To You”
  4. 4. Applied Knowledge When You Know & You Know that You Know Confidence Replaces Fear
  5. 5. Fishermen and Fisher of Men • Peak Interest • Withdraw • Just the Right Amount Tension
  6. 6. Understanding Human Nature • People are Skeptical • People are quick to jump to conclusions • People procrastinate • People don’t think they can sell • People don’t like or trust salespeople • People dream of greatness and/or great wealth • People are curious- Peak their Interest • People want to be their own boss & own a successful business • They doubt they ever will • People have MLM phobia
  7. 7. Fishermen and Fisher of Men  People do like to save money  People do like to learn new things  People do like to own their own destiny  People do want better life styles
  8. 8. Words create pictures in people’s minds Work on your Verbal Technology Become a Wordsmith
  9. 9. How we Communicate
  10. 10. Two purposes in all meetings 1)Make a new friend 2) Set follow up
  11. 11. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect MUST: Practice, Drill, and Rehearse Practice, Practice, Practice 2,000-3,000 kicks
  12. 12. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.
  13. 13. People are living longer today than ever before You Really Have 3 Options 1) Work Longer and/or Live in Poverty 2) Die Sooner 3) Start planning today
  14. 14. Leading with products/concepts Have you heard about the smarter, more complete alternative to IRA and 401K?
  15. 15. I help people keep more of what they make • Did you know the IRS code is 93,000 pages long…. • I am sure you have read the tax code…. right? • You know there are two types of people when it comes to taxes: • The informed and the uninformed. • Guess which pays more in taxes?
  16. 16. IRS Code section 7702 • Have you seen a sec 7702 program? • You have heard of IRS code sec 4-0-1-k- 401k?....Right? • 7702 is tax free, liquid, get the upside of the market with no downside risk plus more benefits
  17. 17. Leading with products/concepts • Would you like to learn how to legally never pay tax on a portion of your income? • I show people how to legally never pay taxes on a portion of their income.
  18. 18. Leading with products/concepts Do you own Life Insurance? • Do you have to Die to Use? • Do you have the Old Kind vs. New Kind The new kind you don’t have to die to use. It pays in the event of chronic critical illnness and cancer, heart attack, stroke. You get back all of your premiumns plus interest tax free. You can use it to shelter a portion of your income and legally never pay taxes.
  19. 19. Leading with products/concepts Have you heard about a program with guaranteed income for life and a guaranteed 7% rate of return I provide programs that guarantee income for life and a guaranteed 7% rate of return
  20. 20. Leading with products/concepts • I show people how to find money they did not know that had “I don’t have any extra money.” • “Please don’t confuse the problem for the solution. • I have the solution and the problem is you don’t have any extra money. • Wouldn’t you agree?”
  21. 21. “I don’t have any extra money.” How much of our savings plan would you like if it was free? • If I offered you a retirement fund for free how much would you like? • It’s not free but if it did not cost you anything extra each month….that’s about as close to free as you can get…right?