FEG Team Building Concepts


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“Sales Management” vs. “Team Building”

Allows large unlimited income, based on your effort and abilities, through building and overriding an organization

Allows security through “leveraging” your income and efforts
Self-replicating, self-motivated, self-financed

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FEG Team Building Concepts

  1. 1. Team Building Freedom Builders
  2. 2. Bryan Daly Founder Freedom Builders bryan@bryandaly.com www.YourRetirementMiracle.com
  3. 3. Multiplex Income • “Sales Management” vs. “Team Building” • Allows large unlimited income, based on your effort and abilities, through building and overriding an organization • Allows security through “leveraging” your income and efforts Self-replicating, self-motivated, self-financed
  4. 4. To Achieve Greatness • • • • Change your Paradigm Think Strategically Commit Specifically Re-Focus Constantly – Stretch your VISION – Create GREAT EVENTS – Build GREAT LEADERS Imagination is the fuel of your dreams
  5. 5. Become a Super Star • The battle cry of all new FEG leaders should be ASCENSION & DOMINANCE. • For those who are RELENTLESS in COPYING & DUPLICATING what past Super Stars have done • Do this and it is INEVITABLE you will become a Super Star of the Future • The fastest way to become a millionaire… find one… and then do what they did
  6. 6. Powerful Team Builders • Hire people to an environment not a business • Are students of the business – Knowledge does not produce activity. – Activity produces knowledge – Repetition is the mother of skill. • Success revolves around, – Focus… motivation… execution – Be Decisive and Be Persistent Give me 10 driven determined dreamers and soon I’ll give you 10,000 more.
  7. 7. Show New Hires How to Succeed • • • • Aim at hiring and the sales will follow Approach everyone with opportunity first Sell to those you hire, AND those you don’t Be enthusiastic and inject crusading fervor – Sell the Dream and the Crusade simultaneously • Help each new hire, enroll 5 of their own. • Help them earn $5000 ( or more) quickly
  8. 8. Controlled Ignorance Formula • Stumble forward and stay confused • Capitalize on the excitement and ignorant enthusiasm of new hires • Cultivate a pioneer attitude and spirit • Be ever alert for opportunity to hire • You are always either: Growing or Dying
  9. 9. Aggressiveness is Vital – Without aggressiveness other skills are useless – Develop the “Firing Habit” – 90% of all soldiers never fire their weapon in combat. • They lack confidence in their ability • They lack confidence in their weapon – “Drill for Skill” & “Drill for Will” • build confidence in you team
  10. 10. The Process • The Most Important Factor in Team Building – You will be paid to IMITATE, not create – Marketing is the creation of the outlet and the movement of product simultaneously. • Set Up a System Whereby Hiring Never Stops • Law of Large Numbers Makes the Law of Averages Profitable • Success = Lots of people doing a little bit and a few people doing a lot
  11. 11. • Lead By Example (go wide fast) • Hire in Waves (3 to 12 wide every 30 days) • Magic of “Dud” Power – Leader with most “Duds” wins – Also will have the most associates – Our Sensitive ”Sell the Dream” Machinery – High-Octane motivation – “Hold-a-Meeting” commitment • Compress Activity / Collapse Time Frames – Use short 30 day blitzes with part timers – Run concurrent 90 day Madman cycles
  12. 12. Great Builders Focus • Excel at Personal Communication – Master the Art of Motivation – Great builders are great goal setters • Two Marketing Focal Points – The continuous opening of outlets – Increasing the volume production per outlet
  13. 13. Promotions Drive Production • Harness each… – – – – – – – – New hire to reach Sales Leader by hiring 5 strong legs. Sales Leader to Dist Mgr by producing 3 Sales Leaders District Mgr to Div Mgr by producing 3 Dist Mgrs. Division Mgr to VP by producing 2 Div Mgr or $75,000 VP to SVP by producing $100,000 income SVP to NVP by producing $200,000 income NVP to SNVP by producing $400,000 income SNVP to ENVP by producing $600,000 income
  14. 14. Build Big Production Teams • Build – $25,000 earners – $50,000 earners – $100,000 earners – $250,000 earners – $500, 000 earners – $1,000,000 earners • “Carpe Diem” Seize the day
  15. 15. Thermometer vs. Thermostat • Thermometer People are controlled by outside circumstances. If others are hot, then they are hot. If others are cold, so are they. • Thermostat People are those who set their own temperature in advance. Rather than adjust to others, others adjust to them. Others don’t drag them down. They pull others up!
  16. 16. To Become a Thermostat… • • • • • • • Self-Confidence Self-Esteem Know-How A System of Accountability Repetition A Plan That Works “The Master Motivator is the one who motivates himself.”
  17. 17. Key to Building = Persistence • A definite purpose backed by a burning desire. • A definite plan, expressed in continuous action. • A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends, and acquaintances. • A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose. *From Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  18. 18. Ladder of Evolution • • • • • Nobody to Upstart… Upstart to Contender… Contender to Winner… Winner to Champion… Champion to Dynasty…
  19. 19. Surge…Explode…Plateau • Surge – – Compress activity (BOP invitations, new hires, etc.) – Collapse time frames (magic of the 30 day blitz) • Explode – Have an explosion of new hires, new leaders, new promotions, production, cash flow, momentum • Plateau – Re-group, Re-energize, Re-focus, Repeat cycle
  20. 20. Constant Course Correction • Apollo 11 was off course 90% of the time, but landed on the moon. Expect adversity and use it to achieve your mission
  21. 21. Thank you for watching Bryan Daly Freedom Equity Group Founder bryan@bryandaly.com www.YourRetirementMiracle.com