Common Questions and Smoke Screens


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Common Questions and Smoke Screens

  1. 1. Saturday Team Training Dec 7th 2013
  2. 2. Las Vegas • Big Events Change Lives • Can’t afford to miss it • March 7th and 8th
  3. 3. "ANICO Life_Overview (Undwrtg & Mkts)"authored by jeff.moore. • zI7znTvVtz3CtAz0& "ANICO Life_Overview (IUL)" • zHXzhgZoGz3CtAz0&
  4. 4. "ANICO Life_Overview (Living Benefits)" • zG9zL8HWgz3CtAz0& "ANICO Life_Overview (Signature Term)“ • zGbzpKSOIz3CtAz0&
  5. 5. President’s Club • See • Congratulations!!!! • Very Exciting Lapel Pin!!!
  6. 6. Dark Blue
  7. 7. Light Blue
  8. 8. White
  9. 9. Green
  10. 10. Resistance and Blow Offs • • • • •  not interested. I’m  Just send your information.  We’re already taken care of.  too busy, don’t have the time. I’m  don’t have the money. We
  11. 11. CANI- Constant and Never Ending Improvement Amateurs practice till they get it right Professionals practice until they can get it wrong Ask yourself after each call appointment: 1. What went right? 2. What went wrong? 3. Where can I improve?
  12. 12. “Call Me After the Holidays” • Sure…. I appreciate that • If I could make a quick suggestion • If we could gather some quick info take 10-15 minutes and this way over the holidays I can crunch and get back with you • Do you have a few minutes now?
  13. 13. No Money • What if it was free? • What if I could show you how to find money you did not know you had? • I show folks all the time how to find $300$500 a month they did not know they had. • Would that be worth 15 minutes of your time?
  14. 14. Which is it? • If I had more money I would have a better plan. • If I had a better plan I would have more money.
  15. 15. “Just send/email the information” • This is a standard blow off, and you must not make the mistake of just sending out your information. • Check the interest level their.
  16. 16. “Just send/email the information” • I’ll be happy to do that __________, If I could make a suggestion until we know if this is • truly a fit for you, we’d be wasting your time. • If you’re serious about learning how this can actually help you, then I’d suggest we • take a couple of minutes to discuss your situation. • After that, if you’re really interested, I’d be glad to get something out toyou – is that fair?”
  17. 17. Response I’d be happy to _________. Quick question though and please be honest with me: When do you think you’ll be serious about looking into this?
  18. 18. You are kidding me right??
  19. 19. Answer Questions “That’s an interesting question. Why do you ask?” Or ask the question back to them. Re-phase and repeat back to them Best general response is: “What do you mean?” Help me understand
  20. 20. “That is a great question and it will be addressed in detail in our training classes.” Let me give a brief answer now
  21. 21. If someone says something outrageous, you can reply with: “I would probably feel the same way if I was in your shoes”. Don’t react to what they say. They are watching your reactions closely.