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Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin


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Published in: Technology
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Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin

  1. 1. Xamarin Mobile Cross Platform Development
  2. 2. bryan costanich em: tw: @bryancostanich slides:
  3. 3. Sample Code
  4. 4. Xamarin Platform (The Pitch)
  5. 5. One Language + Framework LINQ Lambdas Task Parallel Library (TPL) Compile-Time Checks Garbage Collection C# º
  6. 6. Native Perf. + UX Compiles Down to Native Code Not Interpreted All Native UX Controls Full Platform SDK Access iOS: Selectors/Obj-C Runtime Android: JNI Fast Enough for Games º
  7. 7. Reuse Story C# Libraries Obj-C Bindings + Binding Projects .jar Bindings + Binding Projects C via pInvoke C++ via Cxxi º
  8. 8. Other Platforms Windows - via .NET Mac - via Xamarin.Mac Linux - via Mono Ouya, XBOX, PSP, etc. Etc.
  9. 9. Community + Support Huge C# Community IRC + Great Support º
  10. 10. VS + Xamarin Studio Visual Studio Xamarin Studio Android Designer iOS Designer (Beta) Debugging AutoComplete Refactoring Project Management Integrated Source Control
  11. 11. General XPlat Considerations
  12. 12. Design Platform-Specific UX UX in iOS != Android != Windows Phone UX Metaphors are Different: Navigation Controller vs. Back Button Write-Once, Run-Anywhere is Problematic Users Expect Native UX º
  13. 13. Choose Device Targets iPhone != iPad Beware Android Fragmentation Form Factor + Capability Differences Inform UX Pro-Tip: Minimize Targets º
  14. 14. Building an X-Plat Architecture
  15. 15. Architecture Layers Separation of Responsibility Encapsulation Core Code Sharing º
  16. 16. VS Project/Solution Setup
  17. 17. Code Sharing - Linking vs. PCL Portal Library Projects - Take a Lot of Work Great Discussion Here: Takeaway: PCL is clean, but difficult to implement Linking is less “clean” but simpler Our Recommendation Now: File Linking for Most Projects Walkthrough Here: Linking º
  18. 18. WP7 + Android New Blank Solution: "[AppName]" New C# Lib Project: "[AppName].Core" Test Project: “[AppName].Core.Tests” New Mono for Android Project: “[AppName].Droid” New WP7 Project "[AppName].WP7" º
  19. 19. Shared Data + Data Access Layer Data Access Layer SQLite on iOS + Android, C# SQLIte on WP7: SQLite.NET ORM Use Generics for CRUD Convenience Methods: TaskDatabase.cs º
  20. 20. Platform Abstractions Handling Divergence and Taking Advantage of Platform Features
  21. 21. Conditional Compilation Pre-Defined Symbols: #if __MOBILE__ #if __ANDROID__ #if __IOS__ #if WINDOWS_PHONE #if SILVERLIGHT Can Add Additional in Build Settings
  22. 22. Architectural Abstraction Sometimes, You Wanna Provide Different Implementations for Different Platforms Interfaces º
  23. 23. Component Store Tons of Components Cross-Platform IDE-Integration - drop-in! Revenue Model for User Submitted
  24. 24. Xamarin.* Libraries XPlat API Abstractions Open Source* Mobile Social Auth
  25. 25. Other XPlat Libs MonoCross - MvvmCross - Vernacular - MonoGame - Cocos2D - º
  26. 26. Q+A