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Fast Bridge: How we are different


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An overview of our business and how we are different from other consulting companies

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Fast Bridge: How we are different

  1. 1. Over 200 independent consultantsHelping companies get from here to there…
  2. 2. Fast BridgeOver 200 independent consultants in 16 countries… helping companies movefaster in 3 areas: 1. Business start-ups 2. International expansion 3. And go to market for established companiesWhat makes Fast Bridge Consulting different from most consultingcompanies…  A stronger focus on business execution  We work with more senior consultants  Better value for money: 80% of fees go directly to consultants  We are willing to link our payments directly to a client’s business results 2
  3. 3. A simple philosophy… We are not the experts in your business… we are here to help and facilitate We do have specific expertise in start-ups and skills to fill the gaps in your knowledge We want to be your partner not your consultant We measure our success by what we help you achieve. 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Companies need help with execution, speed and innovation 1 Excellence in execution 42% 2 Consistent execution of strategy by top management 39% 3 Sustained and steady top-line growth 38% 4 Customer loyalty/retention 33% 5 Speed, flexibility, adaptability to change 29% 6 Corporate reputation for quality products/services 24% 7 Stimulating innovation/creativity/enabling entrepreneurship 23% Source: Deloite CEO challenge 2010Everything we do is focused on execution … 5
  6. 6. People with experience are needed … The consulting paradox (According to Bruce Henderson founder of Boston Consulting) “young, junior people are brought in to give advice to people of equal intelligence who have vastly superior and extensive experience and knowledge of the problem… “All our consultants have at least 10 years of experience 6
  7. 7. 80% for results… and the right people.. The Team 1-2 partners + junior people Individual consultants A team of senior people Experts in specific areas of Experts in consulting Or a team of individuals business Costs 900-2500 / Day 900-2500 / Day 900-2000 / Day Who gets what 20 (consultant)/80 (Company) 100 (consultant) 80 (consultant)/ 20 (Company) Net Result Junior people doing the work 1 person doing the work Senior people doing the work Experts in 1 area, often doing work A broad range of people to choose 80% of what of you pay goes outside their area of expertise. from. 80% of what of you pay to the company goes to the consultant . More senior people at the same Benefits A systematic methodology More senior people at the same price price A name with credibility Commitment Commitment A team A team Things get done…sometimes by the Things get done… by the right Lots of powerpoint presentations right people… peopleIntroduction 7
  8. 8. Willing to be paid based on results … In the end, commitment is what makes the biggest difference in organizations. All of the consultants in the Fast Bridge network have agreed to work in ways where their compensation is tied directly to client results? 8
  9. 9. How we workDelivering valuable sustainable results 4 Principles 1. Client focused  Business Development 2. Fast  Start-ups 3. Lean  New products 4. Results driven  Rebranding  We are not the  Experienced (>10yrs) solution  Execution Addicts we support clients  Willing to be paid  Rapid cycle based on results subprojects
  10. 10. Benefits: growing companies You might be able to do everything yourself, but it wouldn’t be smart. We have a group of senior people with specialized experience ready to make things happen. We are willing to work on a no-cure, no pay basis where you pay in cash or equity for real business results 10
  11. 11. Benefits: Established Businesses We have a group of senior people with specialized experience ready to make things happen. We are much more than a consulting company we are a doing company We work on a day rate basis, but also on a no cure no pay basis. We’re ready to guarantee results 11
  12. 12. Getting started… We believe in Tools and solutions to fit your company, not your company fitting our solutions… With every client we follow a 4 step process 1. A discussion of objectives 2. Clarification of objectives (do we understand what you need) 3. A formal proposal (Targets, Timings, Responsibilities, Metrics) 4. Building a team (internal and external to make it happen) If you would like more information, we’d love to talk with you. Please email us: 12
  13. 13. Who to contact ? Fast Bridge has 3 managing partners. They are usually your best first contact…They will make sure the right people are working on your business challenge. Bryan Cassady Patrick Van Lammeren Peter Malfait +32-475-860-757 (32)-475-482-165 +32 473 64 18 53 Specializations Specializations Specializations Business Development All aspects of Finance Sales Management Marketing/Sales Project Management Marketing Business Strategy Process Improvement People development