Reallinx 2011 product catalog v1.5


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This is the current iteration of the Reallinx 2011 product and service catalog. Please let me know if you have any questions.

-Bryan Lambert

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Reallinx 2011 product catalog v1.5

  1. 1. 2011 PRODUCTS<br />& SERVICES<br />
  2. 2. Founded in 2002, RealLinx provides managed broadband, voice, security and hosting solutions at affordable prices. Our robust collage of tools, hardware, software and services serves as a one-stop shop for customers who want a world-class experience.<br />RealLinx empowers businesses, government and communities with the efficiencies and advantages generally achieved only by large, in-house IT teams. Our experience, tenacious spirit and innovative problem-solving philosophy are an asset that grows our clients’ businesses.<br />While RealLinx is proud to be headquartered in Austin, Texas, our nationwide footprint allows us to deliver real savings to organizations everywhere. <br />
  3. 3. We are a Managed Services Provider<br />• Data<br />• Security, VPN, & Productivity<br />• Voice & Video<br />• Email, Shared Calendar, Web, & DNS<br />BroadbandLinx™<br />SecurityLinx™<br />Real Protection<br />Real Speed<br />VoiceLinx™<br />MailLinx™/WebLinx™<br />Real Voice & Video<br />Real Communication<br />
  4. 4. BroadbandLinx™<br />BroadbandLinx Options<br />Internet<br /><ul><li>DSL up to 15Mbps
  5. 5. T1 and Bonded T1 up to 15Mbps
  6. 6. Ethernet over Copper up to 10Mbps
  7. 7. DS3 and Burstable DS3 up to 45Mbps
  8. 8. Metro Ethernet up to 100Mbps
  9. 9. OCx (fiber) optical lines into the hundreds of Mbps</li></ul>Private Networking available when combined with our SecurityLinx™<br />Private Line or Point-to-Point (P2P)<br /><ul><li>Any transport method
  10. 10. True Private Point-to-Point circuit </li></ul>Anywhere to Anywhere <br />Multi-Protocol Layer<br />Switching (MPLS) <br /><ul><li>Private Networking within the Carrier Cloud
  11. 11. Connect all sites privately and add Internet as needed</li></ul>Quality of Service (QoS) and Class of Service (COS) <br /><ul><li>When you run Voice, Video, and Data on a single line, it is essential to PRIORITIZE traffic
  12. 12. RealLinx QoS and CoS optimizes and prioritizes both from the Customer end and the Carrier end.
  13. 13. Without attacking the problem from both ends, you are only solving half of the upstream/downstream battle</li></ul>BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) redundant routing<br /><ul><li>True redundancy by routing the same IP block across multiple Carriers</li></li></ul><li>BroadbandLinx™<br />RealLinx Broadband is Different… <br />We treat broadband as the<br />FOUNDATION of your services<br /><ul><li>You would only build your house on the best foundation—we treat your business the same.
  14. 14. Your broadband is the MOST CRUCIAL element of your business’ ability to perform.
  15. 15. We treat it as such and take great steps and measures to insure your success and satisfaction.</li></ul>Real Support<br />Our Techs really KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING<br /><ul><li>Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA)
  16. 16. Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP)
  17. 17. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  18. 18. Fortinet Certified Network and Security Associate (FCNSA)
  19. 19. Fortinet Certified Network and Security Professional (FCNSP)</li></ul> And more!<br />24*7 Proactive Monitoring <br /><ul><li>If your circuit goes down, we’ll call you.</li></li></ul><li>BroadbandLinx™<br />Pricing<br />Multiple Carriers = Multiple Choices<br /><ul><li>RealLinx employs numerous Carriers nationwide
  20. 20. Our goal is to find the best match of price and performance for your business
  21. 21. When you submit a request for quote, we will search multiple databases to find the best match
  22. 22. We will then present you with all of the options and help you decide on the best for your business
  23. 23. True redundancy from multiple carriers</li></ul>True Business-Class = True Quality<br /><ul><li>RealLinx is a service provider for Businesses.
  24. 24. We believe that there is no place in the modern business environment for a residential solution.
  25. 25. All of our lines come with Static IP Addressing with the option to add as many as you need.
  26. 26. Our Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are built to protect you with four hour time to repair commitments.</li></ul>Match-or-beat pricing philosophy = Best deal for you<br /><ul><li>We always lead with our BEST price—no haggling required
  27. 27. Show us a competitive quote (for same services) and we will make every effort to match or beat it</li></li></ul><li>SecurityLinx™<br />SecurityLinx™<br />Traditional Firewall<br />Comprehensive<br /><ul><li>Filters Non-productive sites.
  28. 28. Filters objectionable material.
  29. 29. Protects your network from nearly every threat aspect
  30. 30. Combines several technologies that would cost thousands to implement individually.
  31. 31. Archives information</li></ul>Managed<br /><ul><li>We do it all for you. This is a fully managed solution and we completely implement and manage it.</li></ul>Specialized Manufacturer<br /><ul><li>FORTINET ® is the manufacturer of the hardware.
  32. 32. All they do is security</li></ul>Makes you Money<br /><ul><li>20-30% of an employees time is spent on non-productive sites.
  33. 33. Down time and viruses cost money. Reducing those threats improves your bottom line.</li></ul>Not Comprehensive<br /><ul><li>Protects only one aspect of network security
  34. 34. Does not address most major threat sources</li></ul>Not Managed<br /><ul><li>You do it yourself. You support issues that come up and deal with ongoing changes and updates</li></ul>Unspecialized Manufacturer<br /><ul><li>Most firewall manufacturers create numerous products and do not focus on only security</li></ul>Costs you Money<br /><ul><li>Multiple Devices
  35. 35. Multiple vendors
  36. 36. Implementation for compliance/security purposes only is a huge cost.</li></li></ul><li>SecurityLinx™<br />Is fully managed…<br />3<br />1<br />Managed Installation<br /><ul><li>Tell us what you want and we will get it done.
  37. 37. Detailed Engineering Call to properly document requirements.
  38. 38. Full testing to ensure everything works as desired
  39. 39. Once the service is installed, we are here to be flexible in “tweaking” settings and to add services and functionality that may have been missed during the Engineering Call.
  40. 40. Single point of contact during the installation phase.</li></ul>Managed Reporting<br />Finally understand your network. We will customize weekly reporting to tell you:<br /><ul><li>Where your users are surfing
  41. 41. Who’s using the most bandwidth
  42. 42. What attacks are hitting your network and where they are coming from
  43. 43. How many IM’s each users is sending and on what platform
  44. 44. Much more!</li></ul>Managed Support<br /><ul><li>24*7*365 Monitoring and Technical Support
  45. 45. Only experienced and certified Techs
  46. 46. Changes and adjustments are expected and welcome and are included as part of your service plan.</li></ul>Managed Archiving<br /><ul><li>We will set up archiving and give you access to review and retrieve the data and messages.
  47. 47. See exactly what your users are doing on the following mediums:
  48. 48. Email (PoP3, IMAP, and SMTP)
  49. 49. Web surfing (every site the user surfs is cataloged)
  50. 50. Instant Message (MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and ICQ)
  51. 51. Files transferred to and from your sites</li></ul>4<br />2<br />
  52. 52. SecurityLinx™<br />Some Managed Reports…<br />Bandwidth utilization<br />Top blocked categories<br />Top services by volume<br />Top allowed Web sites<br />Top viruses<br />Top sources by volume<br />Top spam sources<br />Top Sessions<br />Traffic history<br />Top IM sources by messages<br />VoIP traffic volume by time period<br />Top mail clients by volume<br />
  53. 53. SecurityLinx™<br />Working with a<br />Specialized Manufacturer:<br />FORTINET ® is a leading provider of network security appliances and the leader of the unified threat management (UTM) market worldwide. <br />FORTINET ®is 100% focused in the area of security.<br />Who uses FORTINET ®?<br /><ul><li>322 of the Fortune 1000
  54. 54. 202 of the Global 1000
  55. 55. 5 of Global 10
  56. 56. 9 of the top 10 telecommunications companies
  57. 57. 5 of the top 10 global banks (commercial and savings)
  58. 58. 6 of the top 10 global aerospace & defense organizations</li></ul>FORTINET ®recognitions: <br /><ul><li>Worldwide Leader in UTM (IDC; Frost & Sullivan)
  59. 59. “One of Top 4 Network Security Appliance Vendors WW (IDC)"
  60. 60. Ranked Tier 1 Enterprise Security Vendor (Current Analysis)
  61. 61. Highly-rated "Strong Positive" in Gartner Multi-function Firewall Marketscope
  62. 62. Ranked "Top Player" in Email Security Appliance Quadrant (Radicati Group)
  63. 63. ISO 9001:2000 Certified for Quality Management Systems standard
  64. 64. Voted one of Best Places to Work in Silicon Valley </li></li></ul><li>Product Overview<br />VoiceLinx™<br />Real Voice & Video<br />
  65. 65. VoiceLinx™<br />Voice and Video over IP<br />VoIP Trunk Lines<br /><ul><li>Use your own PBX (Phone System)
  66. 66. We provide phone lines to your system
  67. 67. Excellent quality at a rock bottom price</li></ul>VoIP Hosted PBX<br /><ul><li>Bring telephony into the modern age.
  68. 68. Use our Next Generation Hosted PBX technology
  69. 69. No PBX or “brain unit” at your location – it’s hosted by us
  70. 70. Simply plug in our pre-configured high quality handsets and start talking
  71. 71. Flat rate service with unlimited calling in the USA</li></ul>HD Voice ® <br /><ul><li>HD Voice ® must be heard to be believed!
  72. 72. Experience the clearest calls ever!</li></ul>Video Conferencing over IP<br /><ul><li>You no longer have to fly to do a face-to-face meeting
  73. 73. Video Conferencing is here and we have it
  74. 74. No need for extra gear—we have phones that do both Voice and Video all in one!
  75. 75. Best of all—NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR THE VIDEO FEED!</li></li></ul><li>VoiceLinx™<br />VoIP Trunk Lines<br />RealLinx Voice Trunk features:<br /><ul><li>Telephone Numbers available in 7500+ rate centers including HI, AK, PR, and Canada
  76. 76. Local calling
  77. 77. Inter-state and Intra-state Long-distance
  78. 78. International Long-Distance
  79. 79. Toll Free numbers
  80. 80. E911 emergency calling
  81. 81. Inbound calling line ID number and name delivery
  82. 82. Directory Listing</li></ul>Use existing broadband or allow RealLinx to deliver broadband access with QoS.<br />RealLinx Voice Trunks are delivered with a choice of hand-offs to fit today’s PBX requirements. SIP, PRI, and Analog hand-off types are available. <br />RealLinx will deploy a managed gateway to your premises to provide PRI or Analog hand-off types.<br />RealLinx Voice Trunks dynamically re-route your inbound calls to alternate sites or other PSTN destinations on demand or in the event of an outage at a site. The disaster recovery solution is built into a our platform.<br />
  83. 83. VoiceLinx™<br />VoIP<br />Trunk Lines<br />SIP Capabilities<br />Codecs G.711, G.729<br />DTMF RFC2833<br />Fax support via T.38 with G.711 fallback.<br />PRI Capabilities (Adtran or Cisco Gateway)<br />Line Coding: B8ZS<br />Framing: ESF<br />ISDN: NI2 (NI1/NI2, Nortel DMS & AT&T/Lucent 5E)<br />Voice Channels per PRI: 23<br />Primary D Channel: 24 (1-24 allowed)<br />DNIS Digits Transferred: ALL (0, 3, 4, 7) <br />Analog Capabilities (Adtran or Cisco Gateway)<br />1-8 Analog Lines<br />Stand-alone or Hunting configuration<br />
  84. 84. VoiceLinx™<br />NETWORK<br />The RealLinx Network is designed for redundancy, reliability, and quality of service.<br />Redundant independent server clusters power the RealLinx VOIP Platform.<br />Redundant PSTN connectivity<br />Redundant IP connections from Tier 1 providers:<br />Best route chosen to the customer’s premise<br />Reallinx broadband customers, DSCP markings preserved across carrier backbones and voice priority is enforced at the provider and customer edge<br />
  85. 85. VoiceLinx™<br />3<br />Flexibility<br /><ul><li>Multi-site offices are no problem and no extra charge.
  86. 86. Travel? You can even carry your phone with you or add our “Shared Call Appearance” to your laptop and enjoy all of the features, quality, and pricing on the road.
  87. 87. Multiple phone numbers (DID’s) available for one line.</li></ul>Quality<br /><ul><li>Combine our Hosted PBX and our Broadband with QoS (quality of service) and ensure that every call sounds great. QoS ensures no choppiness and poor call quality. And, it still sounds great on even your home broadband
  88. 88. We use only the BEST PHONES in the Industry.</li></ul>Pricing<br /><ul><li>Starting at $24.99 per line with UNLIMITED local and LD minutes!</li></ul>VoIP<br />Hosted PBX & Video<br />Our Hosted System + Our VoIP Dial tone & Video<br /><ul><li>No need for a PBX or phone system. Simply plug in our pre-programmed handsets into the Internet and you’re up and running.</li></ul>Features<br /><ul><li>Our Hosted PBX has all of the features of a traditional PBX plus so much more. Including Voicemail to email and find me / follow me features.
  89. 89. Add Video conferencing for no extra monthly charge.
  90. 90. Phone numbers available from multiple cities all pointing to one line.
  91. 91. Call center features such as hunt groups, call queues and agent reporting</li></ul>1<br />4<br />2<br />5<br />
  92. 92. VoiceLinx™<br />Some of our features<br />
  93. 93. VoiceLinx™<br />Hosted PBX & Video<br />Simple<br /><ul><li>Our Video Phones come pre-configured
  94. 94. When one Video Phone sees that it is talking to another video phone, it automatically offers the video option
  95. 95. Just PLUG & GO!</li></ul>Features: Video Conferencing<br />Quality<br /><ul><li>Our video and voice quality are outstanding and voice and video are in sync.
  96. 96. Polycom HD protocol available on calls to other HD phones.</li></ul>Save $$$<br /><ul><li>Cut down on travel. With video conferencing, you can cut down on travel and still have those key FACE-TO-FACE meetings that are crucial for your business.
  97. 97. No Extra Charge to upgrade and add video! Simply buy our SIP video phones and watch it work! We do not charge extra for this feature!</li></li></ul><li>VoiceLinx™<br />Hosted PBX & Video<br />Flexibility<br />Multi-Site and Road-Warrior Ready:<br /><ul><li>Our VoIP phones don’t care where they are…
  98. 98. Simply add Internet and watch it work!
  99. 99. Geography is not a limitation…
  100. 100. We can connect your phone system across nation or around the globe!
  101. 101. Download a FREE “Soft Phone” to your laptop, plug in a few settings from our system, and you now have a fully functional Business-Class phone on your PC that can travel with you!</li></ul>Let us manage the complex details of your new Phone System<br /><ul><li>Forget “what our old system used to do…”
  102. 102. Tell us what you WANT your NEW SYSTEM to do and let us design it
  103. 103. We have multiple “Basic” designs to get you started but we prefer to listen first to your requirements and then present a system tailored specifically to your needs.</li></ul>SIP VoIP Phones:<br /><ul><li>We use the POLYCOM ® line of phones as they offer amazing quality and a fantastic price.
  104. 104. Mix and match phones—choose different models to suit your individual needs.
  105. 105. Have an account manager show you the options today!</li></li></ul><li>VoiceLinx™<br />Hosted PBX & Video<br />Flexibility <br />Sample Configuration #1<br /><ul><li>We have multiple “Basic” designs to get you started…
  106. 106. We will Customize to suit your business needs.</li></ul>Business Hours:<br />After Hours:<br />
  107. 107. VoiceLinx™<br />Hosted PBX & Video<br />Quality<br />Broadband is the foundation<br /><ul><li>The most important aspect of Voice over IP is the “IP” part.
  108. 108. Bad Internet=bad VoIP
  109. 109. We specialize in Great Internet and recognize the ultimate importance of getting this aspect of your VoIP to be rock solid</li></ul>QoS & CoS done right<br /><ul><li>Quality of Service and Class of Service…
  110. 110. Think of this service as a “Traffic Cop” directing traffic on your Internet… telling Data Packets to wait while Voice Packets get the green light
  111. 111. These are rules that RealLinx implements in both the local equipment at your site as well as the Carrier’s network.
  112. 112. IMPORTANT: Most providers ONLY take care of the Upstream QoS or CoS. This would be like putting a traffic cop only on one side of a traffic Jam—it simply does not fix the entire problem.
  113. 113. RealLinx implements QoS and CoS on both the Upstream and Downstream traffic to ensure Voice Quality</li></ul>Sound Quality<br /><ul><li>You will be amazed at the clarity of the calls
  114. 114. Many customers find that the sound of RealLinx VoIP is actually better than their “Old Traditional Service”
  115. 115. HD Voice is simply amazing—you may wonder if the person on the speaker phone is really somewhere else and not hiding in the room somewhere!</li></ul>Hardware<br /><ul><li>Polycom ® = Quality.
  116. 116. This is our primary unit for good reason. We know you will be happy!</li></li></ul><li>MailLinx™<br />Email<br />Access via Web, Email Client, & PDA<br /><ul><li>Access from ANYWHERE via the Web.
  117. 117. Access with Blackberry or other mobile cellular device
  118. 118. Use any POP3 or IMAP capable client such as Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.</li></ul>Huge Boxes: 2GB or 10GB<br /><ul><li>No need to delete old mail.
  119. 119. Store years worth of email (depending on usage).</li></ul>Ultimate Protection using Sophos <br /><ul><li>NO SPAM OR VIRUSES.
  120. 120. Enjoy “clean” email without the clutter of SPAM.
  121. 121. More details at</li></ul>Archiving for 365 days<br /><ul><li>Even if you delete your email, our Archiving will keep copies of all users' mail for up to 365 days.</li></ul>HIPPA, PCI Level 1, & SAS 70 Type II Compliance<br /><ul><li>That means our mail is safe, secure, and certified. </li></ul>Personal File Storage: <br /><ul><li>Your personal files stored online.
  122. 122. Great for Road Warriors.
  123. 123. Send links in your emails to the online files to share with associates and customers.</li></li></ul><li>MailLinx™<br />Calendar<br />Share Calendars<br /><ul><li>View another person’s calendar.
  124. 124. Let them view your calendar.
  125. 125. Multiple users can share calendars.</li></ul>Check availability of other users<br /><ul><li>See if other employees are available for a meeting (no need to share calendars to do this).</li></ul>Access your Calendar from either the Web or Outlook<br /><ul><li>Our system syncs your Outlook to your Webmail Calendar.
  126. 126. You can make changes on either interface and they are automatically applied to both places.</li></ul>No Exchange Server Needed<br /><ul><li>There is no need for an Exchange Server.
  127. 127. This is a completely hosted service.</li></li></ul><li>WebLinx™<br />Web & DNS Hosting…<br />Web, Database, and DNS Hosting<br />Platform: <br /><ul><li>PLESK Control Panel over Red Hat Linux</li></ul>Control & Interfaces:<br /><ul><li>Domain Manager
  128. 128. DNS Manager
  129. 129. Database Manager
  130. 130. Web Users
  131. 131. FTP Access
  132. 132. Reporting Tools
  133. 133. Much More!</li></ul>Security & Availability: <br /><ul><li>RACKSPACE ® Data Facility
  134. 134. Redundant BGP Access</li></li></ul><li>Choose RealLinx<br />Superior Service<br />Cost Savings<br />Single Provider responsible for all of your Communications Services.<br />