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Karl marx ppt


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karl marx ppt

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Karl marx ppt

  1. 1. Karl Marx ppt. BRYAN TRINH, PETER KIROV PERIOD 3
  2. 2. Who Karl Marx was a German Philosopher, economist, s ociologist, historian, journa list, and revolutionary socialist.
  3. 3. Who cont. Karl Marx was also known as the “father of communism.”
  4. 4. What  Marx developed a detailed explanation of the entire course of human events.
  5. 5. What cont. Profit equals to motivation which equals to incentive to improve. He made the Communist Manifesto.
  6. 6. Where Karl Marx was raised in Trier, Kingdom of Prussia, German Confederation
  7. 7. Where cont.
  8. 8. When He was born on 5 May 1818 He wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848
  9. 9. When cont.
  10. 10. Why Karl Marx became a leader because he didn’t like the way middle and working class were treated by the bourgeoisie.
  11. 11. Why cont. They had horrible work hours, Working conditions and very low pay. It was because the bourgeoisie wanted all the money for themselves.
  12. 12. How Marx explained how we would go from socialism, where people controlled businesses themselves with no government interference, to capitalism where the government controlled business
  13. 13. How cont. Since the bourgeoisie treated the people unfairly and the government would become corrupt which would lead people to go to communism where all people were equal. This was a failed version of history since it did not happen 