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China Mountain Trail


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  • Where is this??!!
    In some sense I think that these places should be preserved as much as possible, but it looks like it is already well established for chinese tourists.

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China Mountain Trail

  1. 1. Mountain Trail in China How far would you go for a cup of tea?
  2. 2. First take a cable car to the start of the trail
  3. 3. Here is the beginning of the stroll to find a cup of tea
  4. 4. Hold on tight to the chain. Have we far to go for a cup of tea?
  5. 5. I’m following the leader and I’m getting thirsty?
  6. 6. Oh dear, some people coming the other way
  7. 7. The trail now goes up. Oh for a cup of tea.
  8. 8. Up we go. Can you see the footholds?
  9. 9. Right now I‘m desperate for that cup of tea
  10. 10. At last the tea house – there in the distance