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Pacific Week of Agriculture 2017 Agritourism Workshop - Tilafono David Hunter "Samoa progress in agritourism strategy"


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In the context of the 1st Pacific Week of Agriculture (#PWA2017)
Port-Vila, Vanuatu, 18th October, 14h00-17h30
Melanesian Hotel, Room The Melanesian, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Organised by the Government of Vanuatu , PIPSO, SPTO, IFAD and CTA
Since 2014, CTA, PIPSO and key partners in the Pacific region have been highlighting the potential of tourism markets for local farmers and other value chain actors. A special focus is put into strengthening agritourism at the 1st Pacific Week of Agriculture organised by Vanuatu on 16-20th October 2017. In this context, PIPSO, SPTO, CTA, IFAD and other partners will organise:

A focused agritourism workshop to share lessons learned and take stock on progress made in serving tourism markets in selected countries to be held on 18th October (14:00-17:30).
A chefs training session. As part of joint SPTO/PIPSO/CTA efforts to promote food tourism in the Pacific region, support Pacific cuisine branding and enhance local chef’s skills in sourcing locally, we will also organise a two day chefs training on 19-20th October 2017.

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Pacific Week of Agriculture 2017 Agritourism Workshop - Tilafono David Hunter "Samoa progress in agritourism strategy"

  1. 1. Agritourism Policy Framework SAMOA
  2. 2. National Policy Context SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS STRATEGY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF SAMOA 2016 - 2020 “Accelerating Sustainable Development & Broadening Opportunities for All” Priority Area 1. Economic Key Outcome 1: Macroeconomic Resilience Increased and Sustained Key Outcome 2: Agriculture and Fisheries Productivity Increased Key Outcome 3: Export Products Increased Key Outcome 4: Tourism Development and Performance Improved Key Outcome 5: Participation of Private Sector in Development Enhanced SECTOR PLANS  Samoa Tourism Sector Plan 2014 – 2019  Agriculture Sector Plan 2016 – 2020  Trade, Commerce & Manufacturing Sector Plan 2012 – 2016
  3. 3. National Policy Context Strategy for the Development of Samoa 2016 - 2020 Agriculture Sector Plan (ASP) 2016 - 2020 Strategic Policy Objective:  To enhance private sector capacity in improving production, productivity, quality, value adding and marketing. • Increased value share of agriculture and fisheries products used by tourism, commerce and manufacturing sectors • Increase value of niche quality certified products • Strengthen producer groups and farmer organisations Samoa Tourism Sector Plan (STSP) 2014 - 2019 Overarching Strategy:  To support product improvements and new product development to meet market expectations An integrated approach aimed at: • enhancing the quality and reliability from primary producers • increased market awareness of local produce food and beverage opportunities • skills/menu enhancement for local businesses operators
  4. 4. Institutional Structure Cabinet Development Committee Tourism Sector Board of DirectorsAg Sector Steering Committee Agritourism Coordination Taskforce (ACT) Samoa Tourism Authority, Samoa Culinary Association, WIBDI, SAME, Farmers Associations (Chairperson), MCIL, SROS, SBEC and MAF (Secretariat) Results & Outcomes: • Meetings will gauge the achievement of the desired results in the establishment and improvement of agritourism products and services • Performance of agritourism activities will be evaluated using KPIs of agritourism projects, as well as the relevant targets and KPIs of the SDS 2016-2020, ASP 2016- 2020 and STSP 2014-2019 Policy Level Implementation Level