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Brussels Briefing n. 55: Erik Árokszállási "Blockchain applications in food safety"


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The Brussels Development Briefing n. 55 on "Opportunities of blockchain for agriculture" organised by CTA, the European Commission/EuropeAid, the ACP Secretariat, Concord and BMZ was held on 15th May 2019 (9h00-13h00) at the ACP Secretariat, Avenue Georges Henri 451, 1200 Brussels, Room C.

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Brussels Briefing n. 55: Erik Árokszállási "Blockchain applications in food safety"

  1. 1. An easy-to-implement solution by TE-FOOD How blockchain technology can help to control an animal epidemic issue?
  2. 2. TE-FOOD INTERNATIONAL GMBH • Erik Arokszallasi CEO • 25 years IT and 4 years traceability experience • 2.5 years blockchain experience • Representations in 16 countries
  3. 3. Issues to be solved • No clear picture about farms and livestock • Missing continous and transparent information flow about death cases • Missing interoperability • Within animal sector • Between authorities and industry • Domestic • International • Missing biosecurity knowledge on farm and authority side • Missing global protocols about needed actions and information flow • Fair compensation rules
  4. 4. Authorities Compensation tracking and prevent frauds Food Supply shoratges Realtime monitoring and statistics Preictions and trends Movement and intervention controls Communication and education
  5. 5. Agricultural organizations How to get fair compensation right time? Whiat to do after epidemic? How to protect animals? Preictions and trends Tracking intervention controls To be informed
  6. 6. Supply Chain and Consumer community Don’t panic Is it safe to eat? To be informed Expensive food
  7. 7. Data collection modules • Farm registration (mobile and web) • Livestock report (mobile and web) • Death report (mobile and web) • In-farm traceability (feeding, vaccination, chemcical material, etc) control • Traceability/movement (full supply chain) control • Intervention (culling, cleaning, etc) control Compensation module • Clearing and settlement • Tracking payments Farm to table food traceability and built-in Livestock and Epidemic Control Module Education • Biosecurity education for farms and authorities • How to proceed? Communication • News and messages for farm and authorities Reports and statistics • Big data analyses, daily, weekly, monthly reports AI based Trend analyses • Predictions (direction, speed, economical impacts)
  8. 8. Why blockchain? • Unmodifiable • Livestock data from farms and authorities • Death cases data from farms and authorities • Intervention rules and protocols • Compensation tracking • Transparent • Data and events • Protocols, represented in smart conracts • Compensation rules, represented in smart conracts • Decentralized within satekholder structure
  9. 9. • Public permissioned blockchain • Supernodes, masternodes • The FoodChain is one of the Top 10 blockchains by daily activity Source: • Built on
  10. 10. Use case in Vietnam • Contract with GSO and MARD • Focusing on ASF • Project launched in May 2019 • Pilot in 2 Provinces • Roll out in 2019 • Involved Veterinary Department
  11. 11. Techniology is not the solution, but it can be a part of it. Additional requirements • Motivation • Education • Regulation • Public communication • Authority involvement • Lab test integration
  12. 12. 6000 Supply chain companies trust us 400 000 Transactions daily 10 000 Users trained Thank you!