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Brussels Briefing 53: Akin Sawyerr '' Connecting production to growing markets in value added agri-food chains ''


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The Brussels Policy Briefing n. 53 on ”The next generation of farmers: successes and new opportunities” took place on 20th November 2018 (ACP Secretariat). It was co-organised by CTA, the European Commission (DG Devco and DG Agri), the ACP Secretariat and CONCORD.

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Brussels Briefing 53: Akin Sawyerr '' Connecting production to growing markets in value added agri-food chains ''

  1. 1. AFGEAN MISSION AFGEAN aims to make horticulture sustainable and an income generating sub-sector for the Nigerian farmer by continuing to challenge the norms and in-so-doing improving horticulture practices in Nigeria The future for AFGEAN is to be a private standard body for Fresh Produce regulation backed by law and recognised by government food standards agencies globally.
  2. 2. AFGEAN AFGEAN current focus includes : • Lobbying and advocacy for govt. policy and strategy development • Private –public partnership in order to create dialogue and foster investment in the horticulture sector • Market information collection and data dissemination in order for the sector stakeholders to be able to make informed decisions • Organizing, supporting business fora and events impacting horticultural activities i.e. Farmers’ market development. • Development of standards for the sector to contribute towards the overall regulatory and statutory frame work • Informing and Training stakeholders in both production and marketing – facilitating capacity building for stakeholders • Partnership with Research and Development organizations
  3. 3. Agriculture Minister’s Visit to
  4. 4. AFGEAN AFGEAN was set up in 2011. • AFGEAN (Agricultural Fresh Produce Growers and Exporters Association of Nigeria) • Not – For – Profit , Non- Governmental organization • Focus on promoting investment in the horticulture sector. • Membership is open to fruit and vegetable exporting and non- exporting companies, service providers and farmer organizations.
  5. 5. AFGEAN THREE key initiatives to provide and enable easier access to market in 2018. a. Set up a on-line group of all members of the value chain to enable FREE TRADE discussions and transactions. b. Set up of AFGEAN FARMERS MARKETS across Lagos c. Set up of detailed plan to create a methodology for physical produce movement from Farm to Market and simultaneous payment flow from Market to Farm.
  6. 6. ON LINE group of ALL value chain partcipants to enable FREE TRADE discussions and transactions. Core group of 300 participants of Agric. Consultants, Input providers, Farmers/ Prospective farmers, Insurers, Transporters, Bankers, Private Equity funders, Caterers, Food Processors, Packagers, On- Line platforms, Supermarkets, Diaspora Groups, Standards organisations, Buyers, Pricing companies, Farm Mechanisation firms, NGO’s, Govt. agencies. Tenets are; a) Free sharing of information. b) Discipline. c) Value chain approach.
  7. 7. Set up of POP UP Farmers Markets I. Set up vendor space agreement with supermarkets to enable farms to sell directly to customers. II. Outdoor space of Supermarkets in high brow areas of Lagos. III. Participation is major events where target customers would attend. IV. Promotion of each event using multimedia methods. V. Sharing services and produce across locations. VI. Provision of infrastructure – tables, scales, cold boxes, payment platform, canopies. VII. OUTCOMES – Market Days, Sales, no of Vendors
  8. 8. AFGEAN-Some Farmers Market Initiatives
  9. 9. Supply chain project Leveraging of existing infrastructure and inputs to create a seamless value chain and compelling supply chain of Farm Food from Rural North to Urban South. • NIGERIA Over 200 internal daily flights across and 000’s of vehicular movements, quality packaging available. • Over 50 % of fruits and vegetables produced annually wasted between Farms and Consumer. (less than 1% is exported). • Post-harvest management : (grading, packing, storage and transport/cold- chain) post-harvest losses, production surpluses, and improve produce shelf life and quality, standardise. • Develop Aggregation centres in rural farm areas, and Distribution Centres at urban centres. • Deliver produce to origin ariports/motorparks, sweep Airport and DC’s using a precision service
  10. 10. AFGEAN
  11. 11. AFGEAN
  12. 12. Thank you