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2nd Pacific Agribusiness Forum: Robert Oliver "Chefs for Development"


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Promoting regional trade and agribusiness development in the Pacific :

"Linking the agrifood sector to the local markets for economic growth and improved food and nutrition security"
Organised by PIPSO, CTA, IFAD, SPC and SPTO
Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, Apia, Samoa, 29th August -1st September 2016

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2nd Pacific Agribusiness Forum: Robert Oliver "Chefs for Development"

  1. 1. “Chefs for Development” Robert Oliver, Chef, New Zealand
  2. 2. Robert Oliver Enterprises LLC
  3. 3. Philosophy “ Where the cuisine goes, the agriculture follows” When many of us think about the South Pacific, the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean, we think romantically of sparking islands with swaying palms; perfect jewels in turquoise blue oceans. This is where we go to unwind, to experience natural perfection. All three regions are comprised of islands whose chief industry is tourism. Chefs play a significant role in these islands. It is the chefs who decide whether the menus are locally supplied, thereby supporting local farmers, or based on imported products, sending valuable prosperity offshore.
  4. 4. Mission • Share lessons learned • Share recipes • Share information on resources and possible partnerships with development agencies and governments • Links to relevant global cuisine initiatives and movements • Showcase chefs who are pioneering the development approach • Profile local cuisine heroes • Profile farmer heroes • Detail specific information about local crops • A calendar of regional food festivals • Opportunities for culinary training • Create a link within the website for contributors • Link to current relevant media • Links to relevant social media Overall- the website is to be developed and promoted as a a community portal and storytelling portal specifically for chefs in the “ development” zones: the Pacific, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. The site should dynamic, conversational, topical, and informative and be a on-going repository for chefs across the regions and the world.
  5. 5. Recipes
  6. 6. Chefs Associations • No regional entity • Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa • Channels to chefs • Channel creativity • Pacific versions could include farmers • What do they need? association Robert Oliver Enterprises LLC
  7. 7. Glossary Robert Oliver Enterprises LLC
  8. 8. Rainal Sahai, Fiji Robert Oliver Enterprises LLC
  9. 9. Chefs Profiles Samoa, Fiji, Haiti, Barbados and more
  10. 10. Dora Rossi, Samoa
  11. 11. Shailesh Naidu, Fiji
  12. 12. Jesse Lee, Samoa
  13. 13. What do they have in common? • Local cuisine advocates • Vested in their communities and countries • See it as more than just a job • Awareness of the power of cuisine • Don’t seek the limelight Robert Oliver Enterprises LLC
  14. 14. • Celebration of culture- soul food • How we build relationships, offer love, share • An expression of earth and sea around us • Indigenous cuisine is the key to good health • Destination brand • Mai na koro • The hottest thing on TV right now Cuisine is not just FOOD
  15. 15. The Story of the food is the story of the People
  16. 16. “To us - food mediates relationships, facilitates health, celebrates life and its achievements, defines identity, identifies culture and links us closely to the earth that gave birth to us. Therefore to offer our cuisine to the tourists –who are visitors to our land makes our hospitality to them more whole. In the modern world it of course includes the stimulation of our economy as more of tourists’ money is channelled to local farmers, local transporters, and local food processors” Suliana Siwatibau, organic farmer, icon.
  17. 17. Next Steps • Traditional cultural information from all 3 regions on dishes and crops is gathered • Stories and content from the Caribbean and Indian Ocean is developed • A youtube channel or the like is created and populated to include recipes and stories from hero chefs and farmers • More discussion re: community forum structure and capacity. This could also be used to gather pertinent survey information for CTA
  18. 18. Books and television media “ Entertain to Educate”
  19. 19. Real Pasifik