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2nd Pacific Agribusiness Forum: Howard Politini "Financial Institutions & Workable Solutions"


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Promoting regional trade and agribusiness development in the Pacific :

"Linking the agrifood sector to the local markets for economic growth and improved food and nutrition security"
Organised by PIPSO, CTA, IFAD, SPC and SPTO
Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, Apia, Samoa, 29th August -1st September 2016

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2nd Pacific Agribusiness Forum: Howard Politini "Financial Institutions & Workable Solutions"

  1. 1. “Financial Institutions & Workable Solutions” Howard Politini, PIPSO Chairperson
  2. 2. Financial Institutions & Workable Solutions A Fiji Model Project in High Value Agriculture Nadarivatu HVA
  3. 3. Partnership of Stakeholders  Ministry of Agriculture  iTaukei Lands Trust Board  Provincial Administration  IFAD  PCDF NGO  Bank South Pacific BSP
  4. 4. Project Scope & Objective… Participation of 230 individual subsistence village based farmers Increase the productivity of 230 village based farmers by 20%...High Value Agriculture Products High End Market segment…Hotels Supermarkets…
  5. 5. Stakeholder Roles  Indigenous landowners- subsistence farmers  Government  IFAD  PCDF  Bank  Resource Owners  Facilitation of technical assistance  Project Financer Sponsor $US.5m/$1mFJD  Project Management Capacity Building & Marketing  Small loans for individual farmers
  6. 6. Challenges…  Subsistence mind-sets to Agri-Business mentality…Productivity equals Profits  Capacity Gaps…Attitudes and Behaviours  Disciplines…planning and scheduling…daily disciplines…seed growing to harvesting...micro tasks management  Understanding the fail factors and why
  7. 7. Opportunities..  Asset value of their customary land has enormous potential to improve standard of living and quality of life in the remote rural location  Subsistence farming a tradition … a wealth of traditional and basic knowledge of the land and traditional crop management  Greater returns for their labour, perseverance and diligence…  Traditional family structures a strengthened collaboration and team dynamics…  Progress inspiration…success inspires…  Challenges are corporate …  Financial literacy not rocket science…  Building banking relationship…
  8. 8. BANK COMMITMENT 1. Commercial Banks required to lend 4% of its deposit base to Agriculture 2. Agriculture is a high risk credit 3. Development Bank more relevant for start ups… 4. Microfinance commitments a developing segment to establish and grow agri- business 5. Commit…Connect…Engage 1.? 2.Project plan = Business Plan 3.Flex & Roll with the punches…
  9. 9. “ ” Then came Winston… Risk Reality of agriculture….
  10. 10. jjj Then out came the spirit and character of traditional resilience to pick up the pieces…