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KnowledgeFlow - knowledge management and e-learning combined


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KnowledgeFlow maximizes the impact of your organizational knowledge with a suite of smart online and mobile tools. It can function as a sales tool, but also helps operators doing their job on the floor.

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KnowledgeFlow - knowledge management and e-learning combined

  1. 1. Grow the impact of organizational knowledge through an online and cross-device platform for knowledge management and e-learning Use cases from sales support to process management
  2. 2. 1. Sheets are divided into those aspects of products that are most useful to key processes 2. Structuring proved key for re-use and usability
  3. 3. 1. Questions are gathered bottom up 2. Creates an actual view on the need for knowledge 3. Experts answer these questions by linking them to the appropriate product sheets
  4. 4. Realtime overview of knowledge adoption within the organization Spot experts and view blind spots Different views: organization as a whole, sub-levels and individual Set and track personal goals for staff Realtime Knowledge Inventory
  5. 5. AVEVE uses KnowledgeFlow to give retail employees all knowledge needed to answer any question a customer may ask them Friesland Campina uses KnowledgeFlow to assist and teach operators to perform complex procedures on their production lines
  6. 6. Future Proof • Speak to other systems thanks to our API • Structuring knowledge and information in our platform makes them ready for applications like VR, Augmented Reality, chatbots, robots,… • > These need structured information • KnowledgeFlow can serve as a hub to serve different existing and future systems.
  7. 7. KF HUB Mobile APP VR shop In-store kiosk CMS Product database ERP systeem Helpdesk Webshop Site Chatbot Information hub
  8. 8. Contact us for more information