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Sales Od Solution Brief Work Smarter Sell Better Win More (En)1


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Salespeople know that success today isn’t
solely about following top-down processes. It’s
also about being more effective and smarter
than the competition in a rapidly changing,
hypercompetitive world. Deals are won by salespeople
who are better informed, collaborate
effectively with other experts, and consistently
uncover and deliver on their customers’ needs.

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Sales Od Solution Brief Work Smarter Sell Better Win More (En)1

  1. 1. SAP Sales OnDemandWork Smarter. Sell Better. Win More.A Solution Designed for the Way You SellToday – Anytime, AnywhereSalespeople know that success today isn’t How to Grow Revenuesolely about following top-down processes. It’s It’s no secret that increasing revenues is a top sales priorityalso about being more effective – and smarter (see Figure 1). But how do you get there? Simply put, to improvethan the competition – in a rapidly changing, revenues, salespeople need to serve customers better. Accord-hypercompetitive world. Deals are won by sales- ing to a survey conducted in the April 2010 report “Technologypeople who are better informed, collaborate Buyer Insight Study: Are Salespeople Prepared For Executive Conversations?” Forrester Research Inc. found that 62% of sales- ,effectively with other experts, and consistently people don’t fully understand how to help their customers, anduncover and deliver on their customers’ needs. 85% of meetings with salespeople do not meet customerThe SAP® Sales OnDemand solution can help. expectations.
  2. 2. Top Business Objectives for Sales1 Increase revenues Increase sales effectiveness Increase market share Optimize lead generationImprove customer loyalty and satisfaction Improve margins Reduce sell cycle time Increase channel sales Improve team selling Reduce sales administrative burden Improve communications Decrease discounting Other 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 % of survey respondentsWhat You Need to Win Perform at Your BestTo drive revenues and engage effectively with prospects, sales- SAP Sales OnDemand provides smart, sales-centric functionalitypeople need solutions that help them be fully informed anytime, to bring contextual conversations and insight to you in real timeanywhere. You need to find information quickly – on the road or to make your job easier. You can collaborate and communicatein the office – and effortlessly connect with the right colleagues with the people you need and even get tips and best practiceswho can help you engage with your customers better. You have from top performers. The solution helps you stay informed aboutto respond with agility to customer demands and breaking oppor- the things you care about most to help you win, while automati-tunities. You need relevant references and fresh industry reports. cally filtering out unwanted noise. At any time, in any place, youYou need to know the status of your customer’s latest quotations can update your accounts in seconds, instantly keep your teamand orders. You need to leverage your sales network to get the up-to-date, and manage activities efficiently.inside story on your customers and prospects. You need forecastupdates and the best presentation materials tailored to the inter- Designed for Ease of Useests of the customers you’re meeting. And you need it all now. Built for salespeople with today’s intuitive social networking concepts and collaboration delivered in a sales context, SAPDesigned from the ground up with the salesperson at center Sales OnDemand delivers an easy-to-use and friendly userstage, SAP Sales OnDemand provides the modern solution you experience. With SAP Sales OnDemand, the information youneed to succeed in today’s dynamic selling environment. SAP need is readily accessible and available at a glance, and it helpsSales OnDemand provides you – the salesperson – with an you plan and prepare more effectively and efficiently. You caninnovative approach that helps you easily manage the real-life quickly and easily search for people and automatically receivedemands of your job today. Built-in, intuitive social media con- real-time data and message feeds that you care about. Youcepts within the context of selling, along with collaborative net- can tag and flag information for fast future reference and useworking functionality, gives you the capability to easily find shortcuts to complete tasks quickly.answers, solve problems, and win more deals.1. CSO Insights’ 2010 Sales Performance Optimization study
  3. 3. Deals are won by salespeople who are better informed, collaborate effectively with other experts, and consistently uncover and deliver on their customers’ needs.Productivity and Mobility Insights, Collaboration, Agility, ImpactSAP Sales OnDemand keeps you connected with people and infor-mation you need while you’re on the road. Support for mobile SAP Sales OnDemand is a complete, modern solution for thedevices lets you connect with your sales network and manage way you sell today. Now you can access customer and marketa range of activities. The solution supports the Apple iPad, Apple insights that enable you to do more – more quickly. Harness theiPhone, and a range of RIM BlackBerry devices. It also integrates collective genius of the enterprise by collaborating in context.with the latest version of Microsoft Outlook to facilitate mobile Move with speed and agility to access customer informationcontact and appointment management. anywhere, anytime. And deliver the right customer impact every time. SAP Sales OnDemand is available via a subscription pric-Modern Collaboration ing model with no up-front capital investments.SAP Sales OnDemand enables instant, efficient collaborationwith your team members and extended sales community. You SAP Gives You a JUMP-STARTcan crowd-source ideas, share sales best practices and relevantinformation within the context of specific accounts and oppor- SAP Sales OnDemand is designed to deliver compelling valuetunities, and plan and prepare for meetings and presentations to your entire sales team. You can leverage SAP’s experienceon the go. to support the successful delivery of SAP Sales OnDemand and take advantage of best practices in numerous ways.Efficient Account ManagementEasily accessible sales automation functionality lets you quickly On-Demand Servicesand effectively manage your accounts. You can work with col- With SAP Sales OnDemand, you will be up and running in noleagues on important documents, tap into intelligence on the time. For those in need of assistance, we offer the followingcompetition, and access product and pricing information. With delivery services.SAP Sales OnDemand, you can keep tabs on opportunity andaccount performance to sell better while providing your man- Customer onboarding – Our customer onboarding serviceagers the transparency they need. includes a dedicated customer success manager, scope valida- tion and solution mapping, setup and configuration, and pre-Up-to-Date, Actionable Insight defined templates to load key master data. This way, you canWith SAP Sales OnDemand, you get contextual, real-time cus- begin using SAP Sales OnDemand in a matter of days. End-usertomer information and sales insight to help you make decisions training is easy and concise.quickly – and beat the competition to the punch. You can viewsales information with preset dashboards; use embedded reports Value-added services – You can tailor the solution to meetto track sales cycles, wins and losses, and revenue trends; and your specific needs. Optional services can be leveraged to helpcreate configurable reports based on your specific needs. with data cleansing, creation of your business-specific reports, queries, dashboards, and the setup of mobile users.Complete Customer ViewIntegrated with your organization’s SAP ERP application, SAP Ongoing support and services – Help desk and functionalSales OnDemand provides no-hassle access to enterprise data, support are provided to help your users get questions answeredfrom quotes and sales orders to shipment dates and invoices. quickly.This way, you get up-to-the-minute information from your back-office systems without wasting time hunting for it – and the solu- Get Startedtion leverages your company’s existing IT investment. To find out more about SAP Sales OnDemand and how it can help increase your sales effectiveness and revenues, call your SAP representative today or visit us on the Web at
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