ITIL involvement in itil processes


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ITIL involvement in itil processes

  1. 1. 1Cross-functional Processes Qantas and TCS Confidential
  2. 2. Cross-Functional ProcessesFramework 2 Service Support Release Management Change Management Problem Management Configuration Management Incident Management Capacity Management Service Level Management IT Service IBMA Continuity Management Service Desk Availability Management Service Delivery Security Management Qantas and TCS Confidential
  3. 3. Service Support Functions 3 CMR Forum Qantas and TCS Confidential
  4. 4. Cross-functional Processes:Quality Control Activities 4 Quality Control activities BenefitsIncident Management Incident Management All tickets are handled through Improved Monitoring, allowing performance IBMA Service Desk against SLAs to be measured accurately Acknowledge the Incident tickets Quick turnaround time Incident closure on service A consistent approach in handling incidents Restoration Contact customer upon restorationProblem Management Problem Management Trend Analysis Improved IT Service Quality Perform RCA Permanent Solutions Provide long term fix Incident Volume reduction Contact Customer upon resolution Improved Customer SatisfactionChange Management Change Management Record all Changes (CR) in SMT Increased visibility & communication on Plan the changes: FSC changes Prioritise the changes: CAB Improved risk assessment Greater ability to handle changes into production Qantas and TCS Confidential
  5. 5. Cross-functional Processes:Quality Control Activities Contd… 5 Quality Control activities BenefitsRelease Management Release Management Plan the Release – FSR Minimal service disruption to Business Build & configure release - Package Optimal usage of Business time in Test the components & certify testing, training etc. Obtain CR approval in CRM Better cost efficiency Release the components into Prod Effective roll-out & roll-back strategiesCapacity Management Capacity Management Assess service capacity needs Increased efficiency & Cost savings Measure Capacity utilisation – CMR Improved stability & Reduced Risks Monitor system Performances More confident forecast Optimise the capacity consumption Measure the effectiveness of the system Qantas and TCS Confidential
  6. 6. Cross-functional Processes:Quality Control Activities Contd… 6 Quality Control activities BenefitsService Level Management Service Level Management Maintain Service Level Catalogue Improved Services & system stability Ensure resource availability Commitment to perform Timely update of Ticket status in SMT High Business User satisfaction Timely publication of SLM reports Constantly monitor the IT Service quality IT Service Continuity Management IT Service Continuity Management Contingency plans – disaster/failure Increased availability of the Applications Testing of IT SCM plan Improved Risk assessment Participate in QF DR exercise Qantas and TCS Confidential
  7. 7. Cross-functional Processes:Quality Control Activities Contd… 7 Quality Control activities BenefitsService Requests (RFS) Service Requests Tracking of all Requests – RFS Tool E2E visibility of Service Requests Timely response to requests Faster turnaround time Ensure resource availability High Business User satisfactionAvailability Management Availability Management Ensure resource availability Increased application availability Bring-up resources with Business Improved stability & Reduced Risks approval Qantas and TCS Confidential
  8. 8. Operational Stability Measures 8 Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Report is Performed for all Severity tickets Submitted within 24hrs for all Sev-1 Permanent fixes are tracked to closure Update Document of Understanding (DoU) Process compliance is ensured Incident & Problem Trend Analysis Trending analysis done on monthly basis Major contributors are identified Effective Defect Prevention Process Liaise with Third parties to correct bad feeds, job/data contentions etc. Performance improvement opportunities identified Fed into VEP and tracked to closure Qantas and TCS Confidential
  9. 9. Governance Framework 9 IT Management Monthly CIO Meeting Quarterly CIO Meeting CommitteeExecutive Mgt Tier Semi-Annual Forum Quarterly ForumsMgt TierTactical Commercial Security Mgt Monthly MS ITSCM Service Control RFS & Projects Review Forum Operational Forum Forum Services Review (Monthly) (Monthly) Governance (Monthly) (Monthly) (Monthly) Operational Management Tier Operational Security CAB Service Request Commercial Delivery Weekly Ops Capacity Enterprise Review Groups Review Meeting Governance ITSCM Mgt Forum & Satellite SRRG (Weekly) (Fortnightly) (Wkly) Meeting Governance Supply & (Fortnightly) Forum Demand RFS Validation (Fortnightly) (Monthly) Change Meeting Billing & Invoice Weekly Operations Review (Twice Weekly) Review Review Meeting Meeting (Monthly) CRM RFS Delivery (Weekly) (Fortnightly) Daily Operations Review Meeting SLA Management RFS Implementation Forums (Monthly) Meeting (Weekly) Qantas and TCS Confidential