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Sap pm ip20_assign_cat_to_grp


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Step-by-step guide to add a Maintenance plan category to a Number range group

Published in: Technology
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Sap pm ip20_assign_cat_to_grp

  1. 1. Assign Maitenance plan category to a Number range group Access tcode IP20 and click at
  2. 2. At this screen you’ll have the Maitenance plan categories and also you’ll see if they are assigned or not to a Number range group In this example you can see that all categories are not assigned to any Number range group.
  3. 3. To assign a Maintenance plan category to a Number range group you must follow the steps below: 2nd step: Select the Number range group you want to assign the category to. 3rd step: Click on the Element/Group assignment button 1st step: Double right click over the category you want to assign to a group.
  4. 4. 4th step: After your maintenance plan category is assigned to a number range group you must click on “SAVE” button. After saving you’ll receive a system message regarding the transport logic of the Number range groups and assignments.