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Hawk eye 1st-presentation


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How Hawk eye works. Case of Technology + Sport

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Hawk eye 1st-presentation

  2. 2. DESCRIPTION It is a vision processing system that uses the images from five or six cameras placed around and high above the court to triangulate the ball's flight and build up a 3D (picture) of its position through the rally.  The cameras record the action at 60 frames a second, about double the speed of standard commercial TV. 
  3. 3. DESCRIPTION It is "four-dimensional" technology, adding time to the triangulation that places the ball in space.  Millimeters precision.  It can measure the skid and the distortion of the ball. 
  4. 4. Ball includes a chip inside  Magnetic Camp COMPETING TECHNOLOGY 1) Goal-Ref Advantages: Instant notification the balloon carries a compact electronic coil Magnetic camp Referee Magnetic camp register Disadvantages: Expensive ball integration Equipment can be damage Specific use
  5. 5. COMPETING TECHNOLOGY 2) SlowMotion Advantages: Real clear-cutimages Lessexpensive Disadvantages: Camera tracking Not possible Not precise – High error Slow notification No image analisys
  6. 6. COMPETING TECHNOLOGY 3) Pitch Vision Advantages: Portable Lessexpensive than slow motion Lots of info available length bounce deviation… Disadvantages: Not precise – High error Specific use Uses special carpet
  7. 7. COMPANYBACKGROUND Hawk-Eye Innovations Tennis Example 
  8. 8. COMPANYBACKGROUND Hawk-Eye Innovations      Since 1999, the company has grown so quickly creating a brand instantly recognizable across sports around the globe. after 3 years of research and development, in 2001 HawkEye is first used in tennis. In 2007 agrees a contract with the English Premier League to develop a goal-line technology for football. The same year the World Cricket Committee announce Hawk-Eye will be used in trials to determine a new decision review system.
  9. 9. COMPANYBACKGROUND Hawk-Eye Innovations     In 2008, thanks to tennis official review system, became involved in the Beijing Olympic Games. In 2011 Sony acquires Hawk-Eye as a flagship brand within its sports business. This month, the company gains official authorizations from FIFA to install their goal-line soccer technology systems worldwide.
  10. 10. WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS TECHNOLOGY? No more ghosts goals  No more unfair decisions  Referees can be wrong   Not recommended for sports like basketball
  11. 11. MORE FACTS Velocity  Powerful  Direction  Position  Extra Information 
  12. 12. TECHNOLOGY AWARDS AND HONOURS Two BAFTAS (British Academy of Film and Television Arts)  One Emmy  One Logie (Australian TV industry Awards)  Three Royal Television Society Awards  Recognition as Best Technology by the British Computer Society. 