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botanical extract nootropic

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. NOOMATO
  2. 2. the idea ❖ the fear response has evolved to be a protective reaction to a life threatening situation ❖ stress inducing situation or extreme physical activity are linked to survival instincts such as predator avoidance ❖ the up-regulation of a specific neurotrasmitting molecule is the key hypothesis behind our idea ❖ finding the correct botanical extract to improve the cognitive ability is the results of years of our specific research & development program
  3. 3. the core values ❖ our research team at Nottingham University has identified the protein involved in the fear/anxiety response ❖ the stable up-regulation of this neuroligin is linked to maintain survival at the expense of more abstract cognitive processing ❖ stress-full situations or extreme physical activity reduce some of the abstract cognitive abilities
  4. 4. products ❖ we have completed a number of laboratory studies and full double blind, placebo controlled human clinical trials ❖ subjects showed a marked improved in abstract cognitive abilities (better visual detection, better detection speed, precision) when treated with Noomato
  5. 5. pipeline ❖ Noomato is extracted by a special, non GM, cultivar of tomato, a common plant of know safety. ❖ The photo on the right shows Prof. G. Seymour, research group leader, who after long years of studies, selected the proper cultivar ❖ Noomato is patent protected PREVIOUS POST This Sexy Ad Campaign Wants To Get You To The Farmers Market ∠ Stop Listing “Evapo In Your Ingr Professor Graham Seymour in the School of Biosciences at The University of Nottingham. Courtesy of The University of Nottingham Scientists Discover the Gene That Makes Tomatoes Squishy By Andrew Amelinckx on July 25, 2016# $ + &
  6. 6. applications ❖ Performance in an endurance competition is half in the mind. Sports, of different kinds are a key target area ❖ Millenials, workaholics, e-gamers are another great target market ❖ Service personnel, working in stressfull conditions (E&R, Fire Departments, Police and Army) understand and study the need of cognitive supplements ❖ Students as well as older generations, all look to improve cognitive skill functions under stress
  7. 7. market ❖ the market for safe botanical cognitive supplement, also know as nootropic is growing worldwide ❖ cognitive health is the new trend topic and is popular from Millenials to the Silver Age ❖ new markets, like e-sports are interested in innovative supplements and are booming in attendance The Mental Tricks of Athletic Endurance - WSJ For the Slovenian cross-country skier Petra Majdič, the unlikely key to Olympic glory was misdiagnosis. While warming up for her first race at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Ms. Majdič skidded off an icy corner and fell more than 10 feet into a rocky creek bed. She dragged herself to an on- site medical tent for an ultrasound. “I don’t know,” the doctor said, “but it looks like everything is OK.” Sure, she was in excruciating pain that made her shriek every time she exhaled. But the pain, she believed, was just in her head. As long as nothing was broken, her decision was clear. “Can I go?” she asked. The doctor said yes. Later that evening, after gritting her teeth through a qualifying race, a quarterfinal, a semifinal and a final where she fought to an improbable bronze medal in the classic sprint, she finally went to the hospital—where she was diagnosed, correctly this time, with four broken ribs. The stabbing pain she’d felt during the semifinal? That was one of the broken ribs puncturing her lung, which then collapsed. She missed the rest of the Games and was in the hospital for nearly a week. DOW JONES, A NEWS CORP COMPANY DJIA 25520.96 -2.54% ▼ S&P 500 2762.13 -2.12% ▼ Nasdaq 7240.95 -1.96% ▼ U.S. 10 Yr 0/32 Yield This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. To order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clien IDEAS THE SATURDAYESSAY The Mental Tricks of Athletic Endurance New research suggests that even weekend athletes can dramatically extend their physical and psychological limits | ILLUSTRATION: ANDY POTTS Feb. 2, 2018 10:04 a.m. ET By Alex Hutchinson US Army testing krill oil for warfighters’ cognitive performance FREE NEWSLETTER Breaking News on Supplements, Health & Nutrition - N NEWS TRENDS MULTIMEDIA HEALTH INGREDIENTS EVENTS JOBS Text size Print Forward 5 Post a comment NEWS > RESEARCH US Army testing krill oil for warfighters’ cognitive performance By Stephen Daniells+ 13-Sep-2016 Last updated on 13-Sep-2016 at 15:31 GMT Related tags: Ranger School, RRIPP-3, Warfighters, Omega-3s, Krill oil, US Army, Cognition A new study will determine if omega-3 supplementation can improve cognitive processes in high-performing warfighters. The Ranger Resilience and Improved Performance on phospholipid bound Omega-3s (RRIPP-3) study will be conducted by the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), and will include second Follow @ Follow MOST POP 1 FDA ingre 2 Spiru healt 3 Focu 'new prop 4 Mark gut h 5 Harv med © iStock / Anatoly Vartanov© iStock / Anatoly Vartanov 2.LikeLike September new dietary supplements: Nootropics and more FREE NEWSLETTE Breaking News on Supplements, Health & Nutritio NEWS TRENDS MULTIMEDIA HEALTH INGREDIENTS EVENTS JOBS Text size Print Forward 1 Post a comment September new dietary supplements: A brain game Mind Lab Pro: Nootropic with mushroom, herbs, Cognizin, and Sharp-PS Green Mannatech markets its ‘back-to- school’ glyconutritional supplement Ambrotose Limited Labs’ nootropic combo targets students, professionals, and fitness crowd A protein shake to help you snooze by Healthy Skoop Youwiin Sports Nutrition launches ‘all- in-one’ pre- and post- workout series ‘PR’ Shaklee launches new personalized digital health assessment tool Healthprint Immunum: Chewable, immunity- enhancing tablets by Valensa NEWS > MANUFACTURERS New product launches in September: Nootropics and more By Adi Menayang 13-Sep-2016 Last updated on 13-Sep-2016 at 17:13 GMT Whether to help users feel focused and energized, relaxed, or even fall asleep, there were a slew of nootropic and other cognitive performance boosting supplements launched in the past month, showing increased consumer interest in these products. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ... 11 Foll Fo ALL G MOST 1 2 3 4 5 LikeLike 15.07.17, 08)41Botanicals are best selling category of supplements Breaking News on Supplements, Health & Nutrition - North America Data show botanicals are best selling category of supplements By Hank Schultz, 14-Jul-2017 Related topics: Antioxidants/carotenoids, Botanicals & Herbals, Cancer risk reduction, Cardiovascular health, Blood sugar management, Immune support, Healthy aging, Inflammation, Markets, NY Attorney General actions, Supply Chain Management, GMPs, QA & QC, Financial focus The botanicals sector is thriving, in part because it is hooking onto broader trends in the culture. That’s the message that audience members received during a webinar yesterday. The session, titled Current Issues in the Botanicals Marketplace, featured Mark Blumenthal, founder of the American Botanical Council, Michael McGuffin, president of the American Herbal Products Association, and industry consultants Marc Brush and Steven Dentali, PhD. The session was part of NutraIngredients-USA’s Online Botanicals Event, which also featured a session with Rick Kingston, PharmD, president of scientific and regulatory affairs at SafetyCall International and Roy Upton RH, DipAyu, founder of the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia. Catching onto the zeitgeist Brush said recent data he has seen supports the notion that the botanical end of the dietary supplement industry—that is, single and multiple herbal formulas—is the best-performing part of the business. “What I found was that the botanical sector has outperformed the dietary supplement industry as a whole,”Brush told the audience. Brush said that botanicals are well-placed to benefit from broader trends in the culture. Consumers are increasingly gravitating toward clean label ideas. While the term ‘natural’ has no regulatory meaning, it means something to consumers, something that they like. “There is really no more ‘natural’ place to be inside the dietary supplement industry than to be in botanicals,”Brush said.“That’s part and parcel of the zeitgeist we’ve seen in foods. If we’re cleaning up foods, plants is the place to be, and in dietary supplements it’s botanicals.” Brush said the numbers back up those assertions. He quoted recent data from his former employer NBJ that showed that sales of botanical products showed a 7.7% growth rate in 2016, which capped four consecutive years of better than 7% growth. That’s better than the 7.4% growth rate of sports nutrition, the former leader whose sales have been cooling off over a period of several years, and the 7.1% growth figure notched by meal replacements. Brush said sales of botanical dietary supplements reached $7.5 billion in 2016 and are slated to hit $10 billion by 2021. Ingredients go into many markets McGuffin added that his organization tracks herbal product sales in all applications, not just supplements, because 09.03.18, 11)12Is cognitive health the next big category for supplements? Pagina 1 di 4 NATURAL FOODS MERCHANDISER Brain health—from memory to focus to mood—is one of the most promising growth categories in nutrition, according toNBJ. The category is so ripe for expansion that NBJ dedicated the cover story for its October 2012 Condition-Specific Supplements issue to making a case for the brain space. “The category is beginning to skyrocket,” Daniel Amen, MD, a psychiatrist and author of Use Your Brain to Change Your Age (Crown Archetype, 2012) and other books about brain health, told NBJ. “Eleven thousand people turn 60 everyday and there is a ton of news out there PRODUCTS AND TRENDS > VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS Is cognitive health the next big category for supplements? Cognitive health supplement sales are poised to skyrocket in 2013. Retailer tips to stay ahead of sales trends and key ingredients to look for. Carlotta Mast | Nov 05, 2012 Cognitive Health: Standout Trend at Vitafoods 2017 Cogni&ve Health: Standout Trend at Vitafoods 2017 16 May 2017 --- Products aimed at improving brain health and cognitive functions played a starring role at Vitafoods Europe last week. According to data provided by Innova Market Insights, brain health launches are predominantly being found in the supplements category. From 2012 to 2016, the number increased by 20% in Europe, accounting for 21% of supplements launches in 2016. The number of food launches with a brain health claim remains limited, however, with a relatively modest growth of +5% from 2015 to 2016. (h=p://www.nutri& difference-among-diet-plans- long-term-effec&veness-study- shows.html) (h=p://www.nutri& trends.html) (h=p://www.nutri& feature.html) (../video/innova&on-in-milk- powders-targe&ng-areas.html) Li=le difference among diet plans’ long-term NPD in ac&on: Sports nutri&on Herbal & fruit extracts Innova&on in milk powders – targe&ng areas
  8. 8. Naturalea SA Via Nassa, 46 6900 Lugano Switzerland phone: +41 91 923 23 11