Sistemas de valores


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Sistemas de valores

  1. 1. Bruno
  2. 2. Sistemas de Valores
  3. 3. e s? Valu are T F WValores em RelaçõesPúblicasIn our research, CEOs identified two overarching criteriafor communications – both internal and external:1. Message “segmentation” is no longer practical ordesirable. (...)2.Values are the fundamental basis for enterprisecommunications.
  4. 4. And why dowe still wearthese things? why is there a coffee stain?
  5. 5. DefiniçõesValores eSistemas de Valores
  6. 6. Definições de Valores e Sistemas de ValoresPerhaps the most influential definition of valuestraces back to Kluckhohn (1951, p. 395):‘A value is a conception, explicit or implicit,distinctive of an individual or characteristic of agroup, of the desirable, which influences theselection from available modes, means, andends of action.’(cf. Hitlin e Piliavin 2004, p. 362).
  7. 7. Definições de Valores e Sistemas de Valores To say that a person ‘has a value’ is to say that he has an enduring belief that a particular mode of conduct or end-Values guide o ur state of existence is personally and socially preferable to alternative modes of conduct or end-states of existence. behavio ur (…) So defined, a value is a standard or criterion that serves a number of important purposes in our daily lives: it is a standard that tells us how to act or what to want; it is a standard that tells us what attitudes we should hold; it is a standard we employ to justify behavior, to morally judge, and to compare ourselves with others. Finally, a value is a standard we employ to tell us which values, attitudes, and actions of others are worth or not worth trying to influence. If you have a value and you do not want to influence anyone else under the sun to have it too, the chances are it is not a value. (Rokeach, 1968, p. 550)
  8. 8. Terminal Values Instrumental ValuesA comfortable life, Ambitious,An exciting life, Broadminded,A sense of accomplishment, Capable,A world at peace, Cheerful,A world of beauty, Clean,Equality, Courageous,Family Security, Forgiving,Freedom, Helpful,Happiness, Honest,Inner harmony, Imaginative,Mature love, Independent,National Security, Intellectual,Pleasure, Logical,Salvation, Loving,Self-respect, Obedient,Social recognition, Polite,True friendship, Responsible,Wisdom, Self-controlled
  9. 9. Definições de Valores e Sistemas de ValoresHofstedeValores como algo central à cultura daorganização (quer se trate de um grupo, deuma empresa ou de uma nação) e que poressa razão apenas podem ser concluídospela observação de três elementos: Rituais,Heróis e Símbolos.
  10. 10. Definições de Valores e Sistemas de Valores Hofstede
  11. 11. Definições de Valores e Sistemas de ValoresPower Distance (PDI)Individualism versus collectivism (IDV)Masculinity versus femininity (MAS)Uncertainty avoidance (UAI)Long-term versus short-term orientation (LTO)Indulgence versus Restraint (IVR) 104 63 27 31 30 0 PDI IDV MAS UAI LTO IVR
  12. 12. Definições de Valores e Sistemas de Valores Camarinha-Matos e Macedo Social sciences consider a value system as the ordering and prioritization of the ethical and ideological values that an individual or society holds, and Economists defend that a value system describes the set of activities that add/create value among the firms. (cf. Camarinha-Matos e Macedo 2008) alu es al values mi c v cio lo g iceco no psyc ho -so
  13. 13. Definições de Valores e Sistemas de ValoresValue is “anything that can give rise to anexchange” (Piaget 1965). Also in this sense, valuesare not only material objects, but may also beactions, ideas, emotions, social habits, etc.” Camarinha-Matos e Macedo
  14. 14. Definições de Valores e Sistemas de Valores Camarinha-Matos e Macedo
  15. 15. Valores e Relações
  16. 16. Valores e RelaçõesLiars, lovers and Heroes• Estamos programados para estabelecer Relações Quartz e Sejnowski 2004Harry Reis • relações são sistemas que se formam como resultado daquilo a que ele chama “perceived partner responsiveness”, ou seja, a percepção de que os “outros” respondem e correspondem à nossa presença e interacção who react to us. We like people
  17. 17. Valores e Relaçõeshow it is to look like IBM, tosound like IBM, to think likeIBM, to perform like IBM Jon Iwataand ultimately to be IBM….
  18. 18. Valores e Social Media
  19. 19. Valores e Social Media (Donath and Boyd 2004) “Seeing someone within the context of their connections provides the viewer with information about them. Social status, political beliefs, musical taste, etc, may be inferred from the company one keeps. Furthermore, knowing that someone is connected to people one already knows and trusts is one of the most basic ways of establishing trust with a new relationship.” PR!! Facebook!
  20. 20. Valores e Social Media / http:/ s-sys tems/ noam ara :/ www.bruhttp /
  21. 21. 3 THINGS TOREMEMBER1. Várias definições de Valores2. Valores guiam o comportamento3. Valores também se espelham online