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The advertisement is dead! Long live the advertisement!


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Powerful new forms of communication are finding their ways to advertisement, often coming from performance, design, entertainment or the art world. Social curation, happenings, interventions, visual ethnography, modern dance, kinetic art, installations... just some of the new forms of brand communication emerging today.

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The advertisement is dead! Long live the advertisement!

  1. A creative briefing by Next Wave Europe.
  2. The majority of creative work linedup at Cannes Lions 2012 cannot bereally described as “advertisement”anymore in the traditional sense, assimply most of these projects donot utilize any of the formulas thathave been the identificationmarkers of advertisement in thepast.
  3. Even the name of the nearly eight decade old festival has beenchanged to reflect this shift: from “Cannes InternationalAdvertisement Festival” to “Cannes International Festival ofCreativity.” It is not just about “advertisement” anymore.
  4. The traditional advertisement is, indeed, dead. At thesame time, there is a surge of new, innovativecreative brand communication forms that are re-shaping the face of brands and re-defining themarketing industry.In this presentation we’llshowcase and highlightsome of these trendswith video examples!
  5. Social curation, community film-makingMontblanc paid homage to the chronograph (a preciseinstrument which could record time to the accuracy of a fifthof a second) with a short film challenge. The “Beauty of a Watch theSecond” was a contest curated by Wim Wenders which asked campaign onusers to showcase beauty in a one second film or video. the next slide!
  6. Rewrite history! Hack into the culture!Banco Popular in Puerto Rico rewrote history and sparked cultural change byreinventing a classic Puerto Rican hit salsa song about “laziness” written bythe famous El Gran Combo into an inspiring message about a positive workethic. The song sparked a national debate and has become the epicenter of Watch thethe movement by Puerto Ricans toward change and progress, receiving campaign oncoverage on virtually every media organization in Puerto Rico - and winning a the next slide!golden lion at Cannes.
  7. Start a movement!American Express successfully created a movement and a new Americanshopping holiday called “Small Business Saturday”, held on the Saturdayafter Thanksgiving. AmEx gave small stores around America a digital toolkitto help them participate in the day, with instructions on how to build aneffective presence in social media. AmEx also bought advertising inventory Watch the campaign onon Facebook and gave it all to its small business account holders. The the next slide!campaign won the promo & activation Grand Prix and Cannes 2012.
  8. Kinetic visual street car installationMercedes-Benz covered an automobile in several mats of LEDson the driver side of the car and mounted a digital SLR cameraon the opposite side of the vehicle. The camera shoots videoon the passenger side of the car and the video is displayed inreal time on the driver side of the automobile creating the Watch theillusion of transparency and “invisibility”. This “kinetic campaign oninstallation” was designed to advertise the car’s ability to the next slide!produce zero emissions and protect the environment.
  9. Ethnography based dynamic storytellingPrudential’s “Day One” campaign focused on retirement andcaptured what it feels like to wake up on a person’s first day ofretirement. Centred on, the campaigncollected and documented personal experiences from acrossthe country, encouraging people to start the conversation Watch thearound retirement and to pro-actively plan for their own. The campaign oncampaign, created by Droga5 has won a Gold Integrated Lions the next slide!at Cannes 2012.
  10. (Solar) DesignPrinted with special “solar” ink, the annual report of AustriaSolar is only visible in sunlight. The media was definitely the Watch the campaign onmessage with this solar book from Serviceplan Gruppe. The the next slide!idea has won a Design Grand Prix at Cannes 2012.
  11. Integrated functional ecosystemsFuelbank, a data-collection bot we can wear on our wrist wascreated by R/GA for Nike. Fuelband takes the Nike+ datacollection program and combines it with a wristband so we can Watch themonitor our daily activity. It further elevates Nike way beyond campaign onthe status of a “sports fashion retailer”: Nike is now an the next slide!integrated brand ecosystem like Apple, Google or Amazon.
  12. Interactive performance artOK Go, the Youtube popcultural phenomena, has produced anew video in collaboration with contemporary dance companyPilobolus, and Google. Users can also visit the HTML5-powerwebsite (only via Chrome),, type out apersonal message and watch the performers dance it out usingtheir bodies to create letters and shapes. The video and the Watch theinteractive site is an effective showcase for the Chrome campaign onbrowser technology. the next slide!
  13. Stunt/interventionTo promote their new global strapline, That Calls for aCarlsberg, Carlsberg put together an original stunt - or“intervention” how it would be called in the art world -together with Brussels-based agency Duval Guillaume Modem.A series of unsuspecting couples bought cinema tickets, only tofind as they walked in to the theater that they were surroundedby rough looking bikers. Those brave enough to take their seatswere rewarded by cheers and a bottle of Carlsberg as the Watch thestrapline flashed up on the screen. The video went viral on campaign onYouTube with millions of views and shares. the next slide!
  14. Stunt/happeningAnother stunt campaign from Duval Guillaume Modem, thisone for cable channel TNT to deliver the brand message of“drama”. A large red button was placed in the middle of a quiettown square in a Flemish town and challenged people to “push Watch theto add drama”. Result: the drama of over 30 million viewers campaign onjust on YouTube. the next slide!
  15. Civil resistance actionTunisian non-government organisation Engagement Citoyenrecently arranged for the “return of dictator Ben Ali” to LaGoulette in an effort to inspire a higher turnout at the national Watch theelections. The arrangement built on civil engagement and the campaign onspirit of political resistance. the next slide!
  16. CCTV curationCoca-Cola curated “content” solely from CCTV cameras -capturing moments and acts of kindness, affection and Watch theheroism. The viral video topped YouTube charts on the first campaign onweek of seeding. Agency: Landia the next slide!
  17. SummaryIn the ad world first we had the era of “uses and benefits” - the mainstream lasting about until the midto late 1960s.Then we had a great period of emotional storytelling - pioneered by the “Mad Man” of the 1960s, taken toperfection in the 1980’s and 1990’s by agencies like BBH and Wieden&Kennedy.Now, we are again entering a new era where storytelling has become dynamic -- two-way -- and also wherepowerful new forms of communication are finding their ways to advertisement, often coming fromperformance, design, entertainment or the art world.Social curation, happenings, interventions, visual ethnography, modern dance, kinetic art, installations...just some of the new forms of brand communication emerging today.Advertising is dead - long live advertising! We are living in a new golden age of innovation and creativity.
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