Spy Borg


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spy borg or cyborg

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Spy Borg

  1. 1. Presented by: S. M. Brundha (E.C.E)
  2. 2. CONTENTS :-  What is meant by spyborg?  How does cyborg works?  Explanation of Brain machine interface  Why we have choosen “Beetle” as cyborg?  Functioning of spyborg  Advantages of spyborg
  3. 3. What is meant by spyborg? spy cyborg Spyborg
  4. 4. Spy:  Who can obtain secret information and give all the information about the situation at the place Cyborg:  A cyborg is nothing but a cybernetic organism. It consists of both artificial and natural systems. The artificial system increases (or) changes the working of the natural system.  This cyborg was coined out by Manfred Clynes & Nathan Kline.
  5. 5. Classification of cyborg cyborg Human Animal
  6. 6. Human cyborg: Well developed because of advancement in technology. Animal cyborg: Developed by Defence Advanced Research Agency (DARPA)because of its use as a spy agent in army.
  7. 7. How does cyborg works? • If an artificial the brain system should work naturally, then it should interact with brain. • It needs an interaction between the brain and the artificial system, This interaction of the Brain with a machine directly is called as Brain Machine Interface.
  8. 8. Explanation of Brain machine interface (BMI)
  9. 9. Animal cyborgs as spy agents When we use human cyborgs as spy agent they might rise a doubt to the culprit where as animal cyborg doesn’t.
  10. 10. Why we have choosen “Beetle” as cyborg? Research is done on different types of insects , of this beetle is choosen because of its wonderful mechanism. They can grow over 12 cm, but in general their growth is up to 5 cm. The scientific name of this insect mostly found in European countries.
  11. 11. Structure of Beetle’s Brain Optic lobe Interconnected with Muscle nerves of wings Stimulus created in optic lobe Activates wings
  12. 12. How can these be Produced  These Hybrid Insects can be created by coupling the Natural Beetle insect with a Micro Electro Mechanical Systems.  The micro electro mechanical system consist of : • A control system to control the insect • A power system to draw power from the insect.
  13. 13. Stage of Implantation
  14. 14. • As it was discussed before, it can be used as a best spy agent. • Just side to the eyes of the beetle, there will be small receptor like structures called antennae as shown in the figure. • If we could locate the exact place where the data regarding the antennae is synthesized, then we can replace the real functioning by HI-MEMS which can even sense : 1. Explosives 2. Drugs 3. Toxins etc. Applications Of Cyborg
  15. 15. Components of Insect Brain Showing Receptors
  16. 16. Advantages  These are very cheap when compared to the most modern warfare systems.  They can survive in deep cold atmospheres also.  We can increase the lifespan of the insect.