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Final Presentation (Bruno)


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Final Presentation (Bruno)

  1. 1. invisible space phase IV : Space
  2. 2. experience: blindness
  3. 3. User + Material My partner during this process was Kurt and he has once been a journalist, he worked on the NRK radio station, he had his own company to help dogs with physic problems and now he's working on a church. Kurt is blind since birth but he never went to a school for blind people. He studied physiotherapy. The key words about our conversations were: inside/outside, free/not free, walls, lightness/darkness and family.
  4. 4. Membrane Light Shapes Adaptive Unify/Stitching Inside/ Out Safety
  5. 5. Space It was purposed to develop a “inclusive design” house for four professors at BAS… Based in the research on this semester what do I want in this project? Stitch: the 3 buildings of Bas, light and shadow, nature and artificial; Bring a “game of light” to inside of the new building; Play with inside/out situations; Distinguish the private (safe) and the common (dangerous); Keep it Simple!!!!
  6. 6. How to stitch everything? . . .
  7. 7. . . . with a PARASITE !
  8. 8. Process Defining : common and private, the place, the light ...
  9. 9. Defining: areas and functions
  10. 10. Defining: Incident lights Plan Bedroom tipology
  11. 11. The structure of the building turns into a tactile marker. This “legs” goes to the elevator in the other side of BAS. The project is localized on the 3rd floor. The “legs” of the “parasite” creates a ambience near the cantina. exteriors
  12. 12. Pockets of light. interiors Open silo ending in some plants inside the house . Open library on the hallway. Big bathroom with double passage and a handrail in the wall connect them.
  13. 13. Big windows in the living room . interiors Space above the balcony for wheel chair people move perfectly Wall separating the dark hallway and the one with light. Little opening to understand what’s going on in the other side Living room as space to socialize, for work and relax.
  14. 14. facades West North
  15. 15. Handrail – Sculpture – It’s Inclusive Design but you can’t notice - It’s part of the “parasite” concept North
  16. 16. Model Cut
  17. 17. Elevator Outside (3rd floor)
  18. 18. Outside garden (near cantina) windows detail
  19. 19. “When you belong to a minority, you have to be better in order to have the right to be equal,” they say… This doesn't have to be true, does it?