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SBOUC 2012 Increase Stakeholder Adoption by Leveraging Mobile Platform Applications


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Session proceedings from the 2012 SAP BusinessObjects User Conference (Orlando, FL) Session 0413 presented by William Newman (Managing Principal, Newport Consulting Group) and Anton Ansalmar (President and Co-founder, Rapid Consulting)

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SBOUC 2012 Increase Stakeholder Adoption by Leveraging Mobile Platform Applications

  1. 1. September 10-13, 2012 Orlando, FloridaSession 0413: Increase Stakeholder Adoption by LeveragingMobile Platform ApplicationsWilliam Newman, MBA, CMC – Managing Principal, Newport Consulting GroupAnton Ansalmar – President, Rapid Consulting, Inc.
  2. 2. Learning Points • Review of the changing domestic market of mobile apps and their use, adoption • Understand who in the organization is responsible for creating versus rendering content • Develop tactics to form working relationships with stakeholders for continual engagement • Create a change management environment for mobility • Leverage integration tools in specific use cases or not at all • Understand the five key check-list items for successful mobile engagement • Consider how to integrate dashboards, metrics and processes for effective transparency and use of mobile apps
  3. 3. Changing Environment of Mobile Computing / 1 M-commerce has been slow to make inroads against traditional channels. That appears finally about to change. The next 18 months will be critical as companies position to scale. - Booz & Company, M-Commerce Comes of Age (August, 2011)The proliferation of mobile technologiesand the increase in cloud computingrepresent the two most significantmegatrends.- Oxford Economics, Digital Megatrends 2015:The Roleof Technology in the New Normal Market (March, 2011)
  4. 4. Changing Environment of Mobile Computing / 2 Source: Oxford Economics, Digital Megatrends 2015: The Role of Technology in the New Normal Market (March, 2011)
  5. 5. Changing Environment of Mobile Computing / 3 1 Mature markets - particularly introduction of 4G into US / NA markets - will allow for greater use of corporate functions and consumer experience. 2 Developing regions - No or little current infrastructure, initial need will be for basic As growth matures in services such as financial saturated 4G markets such management, banking, as Asia (Japan) and EU, US / B2C and B2B commerce. NA market resembles more They will only know life of a “developing” market. “in the cloud.”
  6. 6. Changing Environment of Mobile Computing / 4 Applications vary in complexity, from enhanced reality to administrative. Current biz applications focus is administrative workflow.Lower complexity Example applications Banking, travel and expenses, basic commodity purchases, tracking and Administrative monitoring of purchases and deliveries, basic workflows Business analytics, performance management, sensitivity analysis, Predictive logistics, transport management, mobile surgery (viewing / commenting) Augmented reality, interactive learning, on demand mobile execution (m2m), Enhanced mobile surgery, prescription fulfillment (execution)Greater complexitySource: InfoStretch, SAP, Newport Consulting Group analysis
  7. 7. Changing Role of Executive Sponsors / 1 • Explosion of Mobile • Sarbanes-Oxley • Cool Factor • Multi-task, multi-use, multi-threading … • Need for Security (yours not theirs) This means: If you want to get a project approved you stand a better chance if there is a mode or channel of mobility you can sell your boss (and their boss, and so on ...)
  8. 8. Changing Role of Executive Sponsors / 2 The 2 numbers you need to remember if you are a program manager in a large enterprise considering mobility: The % increase in the likelihood of a The % increase in the marginal cost to enterprise transformation project being develop one single simple mobile funded if even simple mobile workflow workflow app based on a $1M project. capabilities are included in the scope. Source: Informal crowd poll, ASUG Michigan chapter meeting (November, 2011)
  9. 9. Changing Role of Executive Sponsors / 2 There are a number of “quick hit” areas to consider for mobile business apps, and the list is growing every day on the Apple AppStore ,Google Marketplace, and the SAP Market itself: • Some emerging “quick hits” for dubious executives: • Expense Approval • Travel Approval • Document routing Click to read • Process approvals (PPAP, APQP) StreamWork • Carbon OnDemand (GHG Demand Forecast) blog • Sales OnDemand (Sales Demand Forecast) • Some emerging trends • Business ByDesign • Enterprise Social Business • 2-tier Hybrid solutions (on premises w/ cloud)
  10. 10. Communication Best Practices “Conference Room” Pilots BYOD programs Create Rapid / multiple rendering cycles Executive Alignment POCs Render Use Click to read BYOD article on
  11. 11. Engaging the Team • As with any systems initiative, “guiding principles” are boundaries or “big rules” that keep your efforts on track, value oriented, and MBO relevant • Often times these principles can be distilled into sound bites or “elevator speak” to keep different user groups consistently informed, and counteract the “grapevine effect” Users Developers “Communication Internal Stakeholders Zone” Platform Partners
  12. 12. A Practical Checklist 1. Don’t over promise then under deliver 2. Don’t let your apps lapse 3. Don’t try to be something you’re not 4. Only release it when it is ready 5. Don’t over-think the development Source: Five Pitfalls to Avoid when Developing Mobile Apps, Mashable, 2010.
  13. 13. Demo: Challenges for Executives in Mobility Solutions Business IT Why can’t How do I deploy business apps be and manage simple, easy to Executive Apps? use? • How to leverage the value of mobility • Need a solution now! to the benefits of the business? • Security is still priority • One single app instead of multiple • How to manage the mobile landscape apps (workers, applications and devices)? • How to view key Performance • What policies and tools are required metrics one one dashboard across multiple platforms.
  14. 14. Demo: Integrating Metrics, Dashboards, Processes The Executive Suite mobile app for iOS and Android, helps executives access multiple SAP and non-SAP related business processes from within one single application in real- time at any time. Executives can view key performance indicators via interactive dashboards delivered using HTML 5 based technology. Key Features: • Social Media feeds from Twitter • View Corporate Employee data, contacts, and current location from HR. • View Inventory in your Warehouse based on location and product availability. • Approve or Reject Purchase Order Requests. • Monitor, review, and explore key business reports built using HTML5 for accessibility across multiple platforms.
  15. 15. Demo: Integrating Metrics, Dashboards, Processes
  16. 16. Key Learnings • The environment for mobile computing is changing rapidly, also changing how executives view mobile computing as a possible game changer for business operations. • Given the proper infrastructure, high program funding chances can increase adoption of mobile computing (50/2) • Positioning mobile computing in the workplace to allow for open and free conversation on use and implementation increases user adoption. • Highly accessible, high performing apps – like Executive Suite – can accelerate your mobile computing adoption.
  17. 17. Your turn!
  18. 18. Thank you for participating.Please provide feedback on this session by completing a short survey via the event mobile application. SESSION CODE: 0413Learn more year-round at