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This is our position paper around the Mobile Society 2020 initiative. Please also consider viewing our Program Design and Oversight service offering document, a critical approach to framing any mobility initiative.

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Mobile Society 2020 Discussion Document 2011 02 V1

  1. 1. FOR DISCUSSION The Mobile Society Enabling People and Organizations for 2020 Auburn Hills, MI February, 2011 This document is confidential and is intended solely for the use and information of the client to whom it is addressed.
  2. 2. Agenda1. About Our Firm2. Mobility 20203. Program Design for Mobility4. Summary and Next Steps Mobile Society 2020  1
  3. 3. About Our Firm Newport Consulting Group is an independent consulting firm founded in 2005 and managed by several leading directors from DMR Consulting Group and strategy firm Booz & Company Our clients enjoy working with our experienced professionals who deliver large firm capabilities in the context of a boutique firm culture We function as top-end, high-touch advisors to our clients, unencumbered by large overhead cost models or downstream deployment agendas Mobile Society 2020  2
  4. 4. Our ClientsNewport Consulting has worked over the years with many leading and progressive commercial, publicsector, and not for profit and charity organizations, in partnership and direct engagement formats. Commercial Public Sector Not for Profit and Charity Services and Software Mobile Society 2020  3
  5. 5. Our Practice AreasOur “SORT” practice model allows our clients to benefit from a broad, holistic perspective on keybusiness challenges, while focusing deep experience in one or more critical areas.  What KPIs govern my initiatives, how do I know when they are “out of bounds”? What governance model do I need? Strategy  How do I create a culture of sustainability?  How do I leverage disruptive innovations for marketplace gains, creating an investment portfolio of new ideas?  How do I fit my organization to improve existing or introduce new operating models? Operations  How do I structure the functions, people, and resources in my organization to drive strategic initiatives?  How do I enable change in the organization?  What approaches do I use to structure and prioritize initiatives inside my organization? Risk &  How do I manage and mitigate risk across my business Program Management operations?  How do I drive maximum value from my portfolio of initiatives?  Based on my operations and existing technology investments to date, how do I select and implement the best technology Technology solutions to support my business?  How do I manage that process from planning to go live? Mobile Society 2020  4
  6. 6. Our ServicesWe maintain expertise in strategy formulation and execution with several key focused service areaswhere our experience can be leveraged to create high-value, low impact outcomes in the organization Strategy Formulation and Execution Enterprise Governance Program Corporate Pathway Performance Risk and Design and Sustainability Innovation Management Compliance Oversight Mobile Society 2020  5
  7. 7. Agenda1. About Our Firm2. Mobility 20203. Program Design for Mobility4. Summary and Next Steps Mobile Society 2020  6
  8. 8. Move to the CloudStudies suggest that by 2020 the mobile platform - smart phones, cell phones, cloud computing - willreplace traditional computing methods to conduct business and communicate socially. Traditional Computing “The Cube Environment”1) SAP, web research, AMR (Gartner), Newport Consulting Group analysis. Mobile Society 2020  7
  9. 9. Needs Change but the Cloud Remains Developing and mature regions of the world will look to mobility and the cloud for different reasons, developing countries lacking infrastructure today will “leap frog” a generation of technology. 1 Mature markets - particularly introduction of 4G into US / NA markets - will allow for greater use of corporate functions and consumer experience. 2 Developing regions - No or little current infrastructure, initial need will be for basic services such as financial management, banking, As growth matures in saturated 4G B2C and B2B commerce. markets such as Asia (Japan) and EU, They will only know life US / NA market resembles more a “in the cloud.” “developing” market.Source: T-Mobile Investor Day brieging (Jan, 2011), SAP, Newport Consulting Group analysis Mobile Society 2020  8
  10. 10. Applications Vary by Audience, Complexity Initially administrative functions will become mobile-friendly, downstream more complex interactions with customers to create demand forecasting, spending, and augmented realities will persist.Lower complexity Example applications Banking, travel and expenses, basic commodity purchases, tracking and Administrative monitoring of purchases and deliveries, basic workflows Business analytics, performance management, sensitivity analysis, Predictive logistics, transport management, mobile surgery (viewing / commenting) Augmented reality, interactive learning, on demand mobile execution (m2m), Enhanced mobile surgery, prescription fulfillment (execution)Greater complexitySource: InfoStretch, SAP, Newport Consulting Group analysis Mobile Society 2020  9
  11. 11. Agenda1. About Our Firm2. Mobililty 20203. Program Design for Mobility4. Summary and Next Steps Mobile Society 2020  10
  12. 12. Our Approach The mobile application development approach is not unlike traditional application rigor. The difference is the need to ensure testing of the application across a myriad of device and carrier combinations. Mobile Application Program Lifecycle Integ Differentiators Stud Anal Identi Devel rate y ysis fy op &  Typical application development activities Test in the mobile world resemble the wild west The nature  How to  What  Build the  Across of the app structure carriers application multiple where little rigor on conventional processes Intended  Who will  What  Develop platforms and release management exist until just use use devices transport  Across before deployment. Intended  How will  Interaction strategy multiple target use  Potential  Ensure devices  We place a program office approach audience  How will unplanned data and backed by years of project management Complexity transmit use content manage- expertise around development teams, ment whether in an oversight role or directly managing development partners.  This ensures consistent requirements, planning, and applicability of various mobile application deployments.  We work with development partners who can approach all phases of the program lifecycle including adherence to standards and testing practices across major carrier platforms.Source: InfoStretch, SAP, Newport Consulting Group analysis Mobile Society 2020  11
  13. 13. Integrating Approaches via Change LeadershipWe leverage a solid background of change leadership techniques, tools and skills across multipleclient and development partner environments to ensure proper startup of new capabilities Level of Tools and Skills Ways of Working with ClientsEngagement Communications  We develop partnerships with ourOrganization Stakeholder Management clients and work in integrated teams Surveys & Focus Groups  We work with clients to develop the change program architecture  We aim to initiate change leadership Workshops & Facilitation activities early in the program Team Team Building  We work best as an integrated part of a cross-functional program  Our facilitative and open style of Coaching working enables skills and knowledge Skills & Knowledge Transfer sharing to build change capability in the Individual client team Influencing Skills Mobile Society 2020  12
  14. 14. One Example - Mobile Sustainability We are facilitating conversations inside of SAP’s Sustainability Executive Advisory Committee ISEAS) to understand how to bring together mobility offered via Sybase for procurement, tracking, reporting ILLUSTRATIVE Example Technology Coverage  Client/Server side Core Java development – Middleware – Java, J2EE – LAMP – Linux Apache MySQL PHP/Perl – Frontend – HTML, XHTML, JSP, CSS, XML-XSLT, Ajax, JavaScript, JSP  Backend – EJB, JBOSS  Databases – MySQL, Postgres – ORM Tools – Updated partner performance Hibernate Downstream partner metrics  Web development Frameworks – Velocity, Turbine, Struts XML Frameworks  Web Server – Apache HTTPD  OS – Linux, Windows 2000, XP  Development Environment – Eclipse, Netbeans  Application Servers - Tomcat, JBoss, WebsphereSource: InfoStretch, SAP, Newport Consulting Group analysis Mobile Society 2020  13
  15. 15. Agenda1. About Our Firm2. Mobililty 20203. Program Design for Mobility4. Summary and Next Steps Mobile Society 2020  14
  16. 16. Summary and Next Steps Address any follow-up questions from executive stakeholders by e-mail or phone Obtain stakeholder acceptance of Newport as your chosen partner for sustainability planning Work with your internal contracting organization to develop and establish a master services agreement and / or Statement of Work Confirm Newport Consulting engagement staffing Commence pre-engagement planning activities Mobile Society 2020  15
  17. 17. William Newman Author, professional speaker, writer and consultant - William (“Bill”) Newman serves as Managing Principal of Newport Consulting Group, Select Project an independent management consulting firm focused on strategy, Highlights: operations, risk management, and technology. Mr. Newman has Strategy and program design 25 years experience in a wide range of operations including manufacturing, R&D, sales, marketing, planning, human capital, and for commercial, public sector, finance. His expertise spans service, manufacturing (automotive, and not for profit organizations. aerospace, life sciences, high tech, furniture, CPG), government, utilities,  Global trade adoption and transportation, and healthcare industries. integration with SAP O2C Mr. Newman’s service area focus is innovation, strategy, program design and  Strategic KPI alignment for oversight, and corporate sustainability. He is a former executive of Volkswagen’s multinational management technology division, and a member of the SAP Sustainability Executive Advisory association Committee (EAC). He is a member of the adjunct faculty at Northwood University  Marketing strategy and plan and participant of the University of Oregon Sustainability Leadership Program. for $30M mental health Bill was granted the Certified Management Consultant designation by the Institute of service provider Management Consultants in 1995. Mr. Newman is a qualified Trainer / Coach  Business integration and granted by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) since 2000, and a qualified technical alignment for consultant in SA 8000 for social accountability since 1998. Mr. Newman is a professional member of the American Marketing Association and a registered expert aerospace joint venture witness with the Technical Advisory Services for Attorneys.  Statewide enterprise content management strategy Bill holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Economics  Sustainability advisory for from the Henry Samueli School of Engineering at UCLA, and an MBA in Management and minor in International Business from the Conrad Hilton School of major software manufacturer Business at Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles). Bill and his wife Teresa makes their home in southeast Michigan. Mobile Society 2020  16
  18. 18. Jesse Jacoby Jesse Jacoby, a management consultant with extensive experience executing strategic initiatives and achieving business transformation Select Project goals. He provides thought leadership and expertise in the areas of Highlights: organizational change, strategic communications, and stakeholder Led organizational change and engagement. Jesse has helped dozens of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, deliver successful people and change strategies transformation efforts for: across a range of initiatives such as technology deployments, merger-  Largest ever deployment of acquisitions, corporate restructuring, and outsourcing. PeopleSoft to the DoD  Top airline’s passenger Jesse spent more than a decade leading consulting engagements for Booz & Company, Accenture, and Right Management. He has worked across multiple system deployment industries, including transportation, automotive, energy, retail, and financial  Fortune 10 retailer’s services. Jesse is adept at all organizational levels, and frequently engages with c- acquisition strategy suite executives, vice presidents, and directors, as well as middle managers and  Largest single-country frontline employees. outsourcing initiative Prior to his consulting career, Jesse served as the Director of Marketing for start-up  Fortune 10 manufacturer’s technology company COS, Inc., which provides information services to the scientific CRM rollout research community. His online product marketing strategies supported the  Big 3 auto’s IT outsourcing companys growth through two rounds of venture funding, a five-fold organizational expansion, and positioning of the company for its eventual acquisition. / shared services transition  Fortune 100 talent Jesse holds an MBA from The Johns Hopkins University, as well as a Masters in acquisition strategy Communications. He retains close ties with Johns Hopkins where he serves as Treasurer for the Universitys Alumni Council and sits on the Steering Committee of the Carey Business School Deans Alumni Advisory Board. Originally from the East coast, Jesse and his wife Allyson now call the city of Denver home. Mobile Society 2020  17
  19. 19. Contact Mobile Society 2020  18