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BLW Consulting Presentation For Linkedin V2


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BLW Consulting Presentation For Linkedin V2

  1. 1. Give your organisation the winning edge Commitment is what moves a group to become a Team
  2. 2. BLW Consulting strives to provide Superior and Results based Consulting Services in the application of Smart Card Technology and Business Development Processes through Excellence and Innovation assisting Organisations to Improve Market Share and Profitability. Aim high in work and life, achieve your dreams and goals
  3. 3.  Consultant of choice in Smart Card and Business Development management  Expansion of the business based on referrals  Results based Advice  Meet all Expectations of the customer’s needs  Excellence and Value to the customer  Responsive in Satisfying customers Needs  Innovative and Diverse Solutions and Information Aim high in work and life, achieve your dreams and goals
  4. 4. A wide range of Consulting Services are offered:  Smart Card System Solution Development and Implementation  Automatic Fare Collection Business Evaluation  Proposal and Bid Development Management  System Technical Management  Product Design Review Management  Business Development Strategy Planning  Project Management and Audits  Risk Assessment and Audits Aim high in work and life, achieve your dreams and goals
  5. 5. Business Development specialising in:  Strategic Planning  Synchronising Sales and Marketing Opportunities  Conducting Proposal Strategy Workshops  Managing the Proposal Process  Establishing Organisation wide Bidding Procedures  Conducting Proposal Kick-off and War room setup  Financial Modeling  Review and Proof of completed Bid Documents We rarely succeed at anything unless we have fun doing it
  6. 6. Bruce has been involved in Systems Design, Implementation and Operations Services since 1984. Initially specialising in South Africa in the Mission Critical Process Control environment for 10 years in Systems, Product Design and Development, with particular emphasis in Automation Systems. After moving to Australia in 1992, Bruce was responsible for the Project Management of an offshore Fibre Link monitoring system. In 1993 Bruce was Operations Manager at a boutique engineering company specialising in speech technology Bruce joined ERG Transit Systems in 1994 holding numerous Management Roles until his departure in May 2009. The whole is the sum of its parts, be a good part
  7. 7. 1994 – 1996 Technical Manager for the Hong Kong SmartCard project, resident in Hong Kong in 1996 1997 – 1999 Project Manager for ERG residing in Malaysia implementing electronic payment system for the Central Bank 1999 – 2001 Business Development Manager for ERG, working in Asia, Europe and North America 2001 – 2004 Business Development Manager for ERG in Europe, residing in Brussels 2005 Project Manager for Lignor (Perth based) setting up the Engineering for a start up Wood processing company 2006 – 2008 Head of Operating Companies for ERG, responsible for the Operations Division, with facilities in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Chairman and Director of Onelink Holdings Pty Ltd, responsible for the operation of the Melbourne public transport ticketing system 2008 – 2009 Head of Global Business Development for ERG Failure is not an option
  8. 8.  Business Development and Proposal Management  Smart Card implementation for Fare Collection and Banking industry  Strategic Planning  Technical Product Design and Development  Product Manufacturing Process  Project Management  Outstanding Presentation skills  Operations Management  Quality Leadership skills with people  Planning and Defining Product Strategies  Risk Assessment No one rises to low expectations
  9. 9. Contact Bruce to discuss how your business can benefit Results Count and Leadership makes the Difference  Phone : +61 (0) 8 620 11249  Mobile : +61 (0) 431 186 587 If we always do what we  Email : always did, we will always get what we always got