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  1. 1. ERROR TO ESTABLISH A PALESTINIAN STATE? Presentation by: Inna Tobias Müller Christian Brauckmann Yes: Patricia Berlyn, from “Twelve Bad Arguments for a State of Palestin An Original Essay Written for This Volue (2006)
  2. 2. Structering  history  12 bad arguments for a state of palestine  Conclusion
  3. 3. History Biblical times Hebrew and Arab kingdoms 640- 1917 controlled by muslim rulers 1917 British captured Palestine Balfour- Declaration WWII Jewish population: 650.000 1947 Israel won war against Arabs 1948 Foundation of Israel
  4. 4. History 1967 Israel won Six – Day - War 1973 Jom – Kippur - War 1992 Rabin came to power 1993 Oslo Agreement 1995 Netanyahu new Prime Minister 2004 Arafat died
  5. 5. History 2005 Arabs control Gaza/ Withdrawal of Israel 2006 War against Hezbolla (Lebanon)
  6. 6.  1) Israel‘s occupation of Palestinian territory is the cause of an Islamic Jihad  Jihad  World of muslims: Dar al-Islam (House of Islam), Dar al-Harb (House of war)  Policymakers have 2 options
  7. 7. Arguments against a State of Palestine  2) The US will benefit from establishing a state of palestine and win arab support for its war on terror Palestine- Arabs (PA) sympathize with US enemies Two state solution will create a terroristic Palestinian state No chance for democracy
  8. 8.  3) It will rectify an historic injustice to the Palestine-Arabs (PA)  2000 years ago: Romans called the country Palestine  Balfour- Declaration  British founded Jordan  WWII  1967: Six- Day- War
  9. 9. Arguments against a State of Palestine  4) It will satisfy the demands of the PA, who will give up terrorism and war and settledown to builduing a society Aim of Hamas/Fatah/Hezbolla: destruction of Israel Israel does not exist on palestinian maps Goal of PA: reconquer Historic Palestine PA not willing to co-exist beside Israel
  10. 10.  5) It will bring peace and stability to the Middle East  Every area from which Israel withdrew ist administration is now a base for terrorism  E.g.: borderzone of Lebanon, Gaza  “There can be no peace without a Palestinian state“ (C. Rice) but: „“There can be no peace with(out) a Palestinian state“ (P. Berlyn)
  11. 11. Arguments against a State of Palestine  6) A state of Palestine will be demilitarized and not a danger to Israel  PA would not take agreements or treaties serious  Signed agreement by PA concerning police force  Agrrement: not moret han 8000 without heavy weapons  Reality: 50. 000 with heavy weapons  State of palestine never be demilitarized  PA demand linked state between West Bank and Gaza  Heavy weapons and trained soldiers would come into the state like it is in Gaza since 2005
  12. 12.  7) If a state of Palestine commits agression against Israel, then Israel can take back the land it gave away  Difficult to regain the forfeited land  UN would not accept
  13. 13.  8) If Israel does not cut away from regions with large Arab pupulation, the Arabs will soon become a majority and rule over the Jews  Over-estimated number of population  Reality: smaller Arab population and ongoing drop in birthrate  Israeli birthrate steady or rising
  14. 14.  9) It will secure the Human Rights of the PA and solve the Arab refugee problem  PA vote for Fatah/Hamas  Fatah/Hamas do not care about Human Rights
  15. 15. Arguments against a State of Palestine  10) It will encourage civic and economic development, raise standart of living and bring contentment to the people  In areas under PA control poverty increases  The enormous international subsidies are used for weapons and training of terrorists  PA areas only have water and electricity because Israel provides it  Schools, TV, radio are there for propaganda and recruitment of terrorists
  16. 16.  11) Israel must comply with the UN Resoultions  Israel not treated as UN- member  No help when Israel is attacked by Arabs  UN‘s terms of future: Isreali withdrawal from unspecified “territories“
  17. 17. Arguments against a State of Palestine  12) It will win the respect of world opinion for Israel some opinions about Israel are fair Some opinions are full of prejudices against Israel and Jews in general Israel is a victim of lies and false reports by the media
  18. 18. Conclusion  Giving up Israel = giving up history  PA would destroy Jewish sights and relicts as they have already done in Jerusalem  Knowledge will be lost  Two-state solution is no guarantee for peace