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Top 10 Sports Logos


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Top 10 Sports Logos

Published in: Design
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Top 10 Sports Logos

  1. 1. Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™ READ MORE
  2. 2. The white baseball logo has “Yankees” written in red script and vertical bar of the letter “k” forms a baseball bat with the Uncle Sam top hat. Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a custom logo design company. New York Yankees Logo
  3. 3. The right index figure of the leprechaun is holding a basket ball to represent the Boston Celtics with a green ring around him. Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a graphic design logos company. Boston Celtics Logo
  4. 4. The golden and purple color was chosen for the logo since both are the team colors and the streaks in the text have been incorporated in the logo to depict the fast pace brought by the Lakers. Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, designers of logos for companies . Los Angeles Lakers Logo
  5. 5. The logo of “Chicago Cubs” has a red C circumscribed with the circle in a blue background. Sometimes, a cartoon bear cub is used in the logo of this team as a replacement for the word “UBS”. Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, your guide to how to design a logo . Chicago Cubs Logo
  6. 6. The blue star logo of the Dallas Cowboys stands as an ambassador of Texas as the “Lone Star State”. Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a business logos design company. Dallas Cowboys Logo
  7. 7. The Green Bay Packers used various logos before 1961 but the Oval G logo has become the trademark for the team. Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a corporate logos design company. Green Bay Packers Logo
  8. 8. The dark blue “M” and the yellow outlines with Michigan written in yellow go along perfect with Wolverines. Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a company logos design service provider. Michigan Wolverines Logo
  9. 9. The letter “H” in the logo stands for Hockey and the “C” in the logo stands for “Club” and the logo represent the Club de Hockey Canadien. Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a website logo design company. Montreal Canadiens Logo
  10. 10. The green background in the logo portrays life and vitality. And the rays illuminated in the logo reflect the Australian cricketing glory. Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, a professional logo design company. Cricket Australia Logo
  11. 11. The interlocked N & D monogram in blue with the golden outlining is the primary logo for the “Notre Dame Fighting Irish”. Copyright © Logo Design Consultant™, an online logo design company. Notre Dame Fighting Irish Logo