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Craigour park useful information


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Published in: Education
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Craigour park useful information

  1. 1. Craigour Park Primary School Craigour Park Primary School Moredun Park Road, Edinburgh. EH17 7HL Moredun Park Road, Edinburgh. EH17 7HL Telephone: 0131 664 7594 Telephone: 0131 664 7594 Email: us at Visit
  2. 2. Early, 1st, and 2nd Levels Details of what and how we teach are available on request. These will be on the School website from session 13-14.
  3. 3. Craigour Park runs a text messaging service. If you have a mobile number we can send you information instantly, reply to absence messages and keep you in the loop about what is happening in and around the school. Our school website is the ideal way to keep abreast of what your child has been learning. Full of pictures and video, its aim is to give you a window into your child’s education. Edinburgh Council’s website has information on all city schools that includes holiday dates and sever weather closures. Find out more details at Alongside this, you’ll find all related information about Craigour – staff, Parent Council, Eco Committee, Pupil Council and much, much more. Please feel free to comment on our website http://craigourparkprima
  4. 4. Free Fruit Mon - Thurs Milk 14p Daily Healthy School Dinners £1.90 We have three sittings in our dining hall where pack lunch pupils and those having a school meal eat all together. If your child is having a packed lunch please note we do not permit fizzy juice or glass bottles. Stop Head Lice. Once a week take a peek. Please inform us of any outbreaks. Please fill in our Health questionnaire and return to the office. This provides essential information for us about your child. We have regular visits from NHS and tooth brushing in the nursery and primary 1. Water Bottle £1.20
  5. 5. Craigour Park School Agreement We will ask you to read and sign this with your child as part of our contract with your family to work together and help your child to reach his or her full potential. Within this contract we are also setting our expectations on acceptable behaviour which includes Anti-Bullying and Prejudice Policy. We advise that expensive toys, clothing, mobile phones etc are the pupil responsibility and should where possible be left at home. Craigour Park Parent Forum agreed that school uniform is the acceptable clothing for this school. The school office has order forms for our sweatshirts etc. All pupils are encouraged to bring a school bag, pencil case with the appropriate materials to do their class work and an outdoor waterproof coat. All classes are issued with homework learning tasks and challenges. This will be recorded in the Pupil Homework Diary. Please check this daily and sign, write your comments and share information with the class teacher about any concerns or changes to family details-emergency contact etc. We encourage healthy eating. Fruit is provided daily Monday to Thursday. Milk can be purchased for drinking at the morning interval time. We display pupils work through out the school and on the school website. This includes pupil photographs. We will not use photographs of your child if this is your wish. Parents/Guardians visiting the school at any time are reminded that no photographs or filming of staff or pupils is allowed. Pupils misusing a mobile phone or computer, filming or recording staff within the school, school grounds or on a school outing will be treated seriously and Police could be involved. House Point System Pupils are entered into our school house system, named after the 7 hills surrounding Edinburgh-Braid, Calton, Blackford, Corstorphine, Pentland, Craiglockhart, and Castle Rock. All rewards are positive and add to EARN-I time timetabled by class teacher and include additional time on the morning break, lego time etc. Please ask your child about his/her house and their points! Our Play Squad are in the playground at morning Break to issue and play games with our younger children along with the Learning Assistants
  6. 6. Soft, indoor shoes (black gym shoes) clearly labelled should be left in school- designer expensive trainers are not necessary! Label all clothing, school bags, PE kit and packed lunches with name and class. Buy outdoor shoes/boots which your child can put on and take off themselves. Velcro straps are recommended until your child can tie their own laces. Please leave all toys/expensive games at home unless they are asked for. They may get lost or broken at school!
  7. 7. Each child in Primary 1 starting with us in August is issued with a red bag which should contain only the following: Sounds homework Common words Shared reading Back and Forth book Parent/Guardians to sign, write in a comment in reading record. This read bag usually lasts until Primary 3 and from then we hope children will have their own school bag to carry those items they require for the school day. Each stage has required homework assignments which will be issued by the class teacher. All pupils from Primary 3 upwards are issued a Homework Diary which we would like you to check and sign. Please use this as the first stage of communication with the class teacher if you have information to share with us. Please ensure no juice or food is put into the red bag – only reading and homework should be put in this bag
  8. 8. Sound books Come home every night Picture and action of the new sound and common word – Added daily Use sound or letter cards in red bag to word build Children will learn a song to go with their daily sound A practise of the sounds at home every night will have a huge impact on your child’s learning and development. Make it fun and have a laugh, that way you will help us reinforce the pleasure of learning new things.
  9. 9. We use City of Edinburgh Total Numeracy Programme in Primary 1&2. In all stages we focus on oral, interactive lessons Begin with numbers to 10, then 20, 100 etc building oral number and mental agility with all numbers Whole class lessons with support in groups Problem solving is built into the programme and in all curricular areas we encourage pupils to transfer knowledge and skills to deepen their understanding of how number relates to our everyday life skills Time, Money, Measurement, Shape are all covered
  10. 10. You will be invited into school to celebrate a block of work that the children have finished and want to celebrate with you. Please check the Back and Forth Folder/Homework Diary or school class web site for dates, time and information.
  11. 11. Parent evenings - You will be invited in to discuss your child’s progress and have a look at their work and their Personal Learning Journey twice over the session. (Sept/Oct and again in March/April) Open Day – you will be invited to join your child in class during school hours to share their work and Personal Learning Journey. (There are 4 of these per session) There will be other opportunities offered across the session to invite you to come into school and share your child’s progress. We welcome your support with all school outings and feedback on all events so please check our web site regularly to keep in touch.
  12. 12. We host many events throughout the school year: Sports day/Health Promoting Week Fundraising days Charitable days - Comic Relief Science /Art Fairs and lots more! Please check our school website and your child’s Back and Forth folder/Homework Diary for dates and more information