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2011 Brisbane Web Design Group Review


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A look back at a year of talks at the Brisbane Web Design group.

Published in: Technology, Design
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2011 Brisbane Web Design Group Review

  1. 1. Brisbane Web Design Group 2011 Recap 2012 Plans
  2. 2. rai n... so me we had bruaryIn Fe
  3. 3. MarchRobert HalfAdam Stead: Web Industry Professionals AssociationLeon Poole: Faster, Better, Stronger WebsitesBen Maden: SEO v AdWords in 5 minutes
  4. 4. AprilSimon Elvery: From Proposal toLaunch: Designing and Developingfor an International BrandBruce Morrison: Forms in HTML5
  5. 5. MayRuss Weakley: Changes inbest practicesCraig Sharkie: 5 for 3 to 1:HTML5 for CSS3 applied 1.0
  6. 6. JuneLuke Brooker: ResponsiveDesign and Mobile FirstIngrid Cliff: How to Extractthe Words from Your Clients -So You Can Finish the D***Website
  7. 7. JulyCarolyn King: Design forconversionDerek Featherstone: MobileAccessibility: What you need toknow
  8. 8. AugustKay Lam-MacLeod: What’s in a contract?Angela Dahlke: Intellectual Property,Copyright & Trade Marks for Web Designers
  9. 9. SeptemberBronson Quick: Creating an onlinesocial network using WordPress &BuddyPressErik K Veland: Real world HTML5
  10. 10. OctoberWarwick Kay: UX FundamentalsChris Horsley: How your websecurity failure boosts Viagra sales
  11. 11. November Niq Curry Gamification Leon Poole CSS3 Gradients Marwan Butrous Freelance OPS: My year in review Bronson Quick WordPress is taking over the Internet
  12. 12. In 2010 385 peopleattended 10 BWD meetups. In 2011 526 people attended 9 BWD meetups. 38An average ofattending each meetup. people 58 An average of attended each meetup. people
  13. 13. Whats instore for 2012? ...if the world doesnt end.
  14. 14. What we do now What wed like to doSpeakers Wrap emailsMinimal promotion SurveyVenue Promotion Record Presentations Facebook page Sponsors Web site Others???
  15. 15. Thank you