WebRTC Expo | Is Your Business Ready For WebRTC?


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Presentation given at the WebRTC Expo 2013 in Santa Clara, CA covering business readiness for using WebRTC to enable enterprise unified communications solutions given by Bruce Marler

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  • WebRTC Expo | Is Your Business Ready For WebRTC?

    1. 1. Bruce Marler Director of Sales Engineering CafeX Communications IS YOUR BUSINESS READY FOR WEBRTC? 1 11/23/2013
    2. 2. The Holy Grail Real-time customer engagement WebRTC allows seamless connectivity to the enterprise from within Mobile & Web apps – no customer left behind 2
    3. 3. Cross Business Needs for WebRTC Head of Customer Experience Head of Mobile/Online/ Branch Line of Business Heads CEO/CFO Contact Center • Looking to enhance the customer experience by offering omni-channel access to expertise and meet customer needs at the point of buying intent. • Looking to create a customer-centric omni-channel user experience and embed interactive capabilities so customers can do business seamlessly. • Looking to drive revenue growth and enter new markets at a lower cost without spending significant capital on human and physical resources • Mandate to grow revenues, create customer stickiness, and create new business models to business pressures. • Extend investments in contact center routing, scripting, and business processes to the fastest growing channels – web and mobile
    4. 4. Business Challenges to Consider • You have to get off the island • Wholesale change of devices not feasible • Web developers, contact center, and marketing teams will have to interact 4 11/23/2013
    5. 5. Real Life in the Enterprise Omnichannel Experience Increase Profit & Revenue Contact Center Line of Business Web No Tech for Tech Sake Mobile PBX Line of Business DrivesWeb, Network, and Contact Center Teams Interact Like Never Before Cut Costs Faster Time-To-Market Agent Efficiency Operationally Efficient No Rip & Replace Easy to Test Markets
    6. 6. Skill Sets and Learning Developers • • • • • Video Codecs Bandwidth Signaling Business Process Javascript, HTML5, Cloud Infrastructure Network • External Media Access • Web to SIP • Session Management Contact Center • New Desktop Process • Agent Video Readiness • Context Passing from Omni-Channel 6 11/23/2013
    7. 7. Customers Expect More Real Customer Use Case – Major Financial Customer engages support via app IVR displayed visually Complex transaction but no agent needed Transition to voice/video WebRTC Call Capture user context for smart routing, upsell, analytics Agent resolves issue rapidly 7
    8. 8. Mind the Gap PBX / Call Center Engineers WebRTC SDK Web / Mobile Developers Video and Voice is Magic Web Gateway The Gap This is not Going Anywhere 8
    9. 9. Large Scale. Real Returns. Private Bank Credit Card Leader A U.S Bank Rich in-app communication between advisor & client Live assist with smart routing to agent Visual self-service Rolling out to 2% improved 1% IVR completion uptick drives 10,000 users FCR expected $20M+ savings