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Parkland Meetup Medical Technology


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The 3rd Parkland Meetup in Farmington, MO has a focus on Medical Technology and how it impacts opportunity and health in our area. With topics such as telemedicine and EMR , our attendees will learn about how tech is changing how healthcare providers treat us on a daily basis. With a live demo of how a medical use case, the presentation will be interactive. We look forward to your attendance!

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Parkland Meetup Medical Technology

  1. 1. Parkland Meetup: MedTech
  2. 2. Parkland Accelerators
  4. 4. AgendaQuick Overview of MedTechNetworking and EATINGSomething Cool Discussing EMROpen Mic between SessionsMore NetworkingParkland Programmers – KIDS!
  5. 5. MedTech and the ParklandMedical field rapidly growing in our areaMedical offices moving towards“paperless”With access comes application
  6. 6. More tech knowledge required by staffLocal vendors have opportunity to fillgapsNew business opportunities based ongrowing areaWhat This Means
  7. 7. Recordingsforcompliance(e.g. HIPAA,MIPPA)Use Case: Healthcare IndustryIntegratedpatientdataapplicationPresence-enabledspecialist directorySecure filesharingAudio/videocallingChat with patients anddoctorsPage 7
  8. 8. DEMOYes I am going to use sometechie words. But that’s the point!
  9. 9. And Now a Word from our Sponsors